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Kristen Bell is so good in this, but the supporting players are every bit as good. I especially like Maribel Monroe and hope to see her get more screen time.

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Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. The Good Place —. Season 2 Episode 2. Michael continues working out the kinks in his plan and Eleanor discovers a secret. Wait, Is Mary Poppins a Witch? Share this Rating Title: Dance Dance Resolution 20 Sep 8. Use the HTML below.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Eleanor Shellstrop William Jackson Harper Chidi Anagonye Jameela Jamil Jason Mendoza Ted Danson Chris Baker Maribeth Monroe Edit Storyline Michael reboots and reboots and reboots the experiment, each time tweaking it to learn about what went wrong the previous times, and Eleanor always seems to find out that they are in the bad place. Edit Did You Know?

Trivia This episode attracted 5. As far as I'm concerned, he writes novels specifically for me to read them. It would probably save us both a lot of time and trouble if he'd skip the publishing process and just slip his finished manuscripts under my door. So I'm biased, you could say. If you dig it you'll dig it, if not you won't.

Just make sure you've read his "Trilogy of the Rat" before reading this. Or at th I can't really justify my love of Murakami. I realize the first two in the trilogy are near-impossible to find unless you know someone in Japan or have a lot of money to throw around , but it makes all the difference in the world. View all 21 comments.

View all 15 comments. First published in , it was translated into English by Alfred Birnbaum in In , Murakami said that writing Dance Dance Dance had been a healing act after his unexpected fame following the publication of Norwegian Wood and that, because of this, he had enjoyed writing Dance more than any other. The novel follows the surreal misadventures of an unnamed protagonist who makes a living as a commercial writer. The protagonist is compelled to return to the Dolphin Hotel, a seedy establishment where he once stayed with a woman he loved, despite the fact he never even knew her real name.

She has since disappeared without a trace, the Dolphin Hotel has been purchased by a large corporation and converted into a slick, fashionable, western-style hotel. View all 6 comments. Nel corso della ricerca torna sul luogo del loro ultimo incontro, il Dolphin Hotel di Sapporo. Un luogo di abissale solitudine. Leggendo queste pagine, ho la sensazione di vedere un vecchio film di Wim Wenders, uno di quelli degli anni Settanta, dove spazio geografico e spazio mentale coincidono. A un tratto, per qualche ragione, si creano degli strani collegamenti tra le cose E sembra di entrare in un film di David Lynch.

E secondo me, potrei anche essere dentro uno dei primi libri di Paul Auster La Trilogia di New York, o La musica del caso , dal meraviglioso titolo, e non solo quello. Invece sto leggendo Murakami, che finora non mi ha deluso. View all 17 comments. Jul 04, Cecily rated it really liked it Shelves: I have finally read a Murakami. I picked this up on a market stall and didn't realise it was part of a series until I listed it on GR and saw "The Rat, 4", but it works as a standalone story, albeit an intriguingly odd one. In conjures exciting unease and bafflement. It is a book of paradoxes and uncertainty, leaving me satisfied with being left, in some ways, unsatisfied.

What sort of story? Genre labels can be useful, but can also be an irrelevant distraction. However, with this book, I found I have finally read a Murakami.

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However, with this book, I found myself repeatedly wondering what type of story it was. By the end, I was still unsure, but glad of the tension caused by doubt. At various times, this was magical-realism, murder mystery, sci-fi, political thriller, romance not too much, thankfully! It might have been easier to consider what it was not. Quirk of the '80s It's a strange time to read a book like this: However, that was just before Google, laptops, mobile phones etc, which means the protagonists do not have the opportunities one now takes for granted.

Set it now, and the plot would need tweaking, but in 50 years, it will be historical enough for no one to notice. Reading it now, gave it an intriguing edge that added to the general sense of shifting reality.

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Connectedness and un reality Connectedness is the clearest theme of the book and one that links it to David Mitchell, a known fan of Murakami, especially Ghostwritten and Cloud Atlas. There is perhaps unintended or prescient? Ambiguity about what is real is the other thread: What is real, and what is not? As things get really weird, the narrator asks, "was the sickness in here or out there?

