The Ghosts Of Frenemies Past: A Guide To Recognizing And Overcoming Frenemy Behavior.

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When Alaric asks about Jenna, he gives him a sad look and a genuine apology. After the ritual, Damon attends the funeral of Jenna Sommers and John Gilbert, where he tells Stefan about his werewolf bite. He returns home and, directly after pouring himself a drink, he removes his sunlight ring in front of the window, planning to let himself burn to death. Stefan stops him and locks him in the basement, where Damon begins coughing up blood.

His condition deteriorates rapidly from that point. He starts hallucinating about his time with Katherine in , and the choices she gave him while they were together, such as feeding from her. The wound on his arm is significantly larger by the time Alaric comes by to watch over him. Later, Elizabeth Forbes shows up with her deputies, but inevitably sets Damon free. The sheriff finds them here and tries to shoot Damon, but when Damon flees, Jeremy is shot instead.

He goes back to the movie, wandering around behind the screen, and encounters Elena. She hits her knees beside him, holding him against her chest as she searches for someone to help them. In secret, Damon has a whole map of Stefan and Klaus movement, Damon is recording all the reports of animal attacks, tracking Stefan and Klaus 's trail as he doesn't want to involve Elena. Andie is able to get Damon the address of the last victim's family member, to where Alaric and Damon travel.

As they, Alaric and Damon enter the house, they find blood splatters on the furniture and walls. Two female bodies are in a sitting position on the couch. Damon immediately recognizes that Stefan did it, by the way the bodies were ripped apart, then pieced back together. The duo find a trap door that leads to a basement where chains were kept, making them believe werewolves sometimes came there or the two girls were werewolves themselves.

Afterwards, Damon sets fire to all the evidence of the remains of the two ripped apart girls. As Elena is dressing for her birthday party, Damon arrives and gives her a present which is actually the necklace she had lost, saying Alaric found it in his apartment. He accompanies her downstairs, where they find a huge party going on. Appearing to be worried about Andie's whereabouts and her being late for the party, he travels to her workplace, finding Stefan there.

Elena is still headstrong on bringing Stefan back, determination-fueled as she believes he called her. Damon still doesn't want to help her, and burns the papers containing the data he's been collecting. After Elena ropes in the help of Alaric and headed off the mountains in search of Stefan, Alaric secretly contacts Damon and tells them where they are, as he doesn't want Elena there without being protected.

Damon comes running up behind up Elena and pushes throws her into the lake, telling her that she should go home, but Elena convinces him otherwise. They find Ray Sutton and bind him to a tree; unfortunately, being a hybrid , Ray starts to transform and Damon leads a rabid Ray away, where Stefan saves him. Damon appears in Elena's room, telling her that he will help her bring Stefan back, because even in his darkest place, he still wouldn't let him die. Damon doesn't want to compel her, he wants the time they spent together to be real and he also wants her to remember what she felt for Damon in Stefan's absence.

Katherine calls Damon with news that Stefan and Klaus are in Chicago. Damon informs Elena of it, and they drive to Chicago. They first go to visit Stefan's old apartment, where Damon shows Elena Stefan's list of killings. Damon then goes to Gloria's Bar , asking Gloria where Stefan is. Gloria proves a bit helpful, telling him that they will be back later that evening. Elena and he concoct a plan where she will be able to talk to Stefan and Damon will distract Klaus. Katherine again calls Damon, and he tells her she was right but unfortunately they couldn't get him back.

After Stefan broke up with Elena, Damon keeps an eye on her by helping her make chili for the Founders Party, to make sure she doesn't break down. Elizabeth later requests the help of Damon to compel her ex-husband Bill to leave town. Alaric later approaches Damon and tells him to take a beat, meaning to stay away from Elena. At the council's meeting, Elizabeth reports that there hasn't been any vampire attacks. Bill then enters, accusing them of being blind, baffling Damon how Bill could have resisted compulsion.

As Damon, Elena, and Alaric walk out of the Lockwood mansion arguing about the return of Bill and whether or not vervain should be added to the water supply, they believe now that Stefan's not there, Damon needs help to keep himself in check. Damon temporarily kills Alaric as he didn't let him past. Damon later goes back to the mansion, where Bill is. They talk about how he could have resisted compulsion, and Damon then attacks Bill, feeding off of him.

Caroline intervenes and feeds him some of her blood to heal him. Damon and Caroline fight, and she runs off with her father. Elena enters and they argue about him being so reckless, and that she doesn't want him to be that way. Damon replies that he's not Stefan and not even like him. At the Salvatore boarding house, Damon waits until Alaric is revived, apologizing, but saying that he's fed up that everyone wants to change him.

Katherine shows up at the front door with Elena's necklace, offering him to go on a road trip, to find a way to beat Klaus once and for all. Damon and Katherine and driving away from Mystic Falls. Along the way, Katherine pities Elena for trying to change Damon, and tries to seduce him, only Damon resists. He stops the car, demanding to know what Katherine's plan is. She tells him that Klaus is searching for the necklace, and that means she has leverage. She shows him that she has Jeremy in the boot. Katherine reveals that Pearl had information on a vampire hunter that could kill the Originals.

Pearl had shared all her information with Anna , but with them both dead, Jeremy is the only one able to contact her, which is why Katherine kidnapped him. After Damon hurts Jeremy, Anna's ghost is quick to tell them her secrets, and give them a name: Katherine had been keeping Damon's phone and Damon demands it back, where he finds out that Bonnie has been searching for him and Klaus is back in town.

Damon goes back to town, having a face down with Klaus, scaring him away by telling him Mikael has been released. He then goes to save Elena, and takes her back to the boarding house, where he tells her he will never leave her again. Stefan interrupts them, informing them he will be staying there to keep an eye on Elena for Klaus' sake.

Damon finds out that Stefan is holding parties in the house where he is recklessly drinking from young girls if they loose a game of Twister. Rebekah enters, telling them that Klaus left her alone. She walks off to find herself a room, even after Stefan and Damon denied her the invitation of staying there. Damon calls Katherine to find out how far she is with waking Mikael, but unfortunately she has had no luck.

