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But she never can. As she approaches her twenty-seventh birthday, she determines once again to reinvent her circumstances, to start anew. Joseph Williams, police lieutenant in Abingdon, Virginia, has always tried to do what is right, to perform his duty and protect those he loves. He is suspicious of the new woman in town and, checking further, discovers she is a person with seemingly no history.

Then he finds a baby picture of his niece in her possession…. A Prairie Christmas Collection: Experience Christmas on the historical American Great Plains as retold by nine different multi-published authors, including Tracie Peterson and Deborah Raney. Follow pioneers, immigrants, and orphans through their adventures, heartaches, challenges, victories, and romances. You are sure to find more than one favorite among the nine holiday romances in this unique collection to warm your heart and inspire your faith. A Bug Man Novel. All roads lead to the White House for John Henry Braden, the charismatic senator from Virginia aristocracy whose beautiful wife Victoria is the talk of Washington and the crown jewel of Endor, her backwoods Virginia hometown.

To help with the investigation, Polchak follows local legend to Alena Savard, a mysterious woman known for her ability to turn mongrels into the best search dogs around. They soon find themselves on the trail of a desperate individual bent on protecting a terrible secret.

Lara Talbot sees Gabe as a derelict like her husband and wants nothing to do with him. But as she struggles to provide for her family and makes plans to claim property in the upcoming Oklahoma land rush, she wonders if God might have sent the meddling gambler to help. An Arrangement of Sorts. Nathaniel Hammond, Earl of Beverton, is working to restore his new estate and aid his tenants.

Curious and unable to resist, Nathan accepts her offer, keeping his true identity a secret, never dreaming of what the future held for him. Moira is set on finding Charles now that she has come into her inheritance. With her new-found wealth and independence, she is determined to locate her betrothed so they may finally marry. With Nathan as her guide, she feels confident in the path before her. But when their arrangement forces them closer together, she finds her chosen path may not be as clear as she thought.

Creating A Fit Life: Do you want to create your best work? Whether that be writing a book or making some of the best art out there? If you are a creative woman, you will enjoy this book filled with girl chat on becoming a fit creative who will change the world with her art. You will be a happier and healthier woman. By following this journey you will be able to create beautiful art, while showing the best you, inspiring others to be better by being better. Make the choice now, that you want to become a better and healthier version of yourself so you can live a longer happier life.

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The story and life lessons you are about to read will make you laugh and at other times cry, but they will walk you through the steps you need to take to love your own fit creative journey called life. Want to be a fit creative? Chadash Chronicles Book One. What was to be a simple job for the unlikely team of a teenage thief, a holy warrior, a barbarian prince, a priest and an outcast necromancer soon transforms into a much greater adventure.

These mismatched heroes find themselves caught up in a struggle threatening three decades of peace. The fate of nations is inseparably intertwined with the fate of this motley band of adventurers. Yet even greater forces are afoot as unbeknownst to the heroes they are pawns in a celestial struggle between two factions of angels on a new world the One Lord has created at the end of the universe. All around us, the awesomeness of God proclaims itself. In this fun and warm-hearted piece, a boy and a girl acknowledge the presence of God in His amazing creations.

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Thanksgiving Cookbook Classic Cookbooklets. Get a taste of Gooseberry Patch in this collection of over 20 favorite Thanksgiving recipes! Does God really speak today? Will He speak personally to me? If I listen, will I understand what He says? For those desiring to hear God, this book will show how anyone can both listen and speak to God. To grow in our relationship with God, we must draw near to Him, trusting that He wants to speak to us personally.

An Amish Christmas

In this hands-on guide, Jim Goll clearly lays out biblical principles for listening to God with real-life illustrations that will inspire and excite readers to listen more closely with expectant hearts. For beginners and those who have been listening to God for years. The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God: Jep Robertson, the youngest son of Duck Commander Phil Robertson, and his wife, Jessica, open up about their personal trials, their early years together, and the challenges that might have destroyed them both had the grace of God not intervened.