You know, cultural snow. It was a strange place: Its corners caked with unfulfilled dreams. In its place, he finds the swish new Hotel Dauphin. Dabbling in his past brings him into contact with Gotunda, a high school class mate, who is now a successful but unfulfilled, divorced and working to pay debts and alimony actor.

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  • They become close friends, which they hadn't been at school. Other key characters are Yumiyoshi, a pretty hotel receptionist, and Yuki, a bright thirteen year old rich drop-out, largely ignored by her divorced parents. Characters, plot lines and reality twist and tangle, aided by dream-like visions, a portal to another dimension of reality, and a character with mild psychic abilities. The title relates to an instruction given to the narrator quite early and that seems as if it will be the key to everything, or at least something, but nothing really comes of it more details in spoiler.

    All the way through, and especially towards the end, the narrator is musing on fate and destiny, and looking for meaning in all this - as is the reader. It never really comes, but I think that's rather the point. Had Murakami tied it all together with some ghastly homily, I think it would have ruined the book. After all, a recurring line is " What was that all about? He resisted selling up, and only gave in on condition the new hotel retained the name. He tells the narrator "Thisisyourplace.

    Thisisyourworld" and that he Sheep Man works hard "Tokeepthings - fromfalllingapart. He also discovers that Kiki had a bit part in a film of Gotunda's "Unrequited Love", that the narrator watches obsessively because Gotunda was a client and Kiki was one of the call girls at a secretive and very high-end agency. Through Yumi, the narrator gets to know Yuki, whose flighty photographer mother had left behind at the hotel to travel abroad!

    Dance Dance Dance (The Rat, #4) by Haruki Murakami

    He took back to her home in Tokyo and keeps a mostly paternal eye on her. Their relationship ought to be creepy, especially when he comments how pretty she is, but it's actually rather sweet and innocent. Even her parents think so, as they each separately get him to take more charge of her.

    Yuki has also seen Sheep Man, though by some sort of mental connection to the narrator, rather than going through the portal. Gotunda calls the agency to get a couple of girls for him and the narrator. The latter has Mei, who he quizzes about the missing Kiki, but she knows nothing useful.

    A few days later, he is arrested for her murder and interrogated in a most unorthodox way, slightly reminiscent of Kafka's The Trial, which he had been reading the night before. He denies ever having met her, not wanting to tarnish Gotunda's reputation. In one dip to the other world, Kiki shows the narrator a room with six skeletons, one of which has a single arm. Later, when a one-armed man he knows dies, he realises they represent people close to him who have died, and fears for the lives of Gotunda, Yuki and Yumi. Another death seems to confirm his theory, though we never know who the sixth is maybe the narrator himself.

    While in Hawaii, another prostitute turns up June , sent from the same agency, but by Makimura. However, when Gotunda later enquires about her, he's told she'd disappeared three months earlier. Yuki gets spookily sick when they borrow Gotunda's Maserati, and when she sees him and Kiki in the film, is so unwell, she has to leave the cinema. Later, when the narrator asks Gotunda if he killed Kiki or Mei, Gotunda is unsure about Kiki he's not certain which reality it might have been in , but says he did kill Mei because she asked him to - yet the narrator overlooks this and plans a trip together!

    More visions, more possible deaths, more crossings over and shadows, finally get round to visiting Yumi again, and reality more blurred than ever. Something you want to photograph, not live in. She consumed those around her to sustain herself Her talent was manifested in a powerful gravitational pull. They were like some great whirlpool of fate sucking me in. View all 18 comments. I really did enjoy it, but found a number of flaws that lessened my opinion of the work. It appears to be a sequel to the novel A Wild-Sheep Chase , which I have read, but the story lines overlap almost imperceptibly, meaning no, you do not have to read one in order to read the other.