Damon then calls Elena at school, telling Elena rather not to visit their house not only because of Rebekah, but because Stefan is wild. Damon distracts Rebekah with his charms, but she suspects that he has only been distracting her and trying to hide something from her. She stabs him with a piece of wood and walks away. Later, at the Salvatore boarding house, Damon is applying first aid to Elena's face after she almost got barbecued. They both talk about how they acted that night, and how they executed their plans. Damon is later knocked unconscious, and it is revealed to be Mason who attacked him.

Damon tied to a chair with a hit poker in his chest. Damon believes it to be Stefan that did it, but Mason had actually been the one who tortured him. Damon drives downtown to the set-up of the Night of Illumination, telling Bonnie that she screwed up with the spell, and that she needs to fix it, because Mason is after him for revenge.

Alaric and Damon are at the bar when Mason appears, hitting Damon in the head with a glass. Mason tells him that he only wants an apology. Damon gives him an apology that he doesn't really mean and Mason accepts, telling him they should meet down at the old Lockwood cellar, where he will help him with the Klaus problem.

Damon goes to the cellar as he had hit a snag in his other lead to defeat Klaus. Damon breaks through a wall that reveals a tunnel, and the duo traverse through it. Unexpectedly, Damon is stabbed with wooden stakes from different directions. Mason goes to fetch a shovel to break the stakes apart, and then removes them. Damon can't believe Mason trusts him after all he's done. Mason confesses that he's not after revenge, but redemption, and that he wants to help Tyler. They find a cave, but somehow Damon can't enter it, and Mason goes on ahead.

When Bonnie does the spell to send the ghosts back, Mason disappears, and Damon is in need of a person to get into the cave. He calls Alaric, as he's the only person Damon trusts other than Elena who he doesn't want to place in danger. Damon repeats the same apology to Alaric, but meaning it this time. He frees Stefan from his captivity in the cellar and goes to a bar with him.

There they talk about brotherly bond and he helps to hide the fact that Stefan bites the barkeeper several times. They meet Mikael who says he will rip Damon's heart out if Stefan doesn't tell him where he can find Klaus. Outside, Damon beats Stefan and goes away. At the Gilbert house he lies in Elena's bed and when she lies down as well, she states that Damon maybe will be the only one who can save Stefan.

He plans together with Mikael how Klaus can be killed. Mikael shows him the White Oak Stake , the only weapon that can kill an Original. When Stefan comes, Mikael feeds on him, incapacitating him. At the homecoming dance, he kills a hybrid and confronts Tyler after he injected Caroline with vervain. When Mikael and Klaus have a conversation he surprises Klaus after Mikael stabbed Katherine, who was impersonating Elena.

He stabbed him in the stomach and was about to stake him in the heart when Stefan stopped him. Stefan is free and Damon gets home, angry. He tells Elena that he had Klaus and could have finished him off. He receives a phone call from Katherine, saying goodbye. Elena calms Damon down and they promise that they will survive life without Stefan. Damon is with Alaric at the Grill, drinking.

Elena approaches him, while he is playing darts. They have a conversation but Klaus interrupts them. Together with his hybrid, Tony , he has come to ask Damon and Elena to find Stefan. Damon was called to the Gilbert House after Klaus almost killed Jeremy and splits the news. Then he and Elena go to the Witch House, trying to find Stefan. While waiting outside because the witches don't want to let him in without burning his skin, Elena talks to Stefan unsuccessfully.

Finally, he bares to go inside the house to talk to his brother. Damon beats the truth out of Stefan by staking him in the stomach several times. Stefan reveals that he saved his brother because Klaus' hybrids would have killed Damon. After telling him to stop saving his life, Damon leaves. Later, Stefan reveals that the dead witches are hiding the coffins, making them invisible for Klaus. After he came to Elena's house, she gets Damon to compel Jeremy. Damon sits down and compels him to leave town to go to Denver. Outside, he and Elena discuss if it was right to compel Jeremy and they also talk Stefan.

Damon thought he doesn't have to feel guilty anymore and is about to go. Then, however, he says he only has one thing to feel guilty about now and they share a passionate kiss. Damon takes a shower and then teams up with Stefan to go to the Witch House because they are meeting Bonnie. They find out that a hybrid was there and Damon killed him by ripping his heart out.

At the house he sums up that three Originals are in the coffins but there are four coffins. He goes with Alaric to a fundraising for the Wickery Bridge. As they talk about Elena and that there is something changing with her, Damon leaves and finds Klaus talking to Carol. He has to find out that Klaus has convinced the mayor that his hybrids would protect Tyler and the town.

After Stefan captured Elena and wanted her to turn into a vampire, he calls Damon, informing him. Then, Damon talks to Klaus that he has no idea if Stefan is really going to kill Elena and advises Klaus to obey. He picks up Elena after Klaus obeyed to get his hybrids out of Mystic Falls and takes her home. He hopes she will be okay and leaves. He went with Elizabeth and they find Brian , Meredith Fell 's ex-boyfriend, staked although he's not a vampire. He gives Bonnie and Elena the information about Abby. He later meets Alaric in the Grill and they talk about Meredith Fell and Damon hints that she could have killed her boyfriend.

To talk to Meredith, he went to the hospital and accused her of having killed the medical examiner. When Damon was about to go, Meredith injected him with vervain to take his blood. He then wakes up and went to Alaric, telling him what his "girlfriend" has done. Damon went to the Witch House, unaware of Klaus following him. He found out that the coffins were them and after the spirits stopped torturing him, Klaus got them to show him the coffins.

After he figured out the fourth was gone, he threatens Damon that he will rip out his heart. After Klaus took the coffins, Damon went home and Stefan came in. They have a conversation where Damon asks how Elena is. As a response Stefan punched him, hard, because Elena told him she had kissed Damon. Damon states he doesn't want to talk about it. He then holds up a White Oak Ash Dagger which he has removed from Elijah 's heart, bringing him back to life again. Damon is with Stefan at the dinner hosted by Klaus. Before that, he had met up with Elijah, and they spoke.

He helps Elijah remove the daggers from the Originals and bring them back to life. After they leave the Originals, Damon and Stefan talk, and Damon thanks Stefan for saving his life all the time, and tells Stefan that he loves Elena. Damon is with Stefan and Elena at the Gilbert house when discussing how Esther was in the coffin, and when Elena receives her invitation Damon does not want her to go because it is dangerous.

