Light Dreams [A Tyga Fan Fiction Story]

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Waiting for Him by Mrs. Elizabeth Gibbs reviews "It's just for three days, babe, and the doctor said this little girl showed no signs of budging for at least another week," Henry assures her as he packs his bag; Elizabeth shifts uncomfortably on the bed, features twisted in worry. Why haven't you kissed me yet? Will be rated M because of future chapters ;- Madam Secretary - Rated: Silk Organza by teammccord reviews Henry finds the dress from 2.

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I will try my best to update every month or so. The kids are asleep after trick-or-treating, and Henry decides to watch a horror movie. Rating for a terrible inuendo. Honestly, not my best work but posting anyway. Gilmore Girls - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: Inevitable by KSuzMil reviews Set in season 2. In their first few days on Earth, Abby Griffin discovers she is pregnant and the father is Marcus Kane. Given their strained relationship and the fact that she already has a child what will happen when Marcus discovers her secret?

Power Play Nashville - Rated: This is fun, and sexy, fluff. Roommates by teammccord reviews Bourbon, late nights and couches. Wither Into the Truth by Calculated Artificiality reviews After Deacon learns that Maddie is his daughter in season 1, he doesn't drink. Instead, he must find other ways to deal with his anger - and ways to forgive Rayna for what she's done.

Sexting by AlohaBlackbird reviews Elizabeth and Henry engage in some text message flirtation. Of course it doesn't end well! Rock Bottom by Calculated Artificiality reviews When it's time to make amends after he relapses, Deacon comes to Rayna and tells her something that rocks her to her core.

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Remedial Touch by oneapotheosis reviews Elizabeth gives Henry a nice distraction from his injured limbs. It's just friendly smut: Well, this story watches him show her. Rated M Nashville - Rated: In Another Life by Prettylittlepetal reviews Henry McCord never imagined he'd even consider leaving his wife, he defineitely never imagined he'd think of leaving his wife for a student.

That is, until he met her. Rayna comes home to find that Deacon has broken their 'no gifts' rule, so she spontaneously gives him the most precious gift he's ever received. Foolish But Maybe by more-than-words reviews Elizabeth and Henry do bowling and burgers and what comes after, then and now. Date night and The Husband by oneapotheosis reviews "I never did finish telling you how much I love women in power positions. Finding My Way to You by thepuppiesinpink reviews For the fic exchange. The first time Henry and Elizabeth hear the Queen Elizabeth nickname.

First Thanksgiving with Henry's family. Handy Henry by queen-bess-mccord reviews "Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine. Some smut before the bathtub scene in 3. When He Proposed by NatalyaShae reviews Elizabeth and Henry McCord tell the Diplomatic story of how he proposed and why they walk around a park regardless of how hard it is to secure How can you not wait and then promise forever? She is determined to do a good job and, at the same time, finish her doctorate. Now, if only a certain someone would stop interrupting her classes.

One-shot told from a student's point of view. Elizabeth and Henry in college. Captain Stoical by AnonymouslyAddicted reviews A story about being mugged.

Light Dreams [A Tyga Fan Fiction Story]

Fluff and nothing more. Take My Hand by anchorsandboots reviews For randomly-crazy-thinking for the Season 3 fic exchange. Elizabeth and Henry share a moment before their wedding. Rum Punch by thepuppiesinpink reviews For the fic exchange: However Tyga may save Abby from more than that. Will he show up? Can they get back to their Circle of Two? Hold Me by oneapotheosis reviews Henry takes care of his wife after a long day. Together We Stand by piratewench78 reviews Deacon has rescued Maddie and now she's coming back home.

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Will things get bad before they get better? How far will Eric have to go to save her from her demons, can she learn to trust him with her heart? Friday Night Lights - Rated: They turn to each other for help as they struggle with their morality, as well as their growing feelings. Then Abby is finally sent over the edge, after discovering Marcus' death sentence. Explicit content and language.

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Safe by oneapotheosis reviews The night before Elizabeth leaves for Iran. Henry needs a little more than verbal reassurance. Contains smut Madam Secretary - Rated: Heartbeat by piratewench78 reviews Missing scenes throughout Season 4. Mostly fluff, some smut. But, they learn that they can still go to Earth when Jaha's announcement interrupts them. They must live with what they've done as they lead their people on Earth, deciding if their relationship is worth exploring.

The sequel "Omo Givnes" is posted and can be found on my profile. A couple, a song, a tour bus, an argument and the making up in Mexico. Story probably better than summary. High on love and other things! Kabby fluff 3 Because who else? Marcus Kane is loopy on anethstesia. Abby Griffin is operating on him.

