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But there is far too little of it in this story and, save for Chief Creely and Richard Rosenberg, there is not enough colour or depth to the characters.

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Not a whole lot happens in the first pages — which also has some asides about bad teeth and buying sanitary towels which try to be humor I struggled with Client. Not a whole lot happens in the first pages — which also has some asides about bad teeth and buying sanitary towels which try to be humorous but fall flat. In the latter half of the book the plot unfolds in a very straightforward way when it could have benefited from some twists and turns.

Overall, a passable read that needed more dialogue and plot. Our bumbling PI returns with his first proper non-friends-and-family client: So Stanley gets to work, eventually following her to a motel, where she has a strange visitor, and you can presumably see where this is going by now promptly ends up dead. And then, of course, the murder weapon turns up in Stanley's car. There are a few great moments, but for a series that mostly only works by flowing so smoothly, the story gets bogg Our bumbling PI returns with his first proper non-friends-and-family client: Jan 31, GlenK rated it it was amazing Shelves: In this one, Hastings has moved into private detecting as a side line and has - with no effort at all - gotten himself a client.

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This client behaves oddly and is very demanding and - as Hastings soon discovers - is up to no good. Another highly entertaining read! I'm looking forward to the next in the series. Mar 18, janjones rated it it was ok. I liked it, had interesting twist.

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Character is always getting to trouble, it's how he gets out of it that keeps you going. Jun 24, Janet added it. Feb 29, Ron Judenberg marked it as to-read Shelves: Yvette rated it really liked it Aug 09, Robert James rated it liked it Jul 20, Mike Mangan rated it really liked it Nov 15, Vic rated it it was ok Feb 04, John rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Christian rated it liked it May 17, Janice rated it liked it Jan 26, Mark rated it it was amazing Apr 17, Mark rated it really liked it May 31, Steve Squier rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Amanda Carr rated it it was ok Aug 29, Steve rated it liked it Aug 22, Sally rated it really liked it Feb 13, Erich rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Lionel rated it liked it Jan 28, Judith Schneider rated it it was amazing Jun 16, Diane MacMartin rated it really liked it Jul 30, Hannah rated it liked it Feb 05, It's a lose-lose situation when Steve Winslow is assigned a court-appointed case defending a caretaker accused of killing his employer.

Not only is Steve not getting paid, but if he doesn't get his client off, he'll be st A Stanley Hastings short story, originally published in Canine Christmas: When Santa leaves a dead body under the tree at the Vermont country inn where Stanley and Alice are staying, the local police are stumped. Can Stanley solve the crime, or will Stanley Hastings finally felt like a real PI, staking out a New Jersey motel to get evidence on a woman's cheating husband.

Stanley Hastings

It should have been a piece of cake. Only the husband wasn't cheating, someone killed him, and the cops are trying to pin the The Puzzle Lady embarks on another adventure involving one classic movie and featuring new puzzles by Will Shortz When an elderly boarder at a Bakerhaven bed-and-breakfast drops dead during afternoon tea, there's nothing particularly suspicious a When young attorney Becky Baldwin hires Cora Felton to make a blackmail payment drop, it couldn't go worse: Becky won't tell her who the client is, but the most likely suspect is A Steve Winslow Mystery - 6.

A Steve Winslow Mystery - 4. A Steve Winslow Mystery - 5. When a revolver once owned by wild west outlaw Pistol Pete Robbins is stolen and a replica left in its place, wealthy gun collector Russ Timberlaine is afraid someone will commit a murder with it in order to frame him for the crime. A Steve Winslow Mystery - 2. What young attorney wouldnt be delighted to get a 10, cash retainer in the mail? Steve Winslow might have been if he knew who sent it.

As it is, it gets him arrested for murder, grilled by the cops, and hauled before the grand jury. Sexy young Sheila Benton loses a multi-million dollar trust if she's involved in any scandal, so it probably would have been wiser not to do drugs, run around with a married man, and find a dead blackmailer on her kitchen floor.