Damon is at the ball talking to Carol when Elena shows up. He tells Elena she is not supposed to be there but then offers his arm, along with Stefan, to Elena as they accompany her to the Mikaelsons' ball. He tries to protect Elena from the Original Witch, Esther, saying that it is to dangerous to go and he won't let her.

Damon then offers his hand to Elena with Stefan looking on as they go and dance together. Damon tells Elena that she looks stunning. When it is time to switch partners, Damon ends up dancing with Rebekah. Damon is then shown walking into a room where Stefan is informing Elena he got her text, but he has his neck broken by Stefan who respects Elena's decision to meet Esther. When he wakes up, he is angry at Stefan but then understands Elena's decision but he then implies to Stefan that he cares too much and is not happy about the revelation. Damon finds Elena and tells her they are going home but Elena refuses.

Damon says he is just trying to protect her and tells her that he is mad because he loves her. Elena then says that his love is a problem and Damon is severely hurt. When Kol tries to kill Matt , Damon, who is now unstable and angry, saves Matt and throws Kol from the balcony and breaks his neck. Damon, who is now drunk, goes up to Rebekah and they talk a little and after some persuading, they sleep together. Damon is in bed beside Rebekah. When Damon and Rebekah go to the door, Elena is standing there looking shocked. Damon turns Bonnie's mother in to a vampire in order to break the witch bond with Esther.

Later, it is revealed that Stefan lost the coin toss and should been the one to turn Abby into a vampire. Damon spends some time with his brother in the time after that. He is worried because Stefan refuses to drink blood. Damon wants to help Stefan learn moderation and teach him how to control his bloodlust instead of being controlled by it.

Damon promises whenever Stefan would go too far, he would pull him back. When Stefan asks why he would do this, Damon confesses to Stefan that he is all that he has left. Damon enlists Sage 's help to get into Rebekah's mind and see what she is hiding. He ends up sleeping with Rebekah, and through Sage's special ability to get into people's minds, she discovers that White Oak tree from the Old World which potentially could kill the Originals is not totally burned down. Damon then looks through old records from his bookshelf, and discovers that the White Oak was used to make Wickery Bridge.

He then goes to Wickery Bridge to retrieve the Oak, only to be disappointed as Rebekah is burning it. Damon reveals to Stefan he sold his rage to Sage after she crossed him by telling Rebekah about the White Oak, and that Rebekah left out a part of the bridge made of the same white oak: Damon meets Elena at the door and refuses to let her in.

He assures her that the history teacher is okay. She suspects he is up to something but eventually takes his word for it. Alaric, Stefan, and Damon have spent the night turning the old Wickery Bridge sign into white oak stakes. Apparently, Rebekah's more than a bit annoyed at Damon for seducing her and then using Sage to read her mind so she sneaks into the Salvatore boarding house and knocks Alaric out. Before Damon can figure out what's happening, Rebekah's within kissing distance.

She greets him as her lover. She then stabs Damon in the gut. Damon dreams that Elena has come to save him. When he wakes, he realizes that Rebekah planted the dream in his mind. Once he finds out about the bloodline issue, Stefan marches over to Klaus. He drops a bag filled with eight of the remaining daggers on the floor, tells them Finn is dead, and offers to trade the weapons for Damon. It sounds too easy but Klaus compels a nearly drained Damon to go home. Before Damon amputates his own hands in an attempt to free himself from the chains, Klaus tells Damon to stop.

Then, he compels Damon to tell him how many stakes really exist and Damon tells him the truth that there are eleven. This prompts Klaus to make a big speech about how he gave Stefan's life purpose by giving him something to hate. He's so full of himself that Stefan can't help but try to kill him. Klaus easily squashes his attempt. Then, Rebekah frees Damon and tells Stefan that if he turns in the remaining three stakes she and Klaus will let them live. Later, Damon goes over to Alaric's to get the last stake but Alaric can't find it. Its been moved from its hiding place behind the bookshelf.

After snarking Alaric for hiding it in such a cliched place, Damon asks if Alaric is really telling him that he is missing a stake that could kill his line of vampires. Alaric tells him that is what he's saying. Damon and Stefan worry after Bonnie shows up with news of Alaric and it is revealed that Elena is missing. Stefan, Damon and Klaus finally agree to save Elena and Caroline together.

Damon helps Elena up and takes her out of Klaus' manor. As Damon and Stefan take off to put away Klaus' body they talk about Elena and Stefan mentions that if she chooses Damon he will go away and let them be happy. Damon agrees to do the same and implies towards the trouble they go through for "one girl". Stefan responds saying, "She is a pretty special girl" and Damon agrees.

This episode reflects one of the strongest points in the relationship between both brothers. That night, Elena has one final talk with Damon, letting him know that she is choosing Stefan. Damon is hurt, but accepts her decision. He reminisces about the past, revealing that it was he who met Elena first, not Stefan. Damon saw her there on a road and mistook her for Katherine. He told her about what she really wanted: Much later, in a fight with Alaric after leaving town, Alaric dies. Damon realizes with horror that this means Elena is dead.

He begins to break down, realizing that he has lost his best friend and the girl that he loves. He goes to the Mystic Falls Hospital, demanding to know where Elena is. Meredith tells him that she injected vampire blood into Elena to heal her cerebral hemorrhage, and that she would have died without her help causing him to be upset and shocked. He speaks bluntly and tells Elena that she has two options: He visits Rebekah and tries to stab her with the white oak stake. Rebekah unhands him easily but someone else shoots her in the back with an arrow, and Damon escapes. Damon, Matt , Dr. Fell and Liz meet at the Gilbert house and try to sort out where Caroline , Elena and Stefan could be.

Matt realizes they could be locked up at Pastor Young 's ranch, so he and Damon leave to check it out. Damon and Matt arrive at the ranch, and instead of going on the offensive, Damon lures the pastor out by viciously biting Matt. After being shot, Damon plays possum, kills the officers that approach him, then turns his attention back to Matt, threatening to kill him. When Damon is apparently about to kill Matt, Elena attacks Damon to stop him, revealing that she has completed her transition and is now a vampire.

