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Boy Who Invented Books. Max Malone the Magnificent. More Stories Julian Tells. My Name is Maria Isabel. Shadow of the Wolf. Song Lee and the Hamster Hunt. Song Lee and the Leech Man. Song Lee in Room 2B. Squant Friend of the Pilgrims. Stories Huey Tells, The. Stories Julian Tells, The. Walking the Road to Freedom. Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger. The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein.

Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad. Angel Park Hoop stars-nothing but net. Angel Park Soccer Stars: Martin , Ann M. The Case of the Dirty Bird. Creatures of the Night. E is for Elisa. Eleven Kids ,One Summer. Planning to pitch in during the Harvest Fest, the Pee Wee Scouts offer their contributions of pumpkin cookies, acorn necklaces, and other fare, and Molly becomes jealous when she sees her best friend playing with another girl. Lottery Luck - 5. Invited to film a TV commercial while on board a luxury cruise, the Greens, Aunt Ivy, and Lois look forward to living the lives of millionaires until Aunt Ivy leaves her purse and home and then gets seasick.

With Molly's newly divorced aunt visiting and taking over Molly's dresser, closet, and life, Molly is worried about her own parents, and the Pee Wee Scouts are in the middle of their biggest project yet. Lottery Luck - 4. Lottery Luck - 2. Lottery Luck - 3. Lottery Luck - 1. Preparing for the new baseball season, the Pee Wee Scouts are confronted by a nervous Molly, who prefers to swing at deadly oncoming pitches with a tennis racket and sets off a heated debate about cheating.

As Halloween approaches, Mrs. Peters puts the Pee Wees to work earning their treats by writing scary stories, making costumes, and bringing food to the local food bank, all for the less fortunate kids in town. Groundhog Day is coming up, and the Pee Wees are desperate. They've learned all about hibernation and spring. Now they've got to spot a real live groundhog quickly -- or no furry groundhog badges for them.

Time for the Pee Wees to head for the slopes--the bunny slopes. How do you start? How do you stop? The Pee Wees have lots of questions to ask about skiing. But the Pee Wees' biggest question comes when a snowstorm leaves them strande Who's that kid with the wheels? Is he a visitor? She can't think of anything to say to someone new.

But she is more worried about earning her hobby badge. Peters says extra-clever Pee What animal makes the best pet? But they know how to find out who has the fastest pet. They will have a race! Moviemakers are coming to town to film the story of Columbus. Molly wants to be a star. So do all the other Pee Wees. But they have been cast as extras. Unless there's a way to m What's the Fourth of July without a good old-fashioned parade down Main Street?

The Pee Wees will get to ride real, live ponies down the street! Molly can't remember ever meeting a real horse. She's seen pictures of them. She knows they are bi It's springtime, and time to save the earth. Molly's ready to start. If other people won't recycle, it's up to the Pee Wee Scouts to do it for them. Digging through people's trash and storing old light bulbs and egg cartons behind Molly's garage is h Molly needs to borrow or rent a baby.

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It's Christmastime and baby-tending time. Rachel will practice with her cousin Rhonda. Mary Beth has a little sister to take care of. And Sonny's hit the jackpot! He has two new babies to feed and burp--but The surprises keep coming for the Pee Wee Scouts. Sonny Betz's mother is getting married! Larry Stone, the fire chief, will make a terrific dad for Sonny.

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Getting ready for the wedding takes practice. The Pee Wees have a special rehe Charlie comes in second in the school sack race, strikes out in Little League games, and always lands on Boardwalk when someone else owns it, until things finally go his way and even Charlie can't believe it Christmas is coming and the Pee Wees have a new badge to earn.

Peters wants everyone to perform in the big Christmas music show. That means the Pee Wees can tell about a famous music-maker, sing, or play an instrument. Tony, Marcy, and Gus are disappointed when their mother invites a senior citizen to live with them during the few remaining weeks of summer vacation, but the elderly woman turns out to be the highlight of their summer fun Upon moving to a suburban condominium complex, the Doyles find their new home amid a jumble of construction vehicles and half-built buildings, but the unfinished Huckleberry Heights offers adventure aplenty for the Doyle children Summer at Huckleberry Heights is filled with adventure--Tony's mother signs him up for courses at the condo clubhouse and the new next-door neighbors grow strange plants, which they tend only at night, in their back yard Pee Wee Scouts - 6.

In fact, Thanksgiving is big trouble for Molly. It's not so bad when the Pee Wees make baskets to hold food for poor people. And it's not so bad What does that mean? It means an airplane ride for everyone. Sonny Betz really gets scared! It means camping out, bonfires, sports, and crafts. Let the Fitness Festival Begin! The Pee Wee Scouts are getting into shape.

It's exercise and sports galore! Peters, their troop leader, explains each event and tells the Scouts how to earn the Fitness badge. Pee Wee Scouts - 9. Now the Pee Wee Scouts can have their meetings outdoors.

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Peters, their troop leader, shows them how to plant seeds for a garden. She explains about vitamins and nutrition. And how to eat right. The Scouts plant radishes Pee Wee Scouts - 7. Pee Wee Scouts - 5. The Pee Wee Scouts listen to Mrs. Peters, their troop leader, tell them all about the holiday plans. First, a trip to Mr. Next, carving the pumpkins with a safe tool. Pee Wee Scouts - 4. That's when they find out about the big surprise ahead.

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At the Pee Wee weenie roast, their Scout leader, Mrs. Peters, tells them about Pee Wee Scouts - 3. The Scouts decide that the best way to help homeless animals is to raise money at a yard sale. It's going to mean a lot of hard work.