Britain in Revolution: 1625-1660

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Some said yes, some said no: You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! Which left England with no government at all. But English people shrugged and carried on. Indeed, a couple of days later, some wag pinned a notice on the door of the Parliament building: This House is to be Let, now unfurnished It was a vertiginous tumble into the politically unknown, perhaps the most exciting point of English history.

It looked like a carte blanche. An egalitarian earthly paradise was not then constructed upon our green and pleasant land. So the story of is a of a Noble Attempt Doomed to Failure, and no less fascinating for that.

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Oliver Cromwell, warts and all. They pleaded with him to be King. I recommend this vast volume to anyone who wants to get away from the froth and babbles of the 21st century for a week or so, and find how altogether similar were the troubles of years ago, and how much better expressed they were. All men have stood for freedom For freedom is the man that will turn the world upside down, therefore no wonder he hath enemies. View all 25 comments. Jan 05, Alison rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Puritans, Cavaliers and anyone who thinks killing the king is an easy decision.

The best overview of the English Civil War and before and after that I've read. Anyone interested in this period should start here. Woolrych is a terrifically erudite historian who knows how to tell a story. I mean, if you can keep me interested through the Bishop's Wars and the Long Parliament, you're doing something right. Jul 10, Richard Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: I start with a degree of bias since Austin Woolrych was my History Professor at Lancaster so I looked forward to reading the book with a great deal of anticipation.

It did not disappoint. It is a masterly survey of the complexities of the period of Charles I's reign and the Commonwealth and can be recommended both a book for the general reader who might wish to learn more about the times as well as to those who have read history and would wish a new overview.

For my part if on a desert island I I start with a degree of bias since Austin Woolrych was my History Professor at Lancaster so I looked forward to reading the book with a great deal of anticipation.

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For my part if on a desert island I was allowed only one history of the period, this would be it. May 19, imngrer rated it it was amazing.

I would give this book 5 stars if only for it having the best opening paragraph of any book on English history I have ever come across. Naturally the rest of the extremely large book is wonderful too. And you can get it at a really reasonable price as an e-book. The only shame is that he decided not to cover some of the historiography too. May 24, S M-B rated it liked it. This book is useful and one to which i will return for reference. It is a major work, in the tradition of grand historical narratives of earlier times, but it is perhaps inevitably given its conservatism weak on the historiography of the English civil wars.

He attempts to locate his own work in the prologue where he discusses the problems of naming the events of onwards without conveying an historiographical standpoint - Grand rebellion or English revolution. He rejects interpretation bas This book is useful and one to which i will return for reference. He rejects interpretation based on analysis of socio-economic causative factors determinism, Marxism - see p. Accordingly, the work is rather a top down history which treats of phenomena of contested religious beliefs but with no investigation of how those beliefs contributed to construction of identity, including national identity.

Dec 21, Lori rated it really liked it Shelves: For a good page history book to start with try The Embarrassment of Riches: With this one I realized how differently Americans view this period. There are many parallels, but to America of the s and s.

Britain in Revolution: 1625-1660

To most English people the killing of Charles I was regicide, whether or not it was legal. I think to most Americans this is not a huge moral dilemma. To me, Charles I had it coming. He had taken a mostly harmonious country and created a civil war. There were other English and Scottish immigrants who went further south.

Britain in Revolution

They wanted to improve their worldly wealth, not their heavenly wealth. At the beginning of Charles reign, most of these dissenting groups were tolerated although they were officially illegal. Tolerance ended and religious behavior became more strictly controlled. Each emigrating group wanted to practice their religion only, but when the separate settlements merged to become colonies then states tolerance became the only practical solution 1st Amendment.

Because the return of Charles II essentially revoked any reform done during the interregnum, most people think of this time as a blip, not showing underlying trends. These concepts were raised and debated. Over here they became part of the Constitution: Oct 22, Windsor rated it liked it Shelves: This book, in my opinion, was not worth finishing for me.

Britain in Revolution - Austin Woolrych - Oxford University Press

Maybe I walked into it with too high of expectations. The first pages of this book are about the most boring pages of literature ever. I found myself skimming about 20 pages at a time because they had nothing to do with the chapter or were way too detailed to relate to his thesis or any analysis. However, it takes about 3 This book, in my opinion, was not worth finishing for me. However, it takes about pages to get anywhere interesting.

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  • I will be hard pressed to have someone convince me to read anything else by Woolrych. Just too dense for me.

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    I have only quit reading 2 books in my life. I guess this is the third. On a lighter note, if you do like Cromwell, or want to learn more about him, the author seems to be an expert political historian on Cromwell. VERY worth reading that section. Mar 29, Nicola Bugg rated it really liked it. The Collapse of the Good Old Cause The Overthrow of the Protectorate The Commonwealth Restored All this is diluted in this this is distilled in this massive volume, and the result is an absolute triumph Those to whom the story is unfamiliar will be impressed by the freshness with which it with which it is told.

    The scholarship is immense and faultless without being heavy or intrusive. By the end, the reader is left in no doubt that every source has been tapped that could have been. There is so much to praise and so little to criticise here Here is a book that any historian could justly be proud to havewritten. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Academic Skip to main content. Choose your country or region Close.

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