She tells him she remembers everything he compelled her to forget, including the fact that she met him first, though she alludes to the fact that it wouldn't change anything. She asks Damon what he would have done if he had been in Stefan's position and he answers with the truth: He asserts his own selfishness, saying that he would have been selfish enough to let her friend die so that Elena could have the life she wanted: After he reminds Elena of another compelled memory she got back, she doesn't respond and Damon leaves.

In Memorial , Stefan wants Elena to get used to animal blood right from the start and Damon disagrees with this approach. They argue about it until Elena arrives, and Damon tells Elena that, now that she's a vampire, she should be a vampire and feed on human blood. After the news comes out about the explosion at the Young farm that killed the town council, both the sheriff and Elena ask Damon if he did it, but he denies it.

Elena also confesses that she has been having trouble keeping blood down, and asks Damon for help. After she refuses to drink from a human, Damon offers his own blood, but asks Elena not to tell Stefan about it. Later, Damon gets a call from a frantic Elena, asking him to bring her a change of clothes. When he shows up at the church, he finds Connor sitting just outside the bathroom where Elena is. Damon manages to hand Elena a bag of her things without Connor seeing the bloody mess she's made, and waits until Elena is ready to go, making tense small talk with Connor.

Outside, Damon tries to get Elena to drink from a blood bag, but once again she can't keep it down. Elena starts to get hysterical but Damon calms her down and she goes back inside the church. Stefan meets Damon outside and they argue again about what is best for Elena. Later, after Connor opens fire on Tyler in the church, Damon goes after him and catches up with him in the parking lot. Choosing flight over fight, Connor makes away in his truck. Rather than pursue Connor, Stefan stays behind with Damon and starts to help him up, but then sucker-punches him instead. Damon is indignant at first, but Stefan tacitly indicates it was payback for letting Elena feed from him.

That evening, Stefan gathers everyone together for a Japanese lantern ceremony. Damon doesn't think they should put the brakes on finding the hunter, but Stefan insists they take the time to grieve. The group takes turns releasing a lantern into the sky after memorializing lost loved ones, but Damon refuses to participate and leaves. In The Rager , Damon and Stefan banter about being in a fight because Damon blood-shared with Elena, and Damon reveals his intention to take down the hunter and then leave town.

He calls Meredith , who arrives and helps cut the arrow out of Damon's back. While she works, Damon ignores a phone call from Elena, and Meredith comments that Damon is a good brother. He objects, but she points out the good in taking on the dangerous, necessary jobs so that Stefan can mentor Elena. When Damon returns to the boarding house, Elena is in his room ostensibly looking for bourbon, but he quickly calls her bluff and says he knows she is looking for the white oak stake. Elena snaps out of it and leaves, announcing her determination to find the stake.

After Jeremy has lured Connor to the hospital, Damon, having recruited Jeremy and Klaus in his plan to take down the hunter, traps Connor with a setup identical to the one that trapped Damon earlier. Even though he has an arrow in each arm, Connor still reaches for his gun. Damon and Klaus tag team their captive with an interrogation, but Connor remains tight-lipped. Connor tries to stake Klaus, but is easily disarmed. Damon observes while Klaus mentions something about Connor being one of the Five, but doesn't have time to find out what he means before Connor detonates the bomb and Damon is blasted into the hallway.

In the fallout of the explosion, Meredith chastises Damon for using the hospital in his dangerous plan and advises him to mend his relationships with Stefan and Elena. Later, when Elena is losing control while feeding on Matt, Damon vamp-runs into the house and pulls her off of him. Damon compels Matt to forget that Elena almost killed him and to go home, then turns to a distraught Elena and promises to help her learn how to be a vampire.

In The Five , Damon and Stefan search for more clues about the mysterious Five and the hunter, Connor, who is missing. Damon leaves Stefan to search for answers while he takes Elena to Whitmore College to learn how to feed. Under the guise of accompanying Bonnie on a visit to see the professor that took over for her grandmother, Damon hopes to teach Elena how to do the "snatch, eat, erase" method of feeding.

Damon is annoyed, wondering aloud why Elena cares about a stranger. She reminds him that she's still herself and has the same feelings as when she was human. Bonnie arrives with a flyer about a frat party that night, and Damon is delighted at the chance to find Elena some victims she won't feel so sympathetic about. Decked out in costumes like the other party-goers, Damon and Elena have no trouble blending in and feeding at their leisure. Elena's first victim is a guy who had just slipped a roofie into a girl's drink. She lures him away from the action into an empty room and feeds on him.

Damon coaches her, warning her not to kill him. She finishes and compels the guy to leave and forget what happened. Excited about her first successful snatch-eat-erase, Elena hugs Damon and tells him she wants more. They return to the dance floor, dancing and feeding on people, and then dance together, blood dripping from their mouths.

Elena sees Bonnie return, snaps out of her blood high and runs outside, mortified.

Here's how to ghost a toxic friend and NOT feel bad about it

Damon joins Elena and Bonnie outside. Bonnie accuses him of wanting Elena to be like him, and he argues that she already is and needs to learn to revel in the feed; not hating herself and enjoying it will be the only way she, like him, can make feeding fun and not get carried away. Damon walks away, leaving Elena crying about what had happened. He accompanies her home and she apologizes for letting things get out of hand at the party, confessing that she hates that, deep down, she agrees with Damon's point of view. She starts to say she doesn't want to be that way, and Damon finishes her sentence to say she doesn't want to be like him.

When Stefan opens the door, Damon leaves. Damon surmises that Stefan is dodging him after finding out about Elena dancing and feeding with Damon at the frat party, but Elena reveals she didn't tell Stefan about it. Damon teases her about being in a shame spiral, but they both get worried when Stefan doesn't even answer a call from Elena's phone. When Stefan finally shows up at the Lockwood mansion, Damon and the others already have a plan in motion to rescue Jeremy, Matt and April from Connor: Caroline and Tyler got the sheriff and the hybrids involved, and Damon asks Caroline to get Bonnie to help out as well.