Jep describes being molested as a child and his reluctance to tell anyone until only a few years ago, his downward spiral into drug and alcohol abuse, and the eventual intervention of his family. Jessica shares about the difficult failure of her first marriage while still a teenager and the hurt that came along with it, much of it from the church. Her insecurities spun out of control as she wondered whether she would ever be good enough or pretty enough.

This book is their love story but, more importantly, their love story for God. You can be washed clean. Share Jesus Without Fear Journal: The Share Jesus without Fear Journal is a different kind of journal. It is a living book-a companion you will constantly be referencing and returning to time and again. Based on the popular Share Jesus without Fear book and Bible, this journal will help you overcome the reasons we all are inconsistent about sharing Christ with others. Using this journal will make you prepared for any and every encounter and opportunity.

Journalers will learn how to conquer their fears, how to build relationships with unbelievers, and how to help new believers grow in their faith. Greta kicked at the dead plants and reeled at the warring emotions roiling inside her. Dread that she and Grandpapa would starve and relief that now, she had no choice but to go to Chase Logan. Chase Logan had sent Greta the money to come to Texas.

He needed a good woman. His hands shook as he read the letter. No longer would he and his two brothers have to eat beans every meal. He needed a woman. Chosen The Lost Books Book 1. Thomas Hunter, supreme commander of the Forest Guard, has seen a great evil decimate much of his beautiful world. With a dwindling army and an epic threat, Thomas is forced to supplement his fighters with new recruits ages 16 and From thousands, four will be chosen to lead a special mission. Unknown to Thomas, the chosen four are redirected to a different endgame. They must find the seven lost Books of History before the Dark One.

For these seven books have immense power over the past, present, and future, controlling not only the destiny of their world. Amant and her three-year-old son. Now Tessa and Charles must work together in order to protect their client, while new truths emerge and circumstances spiral to a deadly fever pitch. The scars from her past left her feeling like it would be impossible to ever love someone.

It was a part of her life she had come to accept.

Years ago, she said she always wanted to marry a baseball player one of the San Francisco Giants to be exact. Now, that was nothing more than a distant dream—something she knew could never become a reality. Could he be the one to heal her wounds and make her dreams come true? When her father orchestrates a surprise trip to the summer house of her childhood, Bailee Cooper is unprepared for what follows.

What is intended to be a happy reunion for Bailee and her sisters quickly becomes shrouded by memories from the past. Together again, the three sisters sift through their recollections of fifteen years ago…of an ill mother, and of their father making a desperate choice. One sister believes their silence must end and the truth be revealed.

But they soon come to wonder if they can trust their memories. Mark Delahunt arrives in the wake of this emotional turmoil. Caught between the past and an uncertain future, can Bailee let God guide her to healing…or will she risk losing the chance to embrace love? Having few liberties in her daily life, she craves excitement. Now, having two boys pining for her, her life is about to change.

Faced with some of the most important decisions of her life, will she finally get the excitement she wants? Or will she choose a life she has always known? Cannon James has a plan: Ellie McAllister has her own problems. She needs money, and she needs it now. But is it too late for them? Apart from the sustaining presence of God, the pressures of ministry are more than any man or woman can bear. If your heart is free and your ministry is going well, you will receive strong protection for the days ahead.

Bill Mills is the founder of Leadership Resources International, a mission agency committed to launching pastoral training movements worldwide.

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Bill also serves as a staff pastor in his home church. Craig Parro is the President of Leadership Resources. Craig directed our international training ministry for 20 years. He is a stimulating teacher and has equipped and encouraged pastors and churches throughout the world. Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness: Being Christian in a Non-Christian World. How can the church be a healing force in the world? In this longtime bestseller, now revised and updated, authors Jerry Cook and Stanley C.

Baldwin suggest that it is only when believers admit their own brokenness that they can love, accept, and forgive those who are hurting around them and put out the welcome mat to their community. They offer clear teaching about the church in a hurting world. As veteran leaders who practice these principles, they speak from experience, not theory.