Deep Core by AnonymouslyAddicted reviews Nadine: Writings by Rayna by KimberlyJordan reviews The beginning - I'll start each chapter with an excerpt from a young Rayna's diary. A glimpse into her feelings, and views as she begins her career in music, meets Deacon, and goes on to become Rayna Jaymes. Hand To Hold by Lilly reviews My take on episode 4x Deacon and Rayna centric. Heavily based on spoilers! A Quick Trip by anchorsandboots reviews Elizabeth and Henry escape back to Virginia to have one last night together at the horse farm before it sells.

As the Winds Change by ruflylover reviews Elizabeth McCord is allowed a weekend off after her time in Iran and she begrudgingly takes it. The family retreats to their home outside of the city and as Elizabeth tries to relax and heal, her attitudes about her job begin to change. Will she return to her duties as Madam Secretary when Monday rolls around or will she resign the position and reclaim her former, safer life?

Nick surprises Catherine in her office to offer up his congratulations. Rayna's pregnant and marrying Teddy. A look at how he dealt with a devastating blow, and the immediate aftermath once he returned to Nashville. Fire and Ice by saltandstone reviews Post ep for Blame Canada 1x A little bit of Elizabeth and Henry lovin' after the Canadian Embassy ball. Deacon finally tells Rayna about the cancer. How are they going to handle the situation? OS, that has developed a life of its own. Contains spoiler up to 3x22! AU ending with character death.

Elizabeth and Henry's marriage has been on the rocks for years now because of her job and all that it entails. Will they be able to save their marriage or is their relationship over? Somewhere With You by bosswoman88 reviews what if the night of Deacon's proposal in the kitchen had ended differently?

How would things change if Rayna had gone after him? Civil Suits and Sundaes by ElephantRed reviews Noah is finally home safe and sound, but what happens when Trevor decides to fight for justice for Olivia and Noah? Follow up to Granting Immunity, so spoilers lie ahead! You mean something to me by Ellie-oxo reviews A small one shot set a few months after Mount Weather in which Abby wakes up in Marcus' tent. Breathe In by piratewench78 reviews This is a different look at where we started at the beginning of S1.

AU story about how "Nashville" began. When songwriting and secrets go wrong, or right by gtargirl reviews Episode 2. Who you gonna call? I Shouldn't Love You by SparklingEnchantress reviews Inspired by the mention of particular songs in 2x12 and where they originated. This is my take on where "I Shouldn't Love You" was actually written.

For mature readers only. Happy Valentine's Day y'all, read and enjoy! This Thing of Ours by bosswoman88 reviews A family emergency throws Deacon and Rayna together on a road trip, and gets Rayna wondering if she's making the right choices. Timeless by secretarymccord reviews Elizabeth embarks on a goodwill tour of Paris with her staff and she's flooded with memories of she and Henry's past in the city of love.

No Rules Saturday by secretarymccord reviews Some post episode content from "Collateral Damage" with some minor spoilers from other episodes. I had no beta, so please excuse any typos. My first but hopefully not my last "Madam Secretary" story. Lessons by Maegfen reviews In which Marcus tries to teach Abby a valuable survival skill and Abby finds herself distracted What if Rayna had gone after Deacon? An AU story from Season 1. She walked me over towards the door. I nodded and stepped out.

I got int my car and finally went to my house. The next morning i woke up early to go to the florist. I wanted a nice bouquet because i was going to see Dr. Williams for a little bit in the hospital. My mom was coming along because they were friends, i was glad to have the company.

I walked over the where there were cards and stuffed animals. There was a really cute giraffe staring at me, and i picked it up. It had these huge eyes and was so soft. I could imagine me as a baby playing with this little guy. I smiled and went to go pay for the giraffe. This was the first thing id ever buy for my baby, i hoped he or she would like it. She was holding a little pink bundle in her arms. I was nervous for some reason. I hesitated but she practically shoved the baby into my arms.

I held the baby in my arms and looked down at her, heart racing. To my surprise she was alert, eyes fixed on me. Id never seen such pure love, and innocence, trusting anyone and everyone. For a second i saw a little version of my own eyes looking up at me and my breath caught in my chest. But i blinked and it was gone.

One Big Happy Family @Tyga, Mariah & Their - Light Dreams [A Tyga Fan Fiction Story]

When i got back home i went up to my room to lay down. Cayden face timed me shortly after and he asked me what id done all day. I told him id gone shopping and saw Dr. I was surprised he even heard me. He cheesed and i laughed a little. I probably sounded insane. It was joy though, not sadness. We talked a little bit more then said i love you and goodbye. Today was the day of some house warming party Randi had planned 2 weeks ago, before our disagreement.