Stefan clashes with Damon about how to go forward with the rescue mission. Later, up in Alaric's loft, Damon finds Alaric's map of the town's tunnels, one of which leads to the Grill. After a brief phone call with Stefan, Elena proposes to offer to trade herself for the hostages, since Connor does not yet know she's a vampire.

Damon shoots down this idea, suggesting she wouldn't be able to handle a fight against a professional hunter. A mock fight ensues that ends with Elena straddling Damon on the bed, the crossbow pointed at his heart. She tells Damon that Jeremy is the only thing holding her together, and he promises that they will get him out. When Stefan rejoins them at the loft, Damon wonders aloud why Stefan has involved Klaus in his plan. When Damon suggests he's going to go rogue, Stefan stabs him with a vervain dart.

When Damon wakes up, he discovers Stefan stole his daylight ring. Elena decides that she's going to the Grill, and Damon tells her to get as close as she can before killing Connor. Later in the tunnels, Damon runs into Stefan, who has Connor. Damon immediately wants to kill the hunter, so Stefan tells Connor to run as fast as he can. Stefan tries to restrain Damon, but Damon eventually thrusts his hand into Stefan's chest and grabs his heart, threatening him until he confesses what he's been up to with Klaus. Stefan finally reveals that there's a cure to vampirism and Connor's tattoo is the key to finding it.

Damon releases Stefan, shocked. Later, Elena is crying while she digs a grave for Connor in the woods. Damon and Stefan try to soothe her, but she wants none of it. Back at the boarding house, the brothers agree not to tell Elena that she killed her chance at becoming human again. Stefan mentions a plan to go forward with finding a new hunter, and Damon says he will help, but he wants to know one thing: Does Stefan want to cure Elena because she's not cut out to be a vampire, or because he can't love her if she one?

Stefan says he'll always love her, but she's not supposed to be a vampire. Damon makes it clear that he's fine with her either way, so if he helps find the cure, he's doing it for Stefan. Elena admits she doesn't trust Stefan at the moment, and Damon in turn admits that he called Stefan as the younger Salvatore walks in the front door. After Elena finishes showering, she has another hallucination, and this time she imagines that Damon is Connor. She bolts out of the house, where Klaus grabs her and speeds off. Bonnie meets up with Damon and Stefan and they ask for her help in breaking the curse Elena is under.

She says the spirits won't let her do that kind of magic to break the curse, but she suggests that Shane might be able to help. Later, Damon waits to meet Bonnie and Shane in Alaric's old classroom, where, alone for a moment, he reminisces about his friend. Bonnie and Shane arrive and Damon shows the professor the drawing of the hunter's mark and asks if he knows anything about the Hunter's Curse.

Shane explains that if a hunter is killed by that which he hunts, the killer will walk the world in torment until a new hunter is awakened and the legacy is passed on. Damon realizes this means Jeremy has to get involved, and he and Bonnie explain to Jeremy he needs to kill a vampire to break the curse. Stefan calls Damon to ask him to find Elena, who has escaped.

Later, he finds her on Wickery Bridge , and somehow she sees that he's really there. Jeremy and Stefan kill the hybrid Chris in time, ending Elena's hallucinations. Damon is relieved, but soon realizes their new problem is that Elena ditched her daylight ring, and the sun is beginning to rise. She panics as her skin starts to blister, and Damon grabs her and jumps off the bridge into the water. Later, Elena wakes up in her bed at home with the daylight ring back on her finger, and Damon explains that he fished it out of the river. She takes his hand and thanks him for saving her life.

The moment starts to feel more intimate, so, realizing the awkward position he is in, he pulls back and tells her about the cure, the reason behind Stefan's secrecy lately. Back at the Grill, Matt approaches Damon with information he had found out about the explosion at the Young farm. Having heard from April that the pastor knew Professor Shane, who suspiciously knew about the hunter's mark and curse, Matt decided to have Sheriff Forbes check the pastor's phone records.

The pastor had made a call a day during the last month that he was alive, and 10 calls on the day of the explosion, all to the same phone number—Shane's office. Later, Stefan and Elena break up, and their conversation has a lot to do with Damon. They talk about trust, and how Elena seems to rely on Damon more lately, instead of turning to Stefan. Elena admits that since she has become a vampire, everything she felt for Damon as a human has become magnified. His suspicions confirmed, Stefan breaks it off, and Elena agrees. He offers Stefan his support, but Stefan brushes him off.

Later at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, Damon advises April on which dress to wear, and Elena changes her earlier opinion to agree with him, which Caroline finds bizarre. You might have your ups and downs, but then come out stronger and more connected as ever with a real respect to your friendship. Relationships of all kinds can be messy, weird, and complicated. That person would apologize, immediately stop doing the offensive thing, and your friendship with them would be better than ever.

They might also get offended at YOU for being upset. If a friend is being too demanding without showing up for you when you need it, then set some boundaries. This will only cause resentment. This is when you stop reaching out to the person, stop replying to their emails, texts, calls, and comments. This can definitely be awkward if you get invited to the same events. That ws the moment when he told me that he is married.. M i wss like full of tears n started crying lyk a baby..

N felt that y did he marrid, coudnt he jast wait for me a while, i felt a vry big connection wd him… It ws like smthing got torn inside my heart. Without hiding anythung i wss like jsst tell him everything wgt wss going inside me.. Shittt y r u married n ol.. The feeljngs i ws going through, i told him each evry bit, n the best part ws that he understood me n holded me with his talks… The nice thing ws that he wss too n vry mch comfrtable with me, he was sharing a vry god tym with me as i was expecting…….

I told him tyms that i feel smthing vry diffrnt with.. He told me that he dont knw but he ws vry cmfrtable with him n felt lyk sharing a part of his life with me inspite he ws married n happy too in his life,.. We met vry soon within days n i wss like ohhvmy godness i wss going to meat smthing i have lost vry b4,. Te frst day we met wss soo awsm for both of us…..

I wasss not evn afraid to meat him like we were gonna meat within days…. We met n shared a lott witheach other, he too feel vry sad whn he thinks that he ia married, scnd day we met he wss bzy shecdule but came to meat me up n dropped me to my hostel, i cried that day n hugged him tightly lyk i ddnt want hkm to go anywhere… How is this possiblweki within auch period of tym such strong feelings develop for a prsn whom we evn dont knw.. Emotional attachment, fear of loosing him n he loosing me,..