Through touching true stories and practical guidelines for connecting with fallen, sinful people, Cook and Baldwin announce the good news. The church is not broken, and it is the broken people who can change the world. Where to begin and how to continue. Homeschooling will help potential and current homeschooling parents caught between a proverbial rock the expectations of the world when it comes to education and a hard place honoring God through the raising and teaching of their children.

Veteran homeschool couple Mark and Christine Field write from experience about why homeschooling is best for children and how to make the process a complete success at every step. Chapters include discussions on the uniqueness of each child, practical advice on teaching children of different ages at the same time, the centrality of the Bible in the education process, and approaches to teaching various subjects, and much more. God is infinite, beyond our understanding—yet He chooses to reveal Himself in ways that spark questions rather than settling them all.

Instead of making Himself smaller, God invites us into a larger faith. One that has room for questions, victories, failures, and mystery. Faith, Family, and Finding an Exceptional Life. When it comes to life, we want to get it right. As the only son of child and family psychologist Dr. As a teenager, Ryan was curious about that too: In Wanting to Believe, Ryan discloses the key messages imparted to him by his folks, sensible parents wanting to pass down truth to a stubborn son, covering topics like faith, finances, responsibility, identity, marriage, parenting, and the power of our words.

In The Little Handbook to Perfecting the Art of Christian Writing, two publishing industry veterans have much to share beyond choosing subject matter, improving grammar, and strengthening sentence structure. Key topics include building relationships with agents and editors, keeping up with industry trends, developing a strong book proposal, the growth of electronic publishing, and more.

Jake Denney has hit rock bottom. His wife has left him. And his five-year-old daughter is in the middle of it all. Her son, Howie, has been accused of murdering his wife. Jake takes the seemingly hopeless case in a last-ditch effort to save his client and his fading career. With the evidence mounting against his client, and a web of corruption closing around them both, Jake Denney faces the fight of his life—not only in the courtroom, but in the depths of his own soul.

James Scott Bell has done it again with Blind Justice. And now, the killer is after the child—and the devoted uncle raising him, Dr. First, though, they must catch a killer who never wants little Alex to speak again. A Romantic Suspense Novel. A chance encounter leads to a chilling deception where nothing is as it seems …. When Chancy and her teenage son, Travis, have an argument, Travis storms out of the house and ends up in the wrong part of town where he is attacked by a group of thugs.

When a homeless man comes to his rescue, he invites the man home to have a meal with his mom and little sister. Nevertheless, their lives become intertwined, and Chancy is soon thrown into nightmarish events caused by a chilling deception where nothing is as it seems, bringing a terrifying aftermath that threatens not only her but the lives of her children.

Its quirky characters and their many shenanigans will make you laugh out loud as they touch a place in your heart. Even though retirement is still three years away, Al Richardson is counting the days. He anticipates many enjoyable years in which every day feels like Saturday. And sides are being taken in the issue of the water tower, which needs a new coat of paint…but no one can agree who should paint it.

The situation is coming to a head. Who could have imagined a town protest over a water tower? And who would believe it could culminate in an illegal parade? The Boy Next Door: A collection of five contemporary romance novellas for one low price—check out these new titles from some of your favorite inspirational romance authors:. Now she has to go home and face her high school crush, the boy next door. Brice wants Alice in his life, no matter what it takes. Her former best friend Garrett has changed his life, but how can Brynn ever trust the man who once abandoned her? A Seaside Romance by Gayle Roper When Kelli accepts a package delivered to the wrong address, she gets a lot more than misdirected mail.

But the boy next door has her thinking the impossible. Maybe for the first time ever…she should stay.

Bethany is as quirky as its residents…and just what she needs. Especially as she begins to fall for the boy next door…. Rose Kauffman is engaged to Silas Good, a well-liked Amish fellow, so why does she still pine for Nick Franco, the former foster son of the bishop?

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Will Rose marry Silas, even while struggling with romantic feelings for Nick? Hen and her modern husband, Brandon, are separated by mutual agreement, although he is threatening to sue for custody of their daughter if Hen does not return soon. Is there any way Hen can reestablish her place among the People without sacrificing her marriage? Will she allow Luke to love and support her or will she push him away? After not contacting Chelsea Tan for weeks, Cannon Jones steps into her coffee shop and asks to spend time with her.