    Dance Dance Dance has an almost nonexistent plot line. The main character is a middle-aged divorcee at a dead end job who is so maddenin As one of Haruki Murakami's earlier novels, Dance Dance Dance is quite a feat. The main character is a middle-aged divorcee at a dead end job who is so maddeningly and predictably similar to so many other Murakami main characters.

    He appears to be almost completely helpless throughout much of the novel, with no recollections of his past. Except for a few strange women, one of whom is naturally a prostitute who has been missing for almost a decade. I am getting sick of this crap. He is surrounded by women of various ages and has all of these conflicting feelings for all of them.

    Her name is Yuki. She is a damaged young girl who is not significantly cared for by either of her rich, famous parents, and is often alone in her big, fancy apartment. She is also psychic. Anyway, Yuki is one of the only great parts of this novel, and I read it for her. View all 9 comments. Aug 28, Michael Finocchiaro rated it liked it Shelves: This was either my 2nd or 3rd Murakami book and it did make me feel like jumping up and dancing sometimes.

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    It is a wonderful story full of action and crazy characters and Murakami's absurdist sense of humour and attention to detail. A pure reading delight! View all 4 comments. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting. There are references to trends and capitalism and consumerism and the vacuous concept of celebrity status and also the usual Murakami themes of alienation and the sudden discovery of a human connection.

    Also, there are references of mortality and the downsides of the "celebrity" image. Dance Dance Dance has our anonymous narrator, suffering from existential dread, going back to some of the thematic venues of A Wild Sheep Chase in search of a past connection. He receives cryptic instructions from the enigmatic Sheep Man and goes on to strike up a friendship with a teenager who suffers similar emotions of alienation.

    He makes acquaintances of a number of celebrities, some quite eccentric, and comes across some unusual metaphorical visions or are they portals to other worlds? There are many recurring lines and metaphors, almost repetitive, but in a good way. View all 7 comments. View all 13 comments. Jun 28, Jareed rated it liked it Shelves: Starttothink, onyourfeet, yourfeetstop, wegetstuck. A normal talking conventional character? Whether it is the hotel or the call girl that keeps bringing him back, he cannot recall, nor seem to totally forget. He decided, after a life of indecisiveness, to finally return to the Hotel, only to find the place to have been lost to a capitalist investment of the same nature and the same name.

    As you say, I've lost and I'm lost and I'm confused. I'm not anchored to anything. The terror and fear which characterized my reading experience with it is exchanged by curiosity and interest in this piece however. Stripping this books plethora of surrealistic aspects, we are left with a bare handed tale of a lost man who has nothing but lost connections. Only the person himself knows the real reason, and maybe not even then. What compelled me to read another Murakami within a week of finishing Kafka on the Shore was how tangible, how alive, he has brought his characters to life in a surrealistic world.

    They are alive in their search for meanings, in their struggle to make human connections in an unforgiving world, they were the struggles of the everyday individual, they were mine too. Me may be in a fickle love-hate relationship considering your other works, but just as you have written, there are certain individuals who exclusively bring you to euphoric places, and in a literary perspective you do fit the bill as one of those authors. Through your words, I am transported into this unique wonderful surreal world and still remain, human, very human indeed.

    An added bonus is that whenever I finish your work, I get to play this bingo! Now, where does Dance Dance Dance , figure into this. Mar 09, William Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: I fall in love with every girl I see. Every girl I meet. I fall in love a hundred times in a week. It's always been like that. So very easy to look at these girls and their legs and their teeth while they ride the bus with me, while they shop for groceries next to me, while they wait in line at the bank in front of me.

    Because I don't have to really connect to them then. I don't have to really see the nakedness and the scars and the tan lines and the pimples under the makeup. I don't I fall in love with every girl I see. I don't have to k ow how old they really are or if they were abused by other lovers. I don't have to take the time to get to know them.

    Dance Dance Resolution

    I just make it all up in my head. Funny how I always have them break my heart, then, in the end. I never write a happy ending. Don't get me wrong, I have loved truly and deeply many many times before on very real levels.