Strategically Social - A Real-World Roadmap to using Social Media to Improve and Grow Your Business

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For guidance, here are some common social media goals to consider:. A great social media marketing strategy needs a great social media marketing tool. Learn how Sprout Social can help with a custom demo. Just fill in some information below and we'll followup shortly.

Resources for any social media platform

Understanding your audience is necessary to learn things like who buys your products, what age group is the toughest to sell and what income level makes up the most of your returning customers? First, your brand should look into the demographics of your most valuable social channels.

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  3. The Biggest B2B Social Media Marketing Myth?

Like we mentioned before, you should have a goal in mind for your social media marketing strategy. This is why you need to research the channels that correlate the most with your goals. To help you find your focus channels: While the demographics data above gives you insight into each channel, what about your own customers? Further analysis has to be completed before you can truly know your customer demographics on social media.

Getting Started With B2B Social Media Marketing

Most brands today are using at least some sort of dashboard. However, does your dashboard address your specific goals? Sprout Social prides itself on the in-depth and essential demographics data for your social networks to help you identify your customers. Learn more with a free day trial to uncover crucial data with Sprout! Vanity metrics like follower count and likes are always good to measure, but does it tell you the whole story of your brand on social media?

Large audiences and likable content is absolutely great, but here are some other metrics you might want to pursue in So how do you find that information?

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  • How to Create a B2B Social Media Strategy (Without Being Boring)?
  • The simplest way to find competitors is through a simple Google search. Look up your most valuable keywords, phrases and industry terms to see who shows up.

    8 Tips to Quickly Master Social Media For Businesses & Entrepreneurs

    Search for those who show up who are in your specific industry. Next you want to see who is active on social.

    5 Things to Grow Your Social Media

    Here you can see post break downs of text, images and video to see what your competitors are doing to drive the most engagement. The last thing you want is to rely on spreadsheets and manual tracking. Sprout makes it easy to measure your social performance across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. If one of your primary goals and metrics is leads, then you can also check out our advanced analytics with Simply Measured. The next step is laying out the steps for how to get there.

    1. Create Social Media Marketing Goals That Solve Your Biggest Challenges

    Your strategy should answer important question such as:. Having all of this documented keeps everyone on the same page, and allows you to adjust your strategy when you need to. Check out our seven step social media strategy for tips on how to create your own plan for success. Just a few years ago, you could get away with building a social media marketing strategy on the fly.

    As Read More …. Any brand can create social media profiles and post a few Tweets or Instagram photos. But not every brand can plan and execute a social media strategy that gets results. All too often we see B2B companies fall flat on social media. So how can your brand avoid falling into the same pitfalls so many B2B companies are lost in?

    Strategically Social - A Real-World Roadmap to using Social Media to Improve and Grow Your Business

    Follow some of these best practices:. Unfortunately, since a lot of B2B companies treat social media as an afterthought, their posts lack personality and a human touch. The fear of being too edgy or controversial keeps some B2B marketers from getting creative with their content. You can develop a social media voice without being inappropriate and making headlines for all the wrong reasons. A post shared by MailChimp mailchimp on Mar 20, at 2: Nobody wants to deal with boring, faceless corporations.

    Use social media as a way to humanize your brand. Follow in the footsteps of B2C companies and add some spunk and flavor to your social media to connect with your audience. However, your first goal of B2B social media marketing needs to be branding, not leads. Most people are on social media to be entertained and kill some time, so your social media content needs to appeal to that. That means instead of posting a bunch of Instagram videos about why your products are so great, follow in the footsteps of Salesforce and create content that tells stories, appeals to emotion and sparks conversation.

    When you think of social media with this new-found perspective, it opens up the possibility of which social media platforms you can choose beyond LinkedIn. All of a sudden Instagram and Pinterest are no longer off limit. Social Media Examiner found that more B2B companies are starting to pick up on this and are expanding beyond LinkedIn.

    However, the company branched out and recognized how beneficial social media can be for branding, and started utilizing other platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Despite its recent troubles , Twitter still has an audience worth reckoning with. Global brands can take advantage of this to create excitement about upcoming product or service launches.

    Playstation announced the release of a new game and quickly garnered 1, retweets and 4, likes. You can connect with people in your target industries even as specific as to target companies you want to work with and market to them directly. Though these are the four most prominent, there are plenty of other social media platforms you can consider for marketing your business as well , including Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and more. Just make sure to do your research and make sure that it is somewhere your ideal prospects are frequenting. Choosing the right social network is the first step to building a strong presence and following there.

    This seems like a trivial point to make but having complete profiles is necessary when trying to attract a good following.

    7 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media

    Pretty much every social media platform has a summary area, profile picture, and cover photo where you can enter and showcase information about your business -- take advantage of this! Give users sneak peeks into what your company provides, but make sure to keep your branding visuals and voice consistent with who you are and what you provide. Depending on the network, each of your employees should have completed profiles so they too can share company news, industry insights, etc. Think of the increase in reach you can have by establishing an employee advocacy program!

    As every employee becomes a brand advocate for your company -- sharing content across their personal platforms -- you have the potential to reach all of their followers and connections as well. Something you should consistently be doing in marketing is analyzing your competitors. And that stands true for social media as well.

    What networks are they active on? What kind of content are they sharing? How often are they sharing? Understanding your competitor's social media engagement will help you establish a roadmap of what you should be doing as well. Connecting with industry influencers is going to be a huge tactic in social media strategy moving forward. These companies or individuals are the thought leaders in your industry that your customers and target audience are following. Tap into the resource!

    Follow industry professionals from content that you read or watch and share with your audience. Chances are, your followers have the same interest as you. Do you attend annual events or conferences? Look up the speakers and connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter. If the speaker engages with you which he or she should , then you may be mentioned in a post that reaches all of their followers as well. Or, tag your favorite influencer in a post and ask your followers to chime in on their go-to thought leaders as well.

    It will open the door for engagement and conversations with your audience. The most basic and useful way to build your following!