We evn made promises that till death we will b frnds in dis life,, n will meat in nxt lyf. I jst cant live wdout him.. I knw that he is married n have a didfnt lifestyle, but the same he feels for me.. The best part is this ki we both love each other vry badly.. That we both feeel so much bout eachother but cant do anything.. If ws unmarried i would have told about him at my home frm the day one… He also feela the same lyk we should go to a place where no one resides n only we both.. Crying over a married man you have known for only two weeks? What else would explain this kind of extreme emotionalism than something that has been brewing for lifetimes?

Clearly, that is not possible for these two, as the man has somewhat committed himself elsewhere—although I question that, because what is he doing on a dating site if he is committed to his family? If you can see that, Neha, then I hope it will bring you some relief from this impossible-to-pursue situation, to know that you are only attempting to recreate what cannot be reinstated in your present lifetime. There is a hope for you, however. The wave of emotion that you are feeling right now will pass when the cycle of energy retreats, and it will do that.

Past-life relivings such as this come to us in cycles. They rise and fall like waves. When the cycle moves out, disintegrates back into the past where it belongs, it will leave you on a bare shoreline and you will wonder why you ever felt all those strong emotions. Until that happens, try to hold yourself steady while the wave thrashes around you, and do not do anything any more foolish than you have already done!

Know that this is but a memory, and the memory will fade. As for what happened in the past life? You have all the emotional responses to tell you exactly what that was: What matters NOW is what you live out in your present lifetime, each of you. And best wishes to you! We met through a mutual hobby. Within the first week of knowing him he told me that he had a dream in which I was badly hurt and he woke up crying.

This freaked me out that someone I had only just met had dreamt such a thing. There was also a period of time when we first met where we thought we might not see each other again. He told me that he felt sick with sadness that he might not get to see me again. The thought of not having anything to do with him even after knowing him for so little time physically hurts. I will sit sobbing for hours at the thought of not having some sort of contact with him. Due to our circumstances, we will never be in a relationship romantically but I am just so confused as to why he is in my life and why there is this undeniable chemistry between us.

I saw a psychic just over a year ago and she said that she could see me holding hands with a younger man- is that all that this is or is there more to it? What you have here are two people who have known one another in a different set of circumstances in a previous lifetime, or possibly lifetimes. This came from the spiritual teacher, Ernest L. Norman, who first taught me the science of reincarnation, and it is so true of us! We are drawn to the familiar and fear to let it go, even after it is hurting us.

This boy is not the older soul—you both are! Without awareness, you might repeat the same difficulties. But now good for you! What feels like a happy magnet is often the pull of the past. Then comes the challenge. If one of you does not step up and respond differently in the present lifetime, which usually means finding the humility to change and let go of the old snake in the bed, then you could be doomed to repeat the old traumas. I think, forgive me, that the analogy is a good one in this situation, and you know what I mean. In my previous answer to a question and in lots of my replies I think , I have outlined some questions to ask yourself and some steps to take to find freedom.

Age really has nothing to do with it! We feel inner joy when we progress, when we achieve, when we change, and when we grow. New energy fills our spirits. What once made us happy? Match that kind of eternal progression in your own life and you will experience joy. Now, these are just my opinions. Take them as you will. And my very best wishes to you!

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You are in the process of learning. Love love love to you! And thank you so much for sharing your story. You know that my own dear husband is 15 years younger than me? And that we just celebrated 24 happy years as a married couple? Like I said, age is not the question. We first spent 4 years making sure this was the right choice, overcoming the inner conflict about our disparate ages. So far, totally the best choice I ever made, and I believe he feels the same. Look beneath the surface to the elements that really matter. My husband and I have been together for 26 years. We are miserable with each other and more miserable away from each other!

The only way I can explain it is that I feel like he has been in pursuit of me forever as in before i knew him. My first thought when he said that statement was: I wonder why or what lesson is in our constant togetherness over the span of lifetimes or if we are simply kindred souls. You have accurately described what it feels like to be caught in a past-life bind, or rather, a present-life bind that was forged in previous lifetimes. Now, the question is, can you find a way off this treadmill? You might be surprised to know that learning about the past-life circumstances can actually create a seemingly instantaneous change in your present life, such that even your husband will feel and act differently, even if he never knows what you do about your shared past.

So now you are wondering, how can you know what has taken place between you before? The actions and feelings will be pretty much a duplicate of what you feel and do now. How did I get here? Do I have to continue? Now the next step is also up to you. Do you want to continue as you are, or do you want to experience a different kind of life?

First, your belief in the truth of this continuity from previous lives is essential. Trust your knowing on that. Third, see if you can identify what it was that a first drew you to this man, and b what still holds you, emotionally. Those next steps will be up to you. Many insights should be pouring into you right about now. Listen, accept, act according to your soulic aspirations and your intended life purpose for the present lifetime. I cannot tell you what that might be. I can only tell you that this is the kind of inner liberation we all seek!

And these repetitious life experiences are what hold us all in check, until we unravel them, make our choices, and act accordingly. You will both be liberated by this. But sometimes the only thing holding two people together is some past-life memory of a debt owed, which cannot be repaid in the present. If you get stuck, my book, Speed Your Evolution , offers countless ways to recognize, understand, and liberate yourself from past-life repetitions. Very beautiful and informative article. I could relate this to me very much and feel more relaxed I met this guy last year in Australia during our professional workshop.

I started getting attracted toward him durin this time. We beary spent time together deing these 6 days workshop. But I really liked him very much. Once i am back I started missing him very much. I am mareied and so is he and this was another thing making me feel guilty. I broke my silence and shared my feelings to him. However he replied he do not feel the same and advised me to move on. But I am unable to remove him from my mind and the feelings are still going on strongly. Even more than a past life connection, these feelings you are experiencing indicate that you are not very happy in your ordinary life situation.

Otherwise you would not be dreaming about another man, one who is more fantasy than real at this point. Because how well can you know someone you met so briefly? And one who does not feel the same way you do, especially? If you want to look for past-life connections, look into your present daily life. What is making you feel unfulfilled?

