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But again, his nitty-gritty on what it's like to fly a P over desert and through tropical weather is just too interesting to miss. Destiny was privately published, which meant that it got no professional editing, and that's a shame. The book is full of typographical, spelling, and punctuation errors which could easily have been corrected.

It also has quite a few mistakes that result from Erik's using year-old memory in place of the published record. For example, he claims that the AVG invented the "Thach Weave" because he finds references to "weavers" accompanying a flight. This boneheaded theory was hashed out on the Usenet newsgroup rec. The RAF and AVG "weavers" prowled back and forth over the combat flight, to protect them from being bounced and to reinforce them if necessary. The Thach Weave was a tactic used by U. Navy carrier pilots when two of them met a lone Zero, to force the Japanese pilot to commit to one Wildcat while the other set up a couterattack.

It's as if Erik simply refused to do any research whatsoever before publishing his book. Again, Erik goes into great detail p.

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The situation worsens when the Earth Alliance deploys its new prototype mobile armor, but thanks to Shinn's SEED factor , he causes heavy damage to the Earth Alliance's fleet, and ultimately, their retreat. While the Minerva crew praises Shinn for his incredible fight, Orb joins the Earth Alliance much to Cagalli's abhorrence. Kira reactivates the Freedom to protect the woman he loves. Although he only disables the enemy mobile suits, the assassins activate self-destruct mechanisms for their mobile suits.

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During that time, they are informed that Cagalli will be marrying Yuna Roma Seiran. Kira decides to use the Freedom to abduct Cagalli from the ceremony, returning to the Archangel. Yuna orders Cagalli's immediate capture. Instead, Colonel Todaka salutes while letting the Archangel submerge into the ocean. He is given the Saviour mobile suit and assigned to the Minerva. Captain Gladys is also appointed to FAITH, which creates something of a conflict in the command structure; Athrun and she now have more or less equal rank and strategic authority.

As the Minerva leaves Carpentaria , it is attacked by Phantom Pain. During the battle, Shinn discovers the construction of a hidden Earth Alliance base who are oppressing the local citizens.

He destroys the base to free the citizens, killing the fleeing soldiers. Back on the Minerva , Athrun slaps Shinn and tells him to use his power more properly. Athrun meets Shinn on the Minerva ' s deck and they talk about the responsibility of having power. The Minerva must destroy a fixed positron cannon emplacement to break through to Gibraltar. Though hesitant at first after meeting Shinn, they are helped by a young resistance fighter named Coniel , who provides data of a secret tunnel that will lead near the positron cannon. The Minerva and the other ZAFT forces draw out the Earth Alliance mobile suits and mobile armor while Shinn heads through the tunnel and destroys the cannon.

Meer visits the troops at Diocuia's port for a morale-building concert. Durandal reveals ZAFT is fighting a war against the Logos , a secret organization who create wars for profit. Shinn meets a girl named Stella Loussier , who fell off a cliff while dancing and seems to have no past.

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He jumps into the water to save her, also seeing she goes out of control from hearing the word "die". He assumes she suffers from trauma possibly from a war. They shelter in a cave, because Stella can not swim, and get to know each other, with Athrun rescuing them later on. The Minerva comes under attack again. But this time the Earth Alliance Forces are being assisted by the Orb forces. So has the arrival of the Freedom gundam which is piloted by Kira Yamato. Cagalli intervenes and orders the Orb forces to stand down.

But Yuna orders the Orb forces to attack to begin a three way battle. Kira's interference agitates the other pilots as he disables mobile suits on both sides, making him the prime target of Heine and Stella. As Stella charges to attack the Freedom, she kills Heine in the process.

After the battle at Dardanelles, the Minerva returns to base for repairs. Athrun temporarily leaves the Minerva to contact the Archangel with the help of freelance photographer Miriallia Haw. Meanwhile, Rey Za Burrel and Shinn are ordered on a recon mission of an abandoned Earth Alliance base nearby, and are disturbed by what they find. The abandoned facility turns out to be the place that creates the Extended pilots.

The truth about this creation and the bodies they find traumatizes every ZAFT personnel tasked with securing the facility. The three Phantom Pain pilots hear of ZAFT at the lost facility, causing Auel to snap, and Stella to go berserk in her mobile suit, and heads to the facility on her own in an attempt to "protect mother".

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Shinn, with the help of Athrun, takes down her machine. Stella is brought aboard the Minerva for medical treatment, while the Archangel works at getting Lacus and Andrew Waltfeld back into space. Lacus and Andy reunite with the crew of the Eternal while Miriallia rejoins the Archangel crew taking up her former position.

Meanwhile the Minerva travels across the ocean on its way to deliver a sickly Stella to a ZAFT research facility, when they are ambushed by the joint forces of the Earth Alliance and Orb off the coast of Crete. The Minerva fights the joint forces of the Earth Alliance and Orb.

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The Archangel again intervenes and Kira and Athrun clash again with Athrun losing. Shinn decimates the Orb forces in his anger and is even able to destroy one of the stolen mobile suits, but he unknowingly kills Captain Todaka who once helped him. Chairman Durandal muses about how Kira and Lacus met and their relationship. The episode also shows parts of the Chairman's own relationship with Talia Gladys and his motives. With the help of Rey, Shinn forcedly takes the dying Stella from the Minerva ' s sickbay and returns her to Neo Roanoke.

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Rey and Shinn are arrested, but Chairman Durandal orders the charges dropped. Both the Minerva and Archangel try to stop the Destroy, but Shinn hesitates when Neo tells him that Stella is the pilot. Kira blows up the Destroy, fatally wounding Stella and angering Shinn. Meanwhile, Captain Ramius encounters the defeated Neo. Chairman Durandal makes a speech, which is televised worldwide. Lord Djibril is greatly angered by the speech, which blames the Earth Alliance, Blue Cosmos and Logos for the attacks by the Destroy and starting another war.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Archangel debates what to do with the captive Neo, who is physically identical to their fallen comrade, Mu La Flaga. Shinn defeats Kira and destroys the Freedom.

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The Archangel is apparently destroyed. Kira survives due to the Freedom's cockpit being intact, and is rescued by Cagalli. Durandal's words inspire a widespread popular uprising against Logos, while the damaged Archangel heads for Orb. Durandal visits the Minerva and introduces the Destiny and Legend mobile suits, which are intended as replacements for the Impulse and Saviour, respectively.

They are pursued by Shinn piloting the Destiny , and Rey piloting the Legend. Athrun and Meyrin, who are thought dead, survive. Ledonir Kisaka rescues them and brings them to the Archangel , which has returned to its underwater port for repairs. ZAFT and their allies attack Heaven's Base, and despite their great numbers, their forces are weakened by the new Logos weapon Nibelung and five Destroy units.

The situation changes when the three mobile suits of the Minerva launch and decimate the Logos forces. Djibril flees the base before its surrender.

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Kira helps them with the Strike Rouge and reunites with Lacus. Regaining the command of her country, Cagalli orders for Yuna to be arrested for treason and regroups the Orb forces. The battle turns in favour for Orb, so the Minerva ' s pilots are ordered to deploy, but Shinn decides to deploy alone. Athrun and Kira recall the past events from their perspective and explain why they follow the paths they have chosen. Thus making "Freedom and Justice" the new episode