Vegetarian Cooking: Onion, Potato and Legume Soup (Vegetarian Cooking - Soups Book 44)

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Stir in some coriander reserve some later for decoration and blend in a high-powered blender until smooth. Serve with some fresh chopped coriander and a swirl of dairy-free yoghurt, if desired. Recipe Notes This makes quite a big batch so if you're just making it for yourself, half the ingredients! Leave a comment below and tag your social media posts with WallflowerKitchen. You may also like Have just found your lovely recipes my daughter is struggling as her son is allergic to soya wheat dairy bananas raw tomatoes and sesame seeds any ideas gratefully recived.

This looks like such a bowl of comfort! I'll have to make this for my family this fall! Looks wonderful and warming. Just wondered though if you don't want to use dairy or cashew milk, could a little coconut milk be used - tinned or fresh made? I love lentil soup, this sounds delicious. I must start to chop my chilies and freeze them as for garlic and onions, we always use them up - you should see how many onions we get through, it's crazy!

This is why I have to use frozen, I go through so many and the chopping is just so inconvenient for me! My freezer is half filled with chopped onions, garlic, chili and herbs: Damn, you are smart! Never thought of cutting onions and garlic and putting them in the freezer Plus, it's great to get all that sore-eyed fiasco out of the way in one go: I had a flatmate back in canada who always chopped onions wearing goggles.

I thought it was fantastic! Your soup sounds superb and perfect for these cold evenings. Thank you for sharing your lovely and gorgeously photographed recipe with Credit Crunch Munch! You know what, it's worth looking a little bit insane for a few minutes for the sting-free eyes That looks delicious, I'm always looking out for new soup recipes! Do you know, I had never thought of freezing the garlic before, I often leave it out because I don't have any in the house, what a brilliant idea! I'm a meat eater, but I love creamy vegan soups.

It just puts the highlight on the produce. I'm not a veggie either but I agree that certain recipes are great with the highlight on just the vegetables. I love the warming combination of flavours here and your soup looks super: Thanks for sharing this delicious lentil soup - there are few jars of dried green and brown lentils left by a previous tenant, and I bought a bag of dried curry powder at the Asian supermarket in BA.

I would love to try your wonderful soup, unfortunately the kitchen doesn't have a blender nor a food processor a pain in the arse when it comes to traveling for a month or so. Even still, it looks like a bowl of comfort and bliss - love it! I think the things you make are so impressive considering what little kitchen luxuries you have at the moment, I don't know what I'd do without my blender!

But I hope you get to try the soup when you get home, I've still got enough to last me for a week and I'm not sick of it yet: Yup, I usually freeze chopped onions, chiles and even scallions, because I can't finish them all for a dish. Here is a random fact: I cry more when I chop scallions than onions, I don't know why. Hmm I think it's the same for me too. But I refuse to chop them without goggles now! I do the same thing-whatever will get dinner sorted and on the table as quickly as possible is a necessity and not a cheat in my books C: Yes, I think so too.

Otherwise, sometimes I'd never bother to cook! Thank you so much for this recipe. Thanks so much for this recipe. I woke up this morning, saw the recipe, went to the grocery store and got the ingredients, followed the directions and now I have tasty, hearty lunches for the week. The chopping and prepping was easy and fun. Thanks again for all that you do.

1-Pot Vegan Lentil Soup | Minimalist Baker Recipes

This was really great! I used dried herbs because I did not have fresh and added a can of white cannellini beans at the end with kale bust because I had some left over open. Perfect with toasted rolls and simple salad. Made it, twas mild, delicious, and satisfying.

1-Pot Everyday Lentil Soup

How did you get your lentils to fully cook within minutes? Mine took 25 to become simply edible, and even then they were a tad crunchy could have gone an additional min to cook. Other than that I loved the soup and will make again. Cooking time can range from minutes. Glad you enjoyed it! One of the best recipes ever! Even my finicky 13 year old daughter who sighs every time I want to make lentils, loved it!

This came together so easily and is so comforting and yummy. I used red lentils, rainbow carrots, and multicolored small potatoes, which made the finished product colorful and beautiful. This will be a staple for me like so many other Minimalist Kitchen recipes! I made the soup yesterday, turned out really good. Added probably too many potatoes and the soup itself was very thick but I feel this will become a staple in my house. The recipe was very easy to follow and I appreciate that because I am hesitant towards making soups as they seem harder to me than other meals.