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A Steve Winslow Mystery - 3. When a homeless mans greedy relatives get him committed, Steve has to prove a multimillionaire who sold his mansion and went to live in the subway is sane. Then he has to prove who killed him. The Puzzle Lady just can't stay out of trouble. When the late Chester T. Quicker than you can say legal proceedings, Cora's The latest in the beloved Stanley Hastings series--the unlikeliest private eye in New York City, who doesn't even carry a gun.

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After getting hired by a hitman and nearly getting shot, the put-upon PI needed some fun, so when An all-new mystery anthology edited and featuring a new story by 1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris Nighttime is the perfect time for the perfect crime. Cora Felton's peaceful Connecticut town is in an uproar.

The "Puzzle Lady's" biggest rival has come all the way from Japan to challenge her in puzzle-to-puzzle combat. And when a local resident is found dead, the ba Sherry is off on her honeymoon when Chief Harper comes to Cora Felton, asking her to solve a crossword puzzle found on the body of Old Man Overmeyer.

Cora is the Milli Vanilli of cruciverbalists. Her niece, Sherry, writes the crossword Cora Felton, the Puzzle Lady who actually couldn't solve a crossword puzzle to save her life , is surprisingly good at sudoku, so it's no problem when a Japanese publisher asks her to write a sudoku book. But when two Japanese publishers show up in Private Eye Stanley Hastings doesn't want for idiosyncrasies, as fans of this long-running "unconventional" and "very funny" The New York Times mystery series know.

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For instance, he doesn't carry a gun. So he seems a particularly improbable choice, A Puzzle Lady Mystery - 8. When Benny Southstreet, a small-time hustler with a big-time gift for constructing crosswords, accuses Cora of stealing one of his creations, it's clearly a case of mistaken identity A Puzzle Lady Mystery - 7. Cora Felton may look like everyone's favorite grandmother.

But when Bakerhaven's beloved Puzzle Lady grudgingly hits the road as part of a television promotion for new and improved Corn Toasties, everyone's got a surprise in store--including a derang Behind the velvet ropes and closed curtains, buried in the back lots, you'll find the darker side of the spotlight. It's where stars are created overnight, and burn out just cis quickly.

Where deals are made to be broken, A Puzzle Lady Mystery - 6. Cora Felton, the eccentric Puzzle Lady, is up to her old tricks again.

Client (Stanley Hastings #5) by Parnell Hall

Along with her brainy niece Sherry, the unlikely crime-solving duo match wits with a killer hiding behind an Lately, the biggest mystery is how many candles to put on the cake There's murder on the menu Sixteen short stories Side Dishes: Sixteen all -- new recipes and author interviews Sink your teeth into these delicacies from today's masters of A Puzzle Lady Mystery - 5. Crime, cryptograms, and killer conundrums abound for the Puzzle Lady in the fourth installment of the series USA Today raves is "a fun series for mystery fans and cruciverbalists! Having survived a murderously uncomfortable New England holiday in the much-praised Cozy, private eye Stanley Hastings returns to more familiar New York urban turf with his twisted logic and droll style effectually intact.

With Joe Balfour -- a clien A Puzzle Lady Mystery - 4.

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When someone steals the partridge from the pear tree and replaces it with a crypti A Puzzle Lady Mystery - 3. Miss Cora Felton, the eccentric amateur detective better known as the Puzzle Lady, likes nothing better than to solve a good mystery -- and this time she's got a killer on her hands. What isn't puzzling is why critics agree that "Cora is emerging as Their cheerless room with its paper-thin walls, no TV, and a blue cartoon frog on th A Puzzle Lady Mystery - 2. It's no mystery why readers love the Puzzle Lady, Miss Cora Felton, the eccentric amateur detective who keeps everyone guessing as she keeps herself in the thick of trouble.

Find out why critics agree that "Cora is emerging as a lovable and unique sl