What can you do to improve that? Are you caught by a different sort of past-life binding, the kind that made you fall into something you do not truly love and enjoy today? See where you can bring more happiness into your day to day life. For some people, who feel they cannot change their marital situation or their commitments to others for various reasons, this could mean bringing something new into your life, some kind of creative expression, for instance.

Cooking on a grand scale? Find a way that you can contribute to the lives of others, a way that suits your own personality, and you will very quickly forget about this man who is only, in some way, hinting at what you are missing in your life. It is your soul and spirit that long for change. I hope you can understand what I am trying to say here. It is what he represented to you that is fueling your thoughts. What was it about him that you liked? Is that a quality that you could enhance in your own self?

What is it that you are truly longing for, because you do not really know this man so it must be some illusion he represented that you unconsciously wish for. We often admire what we would like to be, which we see in another. This is what my best advisors are telling me right now about your particular situation. You do have the power to make your life happy, every day, every moment.

See if you can find the key! And please come back and tell us what it was, when you find it. Thank you so much for your advice. I will work on this and surely come back with my findings. Hello Lianne, I am going through a rather odd situation and was searching the internet for some type of answer as to what is occurring when I stumbled upon your page.

Nothing comes close to an explanation but possibly you may have heard of this before or can point me in the right direction… I hope! Anyway… it all started two months ago in Las Vegas at a wrestling event when I met a wrestler at a show we were both working. He is a Native American and has the whole gimmick and I walk out a friend of mine who also wrestles. He came to talk to me and was apparently out of the ordinarily shy.

He however started getting annoying within the first day or so and I had wanted to stop talking to him so I planned on just discontinuing replying. Mostly across my chest from shoulder to shoulder. Due to this I continued and we began getting along better. We are still talking now and I have no idea what any of this means. Do you happen to have any idea what this might mean?

Is he a past love? A soul mate my body is pushing for? Or do u happen to know somebody who might have an idea? I appreciate any guidance I can get! Thank you for sharing your story and asking for input. Yours is one of those trickier situations, as you can already tell. Remember first of all that we change genders in various lifetimes, so your history with this individual yes, it seems you do have one could have been in any sort of relationship: In a way, even before you met, you had already put yourself into a situation that triggers past-life, subconscious memories of active fighting.

As if you were still in the old arenas, the real ones, where it truly was life and death. In your comment, I see that you are of two minds: See if knowing about the past-life connection can help you disentangle your emotions and make clear decisions about what to do regarding this man. We are not always drawn back together by plan; often, we are drawn back together by karma, that immutable force of mutual connection that will bring us face to face with old enemies, inevitably, in some time and place.

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How will we behave then? That is all up to you. Will you two regenerate an old fight—say after some time of dating when things suddenly turn sour? Or will you resolve into a more peaceful resolution, having become different people in the present lifetime?

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Do you even need to go that far? These are all decisions you must make. But I hope I have given you a little more information to go on by confirming that, yes, you have met before, and no, it might not have been a positive, romantic, lovely encounter. Please let us know if you relate to any of this, and if I can answer any further questions. I wish you all the best in your future choices! You are now wiser than most, and fortunate to be so. I wanted to update you on my connection with my my moms bfs son.

I also feel like I need to take care of him all the time and nurture him. I have vivid flashbacks and what seems like memories of us as what I would guess to be as a married couple with kids and everything. Thank you for the update. You have given us a perfect description of the subtle ways such a past-life connection can manifest in the present lifetime. It will change your life going forward, Alana. Be prepared that you will never view your relationships with other people in the same way again.

And, that you will probably find yourself coaching your friends in the future when they come to you with horror stories of confusion about this or that relationship! Now, about going to psychics. You are correct that there are pitfalls. But sometimes, we like to have validation.

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  • Test everything you hear from a psychic against what your own mind and heart are telling you. In my book Speed Your Evolution , I devote some time to this subject of validating past-life information that comes from sources outside yourself Chapter Psychic Readings Good and Bad. The most important test you need to apply is: Does it help me in my present lifetime? Most everyone who does this work is a good person! However, they sometimes get themselves entangled with an entity on the other side who is bent on doing mischief. I can think of famous psychics who did and do marvelous and wondrous readings that help, not only individuals, but others among the public who are exposed to their stories and inspired by them.

    You know the ones I mean! They help the world to understand the continuity of life. And then there are a few who begin as psychics and then start cults, compile riches, and keep people dependent on them because, in fact, they are dependent on repeat customers. Avoid them like the plague they are. You have good sense and a keen mind, Alana. I trust you will be wise in your choices, and in your evaluation of the information you receive. If you tried, you would be recreating an entirely new set of life experiences. But knowing about the past should help you discern the difference between past and present life feelings and then choose wisely.

    I mean the gold nuggets of wisdom at the heart of your previous encounters. For better and for worse, we learn from everything we experience and that knowledge stays with us, in our extended biofields that travel with us from life to life. Nothing is ever lost. I suspect this boy is there to teach you, if nothing else, about the continuity of your consciousness, your life, and the importance of what you do from moment to moment.

    Thanks so much Lianne! I definitely will share my knowledge with others seeking it! I definitely know there are good and bad psychics….. All this stuff is very interesting! Thank you again for the advice Lianne! Love to you too! Not a gift, dear, but a skill that you have developed over the course of many lifetimes. And learning all you can about how, why, etc. I felt sick with a feeling of loss and my thoughts went on to how much I miss him terribly. So this is our history together. We met as children in the second grade. I often found myself defending my friend physically because he would tease, push and hit him.

    In the fourth grade my teacher sat this mean kid next to me. One day my teacher, who was not so fond of kids, the irony said something to me which really upset me. I sat there trying to hold in the tears, knowing he was sitting next to me. If he saw me cry he would never let me forget. As the tears came on I could feel him staring at me. When I turned to look at him I saw his big beautiful blue eyes for the first time, and they looked so incredibly sad.

    For a moment I sat dazed looking at his eyes. I felt as if I could see into his soul. Then reality hit and I thought I needed to come up with a plan for attack because he was going to have a field day with this. Instead the most incredible thing happened. As he put it …. From then on we became really good friends.