I suggest adding more spices like ginger to make the taste more intriguing. I shared this one with my wife, then she made a double batch while I was away and for me to come home to. I doubled the lentils and the broth to have more leftovers for lunches. I like spicy food, so I added harissa at the end, and it works well with the creaminess of the potatoes. I am so glad, My WF store cuts off the leaves. Plenty of celery leaves are a must for Thanksgiving stuffing.

I love, love, love all of your recipes. Thank you for all you do. Really easy and quick to make. I also used spinach in place of kale. This recipe blew my lentil soup away, this will be my new lentil soup staple. This soup is so good! We Used red lentils instead and but otherwise followed the recipe and it was so delish! Is there a time difference between soaked vs.

I made this for dinner tonight. It was great and I will make it again. It was so quick and easy! I just made this; it is delicious. My wife loves it as well. Made a double batch so I could freeze some. Thanks for sharing, and the pics are great which is what inspired me.

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I added a can of diced tomatoes since my vegetable broth was only from bouillon and I wanted it to be a little more flavorful. This was so good! I made this and used an immersion blender just to thicken it up a bit. My husband and I love this soup!! I did make some minor changes: Such a stable recipe! It has drastically shifted the way I eat found this around the same time that I had my own kitchen when I was an undergrad and added some spice to my vegetarian diet!

Thanks for reaching out! Many herbs can be simply frozen on the stem and stored in an airtight container. Left on the stem, hardier herbs like rosemary, dill, thyme, bay or sage can be spread in a single layer on a baking sheet or plate and placed in the freezer. Once the herbs are frozen, you can transfer into any airtight container for freezer storage without clumping. Many thanks for the tip re freezing fresh herbs! This soup is so simple and soooooooo good! Hearty, rich, and full of yummy veggies and flavors!

As usual Dana, your food kicks butt! By far my favorite food blog. The potatoes added a good starchiness that made the soup feel creamy. I made this for lunch today but tweaked it a bit. No kale, added green peas and corn. Glad I found you! I just like that added flavor. Otherwise, I did everything exactly as your recipe suggests. I serve each bowl with lemon and Tabasco. I just made this, and it was really, really good and satisfying.

I added more liquid because I like a soupier soup but otherwise followed the recipe. Made this for our vegan German exchange student. She ate 4 bowls! Easy, flavorful, substantial and healthy. Going back for round two this weekend! The fresh rosemary and thyme add amazing flavor and aroma — I usually make lentil soup with diced tomatoes and smoked paprika, so this is a nice change of pace.

Looking forward to enjoying this for lunch all week! Always looking for recipes that I can split up for my lunches for the week. I made this yesterday and just ate for lunch today — so delicious. I did have to add some water as it simmered and probably added half as much kale as specified, but other than that, perfect.

I rally do not think it is going to turn out like the picture but willing to give it a try. When I put the celery on my kitchen scale, I found I needed 2 stalks of my celery. Maybe she was using super tiny stalks? Anyway, I found the same thing with the carrots.


I have but one request in regards to the prep time you list. I find they are often quite unrealistic — for example, I think this dish would more realistically take at least mins to prep. If I were to be moving super fast, I may be able to take already prepped ingredients and combine them in five minutes. Thanks for sharing such delicious food with us! Thanks for reaching out. While everyone works at different speeds in the kitchen, I will definitely pass on your feedback and appreciate you taking the time to share it with us. The lentil soup recipe of my dreams.

I add a squeeze of lemon to the bowl before I eat it. I made this last night with sweet potatoes and spinach instead of regular potatoes and kale. My husband really liked it and my 4-year old who is a bit sick, so her appetite is lacking said she liked it, too. I will definitely make it again. This was the best lentil soup I have ever made!

Followed directions fairly closely except for the vegetable broth. I used 2 Organic vegan vegetable broth concentrate packets Sprouts and 2 Vegetable bouillon with herbs cubes Rapunzel. My whole family loved it. It was also very a very colorful dish which is always nice for the table. Thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe! I made corn bread to go with the soup and it was a perfect complement. It is rare for me to follow a soup recipe to a T and love it, as I find many lacking in flavor. So delicious and filling.

Just made this tonight! Hello, love your recipes and has really helped improve my health! Really any green should do.

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  • Spicy Root & Lentil Soup (Vegan + GF) - Wallflower Kitchen.
  • We hope you enjoy the recipe! Do you think I could stick an immersion blender in the soup for a minute or two? Made this tonight and it was great! Whole family loved it! I added mushrooms to the soup and it added a wonderful flavor to it! Will be making this again!! Question though, mine never ends up as soup. I follow the directions and always add more veggie broth to mine.