But people were already invited so there was no cancelling. She had done a lot to the house and it actually looked good, I had to admit.

tyga story

We had new furniture and appliances, she even changed the colour of the kitchen cabinets from brown to white which I liked much better. When she started all the decorating she had scheduled this day so now I had to have people up in my house. The crew would be there, contractors she had used here and at the salon, a bunch of people. It circled the rim before going inside the net.

I made a mean mug. This shit felt oddly personal. He stole the ball from me and dribbled between his legs. I hate seeing Yall like this. I blew out a breath. Unlike Ty I spend a lotta time with both of you. We playing ball now, just us. I paused for a moment. He made a good point. But Randi trusted Cole like no one, except maybe me. I decided there was no harm in telling him. I stole the ball from him. He paused, looking down for a second. I nodded, jaw locked. This was the first I was hearing she even thought she was pregnant. When I got home I hopped in the shower quick then changed into pants and a dress shirt.

The dress was tight, plunging neck, with a slit coming up all the way to her hip. Once the party started I immediately got a drink and chilled by the living area. Me and Ty plus some other guys were checking the game score on the TV occasionally. He ground his teeth. I kissed my teeth. I looked around the room then and landed on Randi talking to a guy in paint splattered jeans and a plaid shirt. He had a beard and low cut hair on the sides with one of those stupid man buns.

I assumed he was a contractor. He eyed her exposed chest and traveled down to that fucking slit. I balled my hand into a fist and my face went hot. My jealousy won out over my stubbornness. She looked up at me in shock, i gusss that i was saying something to her. She looked at me unsure as I grabbed her hip firmly. Got slits and cleavage and shit. This the first word you said to me in days. I grabbed her arm. She left my grip and stormed upstairs. When she returned a few minutes later she had changed to a new black dress.

She cut me a side eye and I mean mugged her. I knew we were going right back to not talking. Cayden and i had gone several days with this cold interaction and it was starting to get to me, affecting my confidence. Was Cayden really gonna stop loving me over a child? Was I horrible person for the way I felt about the topic. I just had to get out of there. I was also generally on edge from days of nightmares and I was mad because Cayden was probably sleeping like a baby.

I went to the closet, still in my skirt and heels from work and started hastily making a bag. I threw a couple more things in, then the bag was done. I just stood there in a frenzy clutching the bag. If I left this could be the end of everything. Cayden had made me promise to stop running when we got married and so far I had kept it. I shook my head willing the voice to stop. I closed my eyes tight and went somewhere else. I must have been hitting my head because now it hurt. I struggled in his arms trying to get free flailing about. I tried to kick him and he spun me around so that my back was against his chest.

He pinned my arns to my own chest. After a while my breathing was close to normal. He loosened his grip a little bit. So I let him hold me for a few more minutes. When he was convinced I was back on planet earth he said,. He let me loose and I immediately went red with embarrassment and shame. He loomed over me watching my every move and I regretted my outburst. He was never gonna let me out of his sight. I stood in front of him stubbornly for a while before I got tired and gave in.

I slumped into his chest and was quickly encircled by his strong arms. Guilt started to build up in me. I should have at least been open to a full on conversation. We hugged each other silently for a while. For now, are you okay? I looked down at our intertwined hands for a while. I thought about how Cay had calmed me down like no one else could when I was the most vulnerable. He simply nodded and turned to kiss my hand. He shook his head. I shook my head. I stretched out of sleep, lifting my arms over my head and turning over on to my back.

My arm brushed against warm skin and I looked over at the other side of the bed where Cole was still sleep. I slid out of the bed and went to get my clothes off the floor. I stepped into my jeans and put my shirt over my head. I had come over late last night to chill and of course one thing led to another, and i eventually fell asleep after a lot of making out and stuff.

I turned around with a slight smirk. I was just trying to get out before he was awake and we had to do the whole morning after thing. I had never done that with anyone, chick or dude. I never stayed the night and I for sure never stayed the morning after. That was a level of commitment i never had…until now. This was also weird because unlike girls who would ask me to stay, Cole acted like he was cool with whatever.

I was never quite sure what he was thinking. He looked over at me and we made eye contact. I glanced briefly at his bare chest which showed the hours of training he did. I realised then that he was…. Seeing him in absolutely nothing was distracting but I was pretty sure he knew that. He came over and gripped my shoulders. Then he moved his hands down to the hem of my shirt and lifted it up.