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In this video, we're going to talk about four unconventional ways to double your ecommerce sales. I'm Eric Siu and I'm here to show you how to grow your business. By the way, if you like growing your business and you like videos like this, just hit subscribe. First thing that you need to do is live chat. A lot of ecommerce sites I see out there, they don't have live chat on their site. Let's say you have live chat and people are viewing a product page on shoes, for example, and you ask them a specific question around shoes, "Hey, do you have any questions about so and so product?

People already on the product page, they're further down the funnel.

How to Boost Website Sales – The Complete Checklist

Sometimes they just have some clarifying questions to ask and they can move them along and they'll buy. Number two is establishing some sense of urgency. When they are on your checkout page, you say, "Okay, well, we're holding this product for you for five minutes before we have to release it back. Which is why you see a lot of these internet marketers out there, when they launch their courses, they're opening the cart, closing it in seven days, right? But then there's a barrage of emails that you get in between that.

It's because urgency works.

5 Proven Growth Marketing Tips To Double Your Sales

Third thing is having a one-time upsell. Let's say they buy and then what happens right before they're able to check-out is you have a upsell page that shows up. You see this at Amazon all the time. You can see this in other product pages too like if you're selling a SaaS product or you're selling a course for example, you can get something else right before you check out and the thing is they have your credit card information already, you just hit add and then you're able to get a kind of order bump, right?

You can call it a one-time upsell, you can call it an order bump, whatever you want to call it, it's fine with me. I just care about doubling your sales. The fourth and final thing is you have to think about cart abandonment campaigns.


If people have reached a cart but they didn't checkout so you're retargeting them with certain ads on Facebook, Google, Twitter, whatever it is exactly and then also at the same time, cart abandonment campaigns, you have to send them emails too. People are looking at different mediums all the time.

They need other reminders. You can create a robust internal link architecture of your online store through smart planning, which includes:. It is helpful not only from SEO point of view but also makes your site more intuitive. When you have breadcrumbs in your site, any user can easily move from page to another. This helps users to get an idea what they will find inside the subcategory and product pages. In an ecommerce store, you might have seen that some products are similar but they vary in colors and sizes. Not just this, your products might also rank for the wrong keywords.

For example, a blue shirt might rank for a black shirt and a black shirt might rank for a blue shirt. However, online store optimization is something that you need to do continuously to stay at the top in the search engine result page SERP.

But it’s not that different

You should always carry out your research work to find out the latest tips and tricks to drive traffic and sales to your ecommerce store. Hope you find this post helpful. For any query related to this post, you can comment down below. Thanks for your time. Follow us on Twitter. Join our Facebook Group. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Need a sponsored post written? Collaborating on a project with the one having more influence than yours and that offers something different, you may hope for the better leads. Cross promotion methods are the most effective ones in this regard.

In order to have loyal customers, send them newsletters and get them into your circle. By making your customers aware of the services and other products, you can make them more selective and it would indirectly cause them to consider your recommendations for future dealings as well. The most convenient method is to reach the users directly through emails. Photos that depict the non-personal style of stock photography leave a negative impact on your existing leads.

People are smart enough to judge the website quickly on the basis of these images. This makes it more important to make use of the images wisely. Customers tend to save their time while they are looking for the information on any website. They are more likely to read your content if and only if it is really impressive. Use bullets to make the relevant stuff more highlighted. Getting visitors to stay engaged with your website is even more important after driving traffic.

There are so many practices and services that can help boost engagement on your site significantly. At the end of the day, you need to have quality content and know what your users want in order to increase engagement.

As a website owner, you need to embrace video content and engage users with relevant recommendations. Therefore, you will be able to discover your best performing content.

Start with measurable goals

Finally the easiest of all is to improve page loading speed. We will elaborate each of these here as follows. Here too, quality matters more than quantity. You may want to keep it short. It not only wastes your time but also makes you skip the importance of precision. To the point and a brief blog post is more influential. Try to be more user friendly while writing an article.

Try to cut off irrelevant stuff. Users particularly hate to wait for the answers they are looking for. Keep it straight and help save time of the customers. Another key point that helps your website in getting more exposure is the originality of your content. Repetition is not welcomed anywhere. Why would someone like to re-read certain things.

Google takes care of the rest as it tends to provide its users with original content. It also penalizes the websites with any duplicate content. Internal links are not only beneficial for search engine optimization but for website visitors as well. Employing an internal linking strategy will allow visitors to navigate your website easily. If done correctly, this will provide a better user experience and increase engagement. The most popular practice is to interest a user to check the related content. These links are generally placed in side bars or below an article.