    This was not the same kid I knew for two years prior. He was sweet, funny and I looked forward to sitting with him everyday. He no longer hid behind bushes on the way to school and backed off bullying my friend. Then one day my teacher caught us laughing. So she moved him. As he was leaving to go to his new desk he told me not to worry, we would still be friends. I remember this day so clearly. I had a horrible pit in my stomach and I felt like I lost him.

    I sat next friends in school before and never felt this way when they changed seats. We never had the same friendship again after that. In 5th grade there was a lot of small talk between us. On occasion we would find ourselves looking at each other from across the room. At the end of high school we both frequented the same bar every weekend. We always said hi and we would occasionally catch each-other glancing from across the room.

    I always felt comforted knowing he was there and I found myself checking often to make sure he was there. Even though I felt a strong connection and a magnetism towards him we both were fine with seeing each-other from afar. The last time I saw him we were in our early twenties. He asked me to stay and hang out at his house. Last year he mentioned on facebook to get in touch with him when I go back to the old neighborhood. I told him I would of course. More than ever I feel like there is stronger influence on us. About 7 years ago he apologized to my best friend for bullying him.

    How can I tell my friend how I feel about the guy who made his life miserable for so many years? How do I explain to him I feel an unconditional love for this guy? Thank you for sharing this fascinating story. But of course, you already know that answer. He understood mean adults and how they could hurt you. What you shared was a beautiful moment of connection, understanding, and comfort. I just love it! And in fourth grade, no less! Now what about today? Your connection with him was powerful, for that moment, but clearly not one that either of you had set up to become something more lasting in the present life, at least not so far.

    In other words, you never dated. Whatever happens next, please examine your present life and see if you can detect this kind of need or longing before you enter into a new relationship with this old friend. It should overrule any obligation you feel to your other friend, the one who was bullied, especially since the grown-up bully realized his error and apologized. Something important, I suspect. Why do you need to explain your life choices to anyone other than your own self? What hold does this other friend have over you?

    And here, we have the makings of a past-life triangulated situation which might have nothing to do with lovers at all. Please ask yourself some questions, find some deep honest answers. Or come back and tell us more. Look at this through the past-life lens: Two people in love should not have to consult a third person.

    If they feel they must, then something is echoing from the past, confusing the picture. Unless you have a romantic relationship with this other friend. Your response really put things in perspective for me. I took your advice and stepped back to look at it differently. In this life I feel like I worry about him and I so desperately want to grab on and hold him. Not in a sexual way but to protect him. Now I understand why I feel so conflicted. I often protected my best friend, from this bully no less. It felt like a betrayal.

    The love I have for my old best friend is built on years of friendship strictly friendship and trust. It sounds crazy but I felt like I was mourning. When I was younger as a mechanism to protect myself I often blocked away many things so it makes sense it is coming forward now as I approach going back to my hometown. Now that my fourth grade friend has apologized I know there should no longer be any guilt.

    Hi Laurie — Thank you for the further clarification. With thousands of lifetimes behind us, that would be sooo overwhelming! Things come around and go around.

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    That is, a sense of grief and loss and probably separation. Now you can consider your present age as well. Were you separated at a young age? Or is the grief stronger now than when you were kids? Were you separated as adults, perhaps? A death or other form of separation and we have a million ways to be torn apart from one another. Not that you NEED to know more details. Now you can make better present-life choices by sorting out your feelings, I hope. Much love to you both! I think my readers and I will be curious to know what happens next in this lifetimes-long drama.

    I was at my friends house and her baby sister who is only three walks in the room I did not see her really at first after a little bit we go shopping and autumn has to come with is I have to sit besides autumn I look at autumn and she has blond hair and face as white as paper and we start driving and she looks up at me and her eyes are a grayish blue I feel an instant shock go threw my stomach and into my hands I look closer into her eyes and they look familiar …… I know it sounds weird but when I imagen autumn being in my past life I think of her as a daughter As soon as I think of her as that the first time an instant I feel a sharp pain and shock like I just figured out something I wasent sapposed to know.

    The fact is, you recognized her. No one can take that back now! As long as you manage to keep things in a calm, present-life perspective, so that nothing gets too complicated or out-of-place, then you can know this is someone whom you value, and offer whatever assistance or support you can, if you should ever be needed by her. Children coming into our present societies have so many challenges to surmount! Fortunate you are, both of you, to make this discovery. Would you agree with me that this experience has given you an undeniable sense that reincarnation is not a theory, but a reality?

    I believe this is the only way people can ever be convinced of it. By personal experiences such as yours. What do the rest of you think? Hello, I was living with my soulmate for 20 years when I made the worst mistake of my life and left him to be with another guy. I was going through a huge depression at the time due to issues in my family. I had brought my brother into my life when he was taking drugs. I thought if he knew I loved him he could get better.

    Instead he stole money and wrecked a car I gave him. I started taking perscription meds for anxiety. Also, I really needed someone to talk to and my soulmate told me he could not handle it as I was too emotional. I went online to a chat room and found a guy willing to listen. Of course this is were I made the worst choice of my life. I felt drawn to this new person but looking back now I see this person was causing me a lot of unease.

    I thought at the time he was sent to help me and to also allow me to fufill my dream of my own family. I had wanted a child for years but my partner did not. I think the medication I was on made me lose that part of me that was connected to my soulmate. I also think my brother had such dark energy connected to him when he was in my house.

    This energy somehow impacted me. Even though we had issues such as my soulmate not wanting children we had always gotten along so easy. I knew on the first date he was the one. I made a terrible choice to meet the new guy. This was the end of my life as I had known it for 20 years. I was just over 40 and lost the soulmate person who I had so easily lived with and laughed with due to a terrible decision.

    I look back now and see signs but I went blindly down the hole. I thought this was a gift and meant to be. I was suppose to be with the new person as together we would create a family that had been waiting. I ended up married to the new guy. I did not want children out of wedlock call me old fashion. I soon found out this was all wrong. Who is the opposite of your soulmate? That is what he is. He does not make me laugh but cry. He does not lift me up but push me down. He did not want children either.

    When I thought I might be pregnant he told me if I was I would have to have an abortion. He did not want kids. I saw then what I had done.