    Seems like the lentils soak up all the liquid. Any suggestions on how to keep it a soup!? Gonna try this tomorrow! What should I add to make this a meal that serves about 6? Trying to save money towards the end of the month and wanted to use ingredients I already had. The soup turned out delicious. I left out the greens, added 1 can of chickpeas and some frozen broad beans towards the end and chopped up some questionable grilled zucchini and threw that in when I served it.

    Made the garlic and herb flatbread to go with. Good comfort food for a chilly rainy spring day. What gives your soup the redness? I made the recipe and mine is just a light creamy brown colour…. I like a little spice so i put tobasco sauce on top of mine. I also just mixed in already cooked lentils from Trader Joes but had to use like 4 cups to make it a significant amount. I cannot wait to make this recipe again! Thanks for the tips shared on the blog. Another thing I would like to mention is that weight loss is not information about going on a dietary fad and trying to lose as much weight that you can in a couple of weeks.

    The most effective way to lose weight naturally is by having it bit by bit and obeying some basic points which can allow you to make the most through your attempt to shed weight. You may realize and already be following these tips, but reinforcing know-how never damages.

    The lentils took double the time to cook but I guess it was just that brand… anyways, amazing recipe! What is that cup full of red sauce pictured in the top photo? I cannot find it anywhere in the recipe, and my soup looks nothing like yours without it. I add tomato paste to the broth which gives it that bold red color.

    Thank you for such a delicious soup recipe.

    1-Pot Everyday Lentil Soup

    I have to admit that I was worried that it was going to be bland, as I usually make lentil soups with lots of spices, lemon etc. However, after reading all the positive reviews, I decided not to add additional flavours or seasoning to the recipe and see how it turned out. I found I needed 8 cups of stock for the amount of vegies. The soup cooked in 30 mins and I then added in about 2 cups of finely shredded Tuscan kale and simmered for another 3 mins. I had some leftover cooked chicken I wanted to use up, so I diced this up and put in the soup bowls and ladled the soup over the chicken and stirred it in.

    The soup is flavoursome and nourishing; the fresh rosemary and thyme adds a lovely fresh, herby flavour, without being overpowering. We have enough left over for dinner tomorrow as well. It was a filling meal for the two of us with the addition of the chicken. Without the chicken we will probably have a small breadroll each with the remainder tomorrow night. Perfect for a cool winter evening. So simple and delicious! I subbed out the potatoes for butternut squash I had hanging out in my fridge, and it made it quite sweet and lovely.

    Wholesome and flavorful; the ultimate comfort food! When my husband heard I was making soup he started wondering aloud what else he could eat… until he tried this soup and went back for seconds! I served it with a crusty loaf of bread, such a great combo. Will definitely make again! Hi, I just made this soup tonight and I was wondering why in your photos it looks very red and mine looks more gray in colour? Did you use brown lentils or green? And did you add any tomato or red spices? We used brown lentils and we add tomato paste to the broth which gives it that bold red color.

    I am a plant based nutritionist and absolutely loved it! Lentils are so high in protein, iron and vitamin K, they are literally a staple in a healthy lifestyle! The potatoes really made this dish and it is now in my book of favorite recipes! This recipe looks absolutely amazing!! How long will the leftovers keep for?

    Leftovers will keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or in the freezer up to 1 month. Reheat on the stovetop and add more vegetable broth to rehydrate as needed. Get well soon, Francesca! The sprigs of fresh herbs gave the soup so much flavor. I had a sweet potato so added some of that to the white potato, to equal 3 cups — tasted great. The lentils took quite a bit longer to get tender: Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly, and this soup is the bomb.

    A great fall soup that would be perfect for the holidays too! This was super easy to make. This will definitely become part of our regular rotation of meals. How can we get more of your recipes onto the Wholesome App? Love the fact that many of your recipes are on the app, making it possible to keep track of this!

    I used coconut oil, used green beans instead of celery, and added some parsley in addition to the suggested herbs at the end. I may have overdone it on veggies, because I also had to double the liquid to get everything submerged. Looking forward to the leftovers! I made it in my slowcooker!

    How to Make Lentil Soup - Soup Recipe -

    We ate it with rice this time. This is also a great recipe for lunch or after a long walk on a cold day in winter. I made this soup last night. One thing I found was that as the soup simmered, I had to add about more cups of liquid, which is much more than I expected. Easy, healthy, and tasty! Anyone sub cauliflower or maybe even rutabaga instead of potatoes?

    Im trying for a lesser carb loaded version. It needs to be paired with a carb to be complete. You could try sweet potato. I made this today. I found it was a good soup base. I ended up adding Paprika, Tomato paste and Chipotle pepper for a more well rounded flavour.