Relationship Momentum: The Secret to Making Ideas Move

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This book will introduce you to a selection of new concepts while providing a formula that can become the catalyst and the answer for helping your ideas and initiatives move. This book holds the findings of my quest for the transferable ability to identify, acquire and sustain the art and science of the key element for growth……Relationship Momentum. If you are interested in advancing a Product, Project or Purpose, the eventual success or failure of your initiative will hinge upon your level of or the ability to maximize Relationship Momentum.

What are momentum and impulse?

We will identify why relationships are a key element for advancing a Product, Project or Purpose. We will explore a formula for identifying, creating, and sustaining this new concept.

3 Secrets To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

We are in search for Relationship Momentum in its purest form. We will examine specific examples where my formula and elements will be tested and proven. In all cases, my team has discovered that this concept has nothing to do with natural ability but a few key components executed with diligence and a measure of urgency. I assure you this is not the case and you will see a clear progression for implementing the concepts introduced. I want to invite you to journey with me through what I strongly believe will be an epiphany as you embark on a voyage to achieve growth, advance your agenda and acquire the key component that will change your Product, Project or Purpose forever.

Access to the interactive Experience Quotient tool to identify your 12 greatest opportunities for improvement. Quotient Questions that promote in-depth reflection on each of the Non-Negotiables.

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Why some people advance in their careers with sustained movement while others seem to be swimming upstream. Why some deals reach the event and some fade off into the distance. The Secret to Making Ideas Move!

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