One Recipe: Broccoli and Rice Casserole

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Just be aware that brown rice requires a longer cooking time than the long grain white rice that I called for in the recipe, so be sure to give it plenty of time to bake. I hope this turns ou good for me. I usually make everything ahead and mix it all together then bake it. Trying it this way to see how it turns out. I use all the same ingredients, pre cooking the items, however I do not add any water making it this way. How did you like it? Im also concerned that I cannot pre shred the chicken.

Also, I would use thin-cut or small chicken breasts in order to cook them through in a reasonable amount of time. Large frozen chicken breasts will take a LONG time to bake. Can I use rotisserie chicken instead of uncooked chicken? Hoping to use up the rotisserie chicken! Do you think it would turn out ok?

One Pot Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

And would I need to adjust the cooking time or temperature? Yes, I think the Velveeta cubes would be a delicious addition! Just make sure that you give it all a good stir towards the end so that the melted cheese is evenly distributed throughout. This was absolutely delicious.

I doubled the recipe, used almost thawed chicken breast, and substituted cream of mushroom for the cream of chicken because that is what is what I had on hand. Thanks for letting us know! I agree — no such thing as too much cheese. Could I use skinless boneless chicken thighs instead? If so do you think the cooking time would be the same? Dice the chicken thighs into bite-sized pieces, just like the instructions suggest for the chicken breasts. I know you probably have no way of knowing this but all I have on hand is regular condensed chicken noodle soup.

Do you think it will work?? Maybe I should add something to thicken it up? I have no idea if it will work or not. It might be fine, though! The rice needs that liquid to absorb as it cooks. I was planning on getting this ready to go in the baking dish and then popping it in the refrigerator for my husband to put in the oven a few hours later. Do you think the rice would get too mushy in that time? I think it would be totally fine for just a few hours in the refrigerator. It will be fine! You need that extra water to cook the rice because the rice absorbs the water as it bakes in the oven.

Hi I only make my own cream of chicken soup from scratch can I use this in my meal if i do how much soup will I need do u know. Yes — fresh broccoli will work fine. As far as the soup goes, your homemade cream of chicken soup will be perfect.

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One can of soup is equal to about 1. Mine came out dry. Will use the 22 oz can of cream of chicken soup next time I cook this. I left this one in my oven for an hour and a half and the rice was still pretty hard. When I mixed everything together prior to cooking, no visible liquid was left, so I am wondering if perhaps at least 2 total cups of liquid is needed, which is the amount required on the bag of rice.

Unsure since the recipe seems to have worked for others.

Dump-and-Bake Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole - The Seasoned Mom

Carrots turned out the perfect texture too! Thank you for your easy idea. Thanks for letting me know. Yes, I think the jasmine rice should work well. It has about the same length of cooking time as long grain white rice, so that should be an equal substitute. This one was wonderful and so easy my 11 year old could make it… in fact he probably will next time! I have tons of dump-and-bake recipes like this, so feel free to search through the archives and put your year-old to work! Just finished making this and it was amazing!

Super delish and i was able to do other chores while it cooked! If you want even more dump-and-bake ideas, you can check out other similar recipes on the blog here: Basmati has about the same cooking time as long grain white rice, so you should be fine with that swap! Thank you so much for this super easy and delicious recipe!

I did half to bake it about 15 minutes longer due to the wild rice having a longer cook time. I also used fresh broccoli instead of frozen — so I added that in when there was about 25 minutes left to bake.

Easy Broccoli Rice Casserole Recipe

Your changes sound delicious, Chelsea! Thanks for sharing those details so that others can try it, too! So glad that you enjoyed the dinner. I was wondering if you could use a can of cream of cheddar instead of the cream of chicken? You may have to adjust the cooking time, though, because I imagine the orzo may cook faster than the rice. Just keep an eye on it! What about swapping the rice for quinoa? Would I have to adjust the amount or cooking time? I believe that it would work with quinoa as well, but I have not actually tried it. Quinoa usually cooks in about the same amount of time as white rice, but it might not be exact.

Can you e-mail me your a tual website? I made this recipe and added carrots for color onion and cauliflower. Great recipe but way more work than needed. I cut up the velveeta into chunks and placed them in my casserole dish. I put the casserole dis Even Mexican-style processed cheese for a little kick and fresh broccoli didn't redeem this bland, boring and uninspired dish.

Definitely not for the sophisticated palate, so it might just be a Anyone with half a brain can tell it's going to b I'm glad I didn't read the reviews before trying this dish!

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  8. My mom and husband are veteran broccoli rice casserole lovers and thought this dish was exactly like it should be. It is a bland dis If yours turned out mushy or runny, it is because 15 minutes is definitely not long enough to cook it. It is a typo and should read 45 minutes. The correct cook time is noted at the top Cook Despite several decidedly strident reviews and two rather horrific admissions of forcing the casserole down the throats of family members and threatening an 8 year old child, I still felt this r I prepared this recipe specifically because someone commented that it wasn't for the "sophisticated palate".

    Nice and easy, tastes better than you would think with the ingredient list and also healthy.

    How To Make Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

    I made this last night for dinner. It was quick, easy and super delicious. However, I used brown rice as it was all I had on hand and it failed to soak up the liquid for some reason. I had ton of liquid left. But the fact that my super picky 6 year old ate a very big helping was a definite win! Made this tonight and added a spritz of lemon at the end. Can i switch out the broccoli for mushrooms? If so, is there any volume changes for the liquids I need to make? Skip to primary navigation Skip to footer navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Subscribe to receive three free recipe ebooks Sign Up.

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    Broccoli Rice Casserole

    This is no longer funny. Made from scratch, this tastes like a risotto but is so much more straight forward to make! The sauciness will be affected by the strength of your stove but it's easy to adjust - if it's not saucy enough, add a tiny bit of water when you stir the cheese in. And this IS supposed to be a bit creamy - like risotto!