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Ford placed ads to all Americans highlighting that they made quality cars. They created commercials about American cars that were made by Americans with American parts. Some may be concerned with the exploitation of non-American workers in sweatshops. Therefore, a product bearing a Made in the USA label can appeal to an American who seeks high-quality products produced domestically under American labor and environmental laws. Until it shut down in , American Apparel , which had been producing in Los Angeles since , was the largest clothing manufacturer in North America.

In the late s decade, they started to mix oranges from Brazil, and Florida's Natural saw this as an opportunity to place "Made in the USA" on their cartons. After Tropicana returned to only using Florida oranges several years later, Florida's Natural updated their ads saying "All Florida. Who can say that? Companies that make products in the USA also see benefits in their supply chain.

Not all benefits are directly seen in cash flows immediately. Aspects like communication are simply improved, which may have effects that are not seen in the short run. The trend towards overseas factories has resulted in complications for companies of all sizes, ranging from quality to timeline issues. Some direct costs are decreased as a result of using domestic factories. Shipping is simpler and faster when there is no need to deal with customs. US factories offer more flexible production runs, which can be appealing to new companies or new products.

Research shows that reduced tariff rates are reflected immediately in lower clothing prices. By producing in the US, this price increase is avoided. Companies also benefit from non-direct cost ways of making in the USA. The USA has the most productive workforce. China historically was a cheap place to manufacture.

This led to the thriving apparel factories. As currency appreciates, and wages rise people are moving to low-cost areas in south-east Asia, and also coming back to the USA.

China's prices are rising and time to market is becoming increasingly important. Supply chains are agiler using local suppliers. There is a greater control over orders. High-end designers like being very close to their factories, as they have full control of the product quality that is leaving the assembly line. This is necessary to keep their high standards. Today many of the company's garments are produced overseas, but the original Pennsylvania plant remains one of the oldest working woolen mills in the country. A separate section on the company site features the fabrics still produced domestically.

Lodge Manufacturing is one of the rare companies that remain family-owned after more than a century of continuous operation. Its foundry in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, has been in operation since Lodge's start in and continues to produce enduring cast-iron cookware in a wide variety of styles and prices. In December, the company fired up a ,square-foot foundry adding production capacity in the same town. Herman Miller is the brand most representative of the sleek, modernist-style furniture that's back in vogue.

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Industrial designs such as the Aeron office chair have become iconic. Bronner's makes Castile soaps and other health products in line with the moral philosophies of its founder and namesake, Emmanuel Bronner. Its soaps, lotions, oils, and balms are all made in America with organic, fair-trade products, using traditional methods outlined on the information-packed product labels. Many of the most-common cooler designs come from Igloo, and all the company's products come from a 1. Vitamix was founded in Olmsted Township, Ohio, and the company remains headquartered there today, along with its manufacturing facilities and hundreds of domestic employees.

The blender company, founded in , now has a full line of commercial and home products available for purchase at many retailers and online. From the same man who invented Tupperware, Sterilite makes plastic storage containers, as well as a host of other home storage products. The company's product line has expanded consistently since its founding in , and it continues to manufacture its products exclusively in the USA.

Based in Townsend, Massachusetts, it began production at a new U. Since , Tervis has been making tumblers that are customizable and insulated using a unique double-walled design that keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Heritage General Store is the first company to produce a completely Chicago-made bike since Schwinn relocated from the city in the '70s. The store is also a coffeehouse where guests can order an Americano before browsing a selection of vintage handmade bikes and related apparel.

Hanky Panky makes durable designer lingerie frequently touted for its strength and comfort, thanks in large part to the use of extra thread and stitches.

Made in the USA | Be American. Buy American.

All the fabrics used in its garments are knitted in the United States. Its guns, made legendary by their use in the Civil War and by Clint Eastwood in the film "Dirty Harry," are made in facilities in Maine and Tennessee as well as Springfield. The lightweight Wiffle ball was invented in the s by a former semi-pro baseball player who wanted to help his son avoid injury while practicing. His invention has become a staple of backyard ballgames since. The Slinky, introduced by naval engineer Richard James in , is one of the most successful toys in history.

The company is now owned by the larger toy corporation Alex Brands, but Slinkys are still manufactured at the same facility in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

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The appliance company that first introduced professional-grade oven ranges still makes all its ovens, refrigerators, and other products in the USA. Viking employs more than 1, people at four manufacturing facilities near its headquarters in Greenwood, Mississippi, where it also opened a cooking school and restaurant. As the name suggests, Vermont Teddy Bear manufactures all its stuffed animals in Vermont.

Two factories produce nearly a half-million teddy bears each year, making the company one of the largest producers of teddy bears and the largest seller by mail and online orders. Often considered the world's foremost piano company, Steinway operates manufacturing facilities in Hamburg, Germany, and New York City. Hallmark produces almost all its U. Notable exceptions include any cards with recorded sounds or featuring handiwork such as beads and tassels.

KettlePizza makes a pizza oven insert fit for most common charcoal grills. It has the dual function of allowing you to check the food's progress without opening the lid and allowing the heat to escape. The simple yet revelatory product is made at inventor Al Contarino's Massachusetts barn.

This well-known makeup company has kept its research and manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles County since Although it expanded beyond the original Santa Monica studio, Merle Norman remains family-owned and committed to producing superior cosmetics, which are sold in individually managed "try before you buy" studios around the nation. Anchor Hocking has been producing its glassware in the USA since the company's founding in It employs more than 1, associates across the nation, most of them concentrated around its manufacturing plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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You might already own a pot or pan made by Regal Ware, which has been producing high-quality stainless steel and cast-iron cookware from its Wisconsin manufacturing facilities for more than years. The company's products are sold under brand names such as Kitchen Fair, Lifetime, and Saladmaster. Fleabags are American-made canvas bags designed to withstand even the most productive trip to the flea market. William Harley and Arthur Davidson built their first motorcycle in Milwaukee in In the end, the boy returns home and reunites with the girl.

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