The problem is, her heart keeps growing warmer with each mocha he buys. Christmas is a time of family and tradition, but Joe Westcott has determined to stay alone and single. Madeline Viscolli comes into his life and causes him to start reevaluating what he considers important. A Christmas Eve funeral brings everything to a crest and Joe and Madeline are forced to make a choice that will affect their entire future. Over the years, Rose Collingsworth has watched her aunts and uncles fall in love and marry, but now she wants that for herself. Shelby Hughes finds a bag containing five beautiful hand-painted Christmas bells on the cream and sugar table of her coffee shop.

No one comes back to claim it, so she decides to do a little detective work. Does she dare hope that it will lead her to the stranger with the magnetic green eyes? She takes refuge from a sudden winter storm in his barn. He wants her gone. Samantha Dean tries to avoid Vince Roberts as much as possible. When he volunteers them to plan the faculty Christmas party — and help out a newly widowed friend — she finds herself spending all her free time with him…whether she wants to or not.

Substitute Santa Niklas Toivonen wants to help Sarah write her own happily-ever-after. This novel, connected to the Circle of Friends Ministry, will challenge your faith as you witness the redemption and restoration that is only possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The margrave owns the finest hunting grounds for miles around—and who teaches children to read, but by night this young beauty has become the secret lifeline to the poorest of the poor. Jorgen inherited his post from the man who raised him. When Jorgen and Odette meet at the Midsummer festival and share a connection during a dance, neither has any idea that they are already adversaries.

The one man she wants is bound by duty to capture her; the one woman he loves is his cunning target. What becomes of a forester who protects a notorious poacher? What becomes of a poacher when she is finally discovered? When their car dies in Banister Falls, Wisconsin, Gin promises Raine they can stay until she finishes her senior year of high school.

Gin will do anything to make sure her daughter has a bright future. Dan Moretti has only ever called Banister Falls home. With Cody being the epitome of the good kid, it was an easy job. Until he says four little words: As Gin and Dan do the best they can to guide the two teenagers through their early entry into adulthood, they discover together that romance can bloom in the rockiest of situations.

And God can turn the pieces of a broken past into a beautiful new beginning. Freezer Meals Box Set: Discover 4 Freezer Meal Books in 1!! In this book you will have the opportunity to select from different recipes. In the constant frenzy of activity that we are faced with day in and day out, people are finding less and less time to prepare and cook healthy meals for their families.

While the intention is there, the reality is that most families find themselves strapped for time, and ultimately wind up making unhealthy meal choices because they are in a bind. However, there is a solution to this growing incidence of families that have too little time to cook and prepare good meals. Throughout this box set, you will become familiar with the concept of freezer meals, a newer technique that many people have flocked to and started to incorporate into their daily routines.

This unique method of cooking will no doubt be a life-changer for you and your family; you will see your stress levels go down, your grocery bills decrease since you are buying food in bulk, and the amount of time you spend with your family increase. You can choose from recipes in this book, and imagine what a change you will see in your family meal dynamic!! Have you embarked on a low carb lifestyle either for weight loss or to bring your body to a general healthier state of being?

Regardless if you are new to this dietary lifestyle, or have been practicing it for years, chances are that at one point or another you have felt like something was missing. Many people think that going low carb means going without certain things, such as baked goods and favorite desserts. This is absolutely not true. While taking advantage of fresh, whole ingredients and the many flour and sugar alternatives available today, there is a way to create just about any dessert that you may crave. In addition to her adult Amish fiction , she also writes for middle-grade readers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Brunstetter Christian fiction Author - Christianbook. Retrieved 18 May Sunday, October 2nd ". The New York Times. Sunday, April 29th ". Retrieved 15 May Double Trouble 1 ". Brunstetter's Amish Friends Cookbook: Retrieved 15 May — via HighBeam Research. Brunstetter" Family Fiction 6 May