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Feb 07, Swati rated it liked it. The plot is coherent; traversing back and forth in time is interesting. But the book is lengthy. Feb 26, Sudam Husain added it. The first reason to buy this book was it's tagline. I liked it, or maybe I loved it. I regret not starting it before the book which I purchased with it, which I particularly didn't liked because of certain reasons. It was my first book from that author Vikrant Khanna and I was didn't fully engaged in the book from the very starting but it was interesting of course but because of my studies I wasn't able to give it proper time that's why I took so long time, starting from November to ending in February.

The book is amazing, revolves around a man in his twenties and a man in his fifties, sharing their love stories and major issues with their life. Oct 20, Shalini rated it really liked it.

Read the review here: After seven years of being in love, they get married. But they fall out of love in just seven days of marriage.

He feels a complete change in his lady love- as if she has developed horns and turned into a devil. Ronit leaves in a ship for work and to escap Read the review here: Ronit leaves in a ship for work and to escape from his wife. Unfortunately their ship is hijacked by pirates and they are under the hostility of pirates for eleven months.

Is it going to make a difference to Ronit who has already lost hope and belief in love? He feels as if she was after his money and wanted a perfect honeymoon in an expensive, exotic location and that all she wanted to do was shopping with all his hard-earned money. I concluded that the writer was just another chauvinist who vented his feelings through his writing. I was mistaken at the end, though. Easily paced, you can read it in a few hours. There is humour, love and laughter. The author clearly puts forth the message that when ego prevails, love is lost.

The language is simple and lucid making it an interesting read. The cover page is attractive as well. These few quotes from the book made me smile.

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I thought our hands were made for each other too. And why do these feelings never cease, instead flourish with each passing day? Aug 21, Vinitha rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The title of the book affirms that love can last forever. At 18, Ronit a freshly minted graduate from the Naval college in Mumbai meets Aisha. Aisha — the sister of his arch-nemisis. He falls head-over-heels in love. Aisha also feels the same. They spend 7 long years dating and finally tie the knot.

Aisha heads back to Mumbai and Ronit finds a job on an oil-laden ship navigating the Somalian waters. Ronit i The title of the book affirms that love can last forever. Ronit is depressed and shares his woes with Shekar, the ship captain. Shekar urges him not to give up on true love. Shekar shares his love story. One filled with being orphaned, wooing the girl, marrying her and finally divorcing her. Only after divorce he comes to know that his ex-wife had cancer and she pushed him away. Ronit gets back on land. Makes up with Aisha.

'Love Lasts Forever': All Saints Return to Deliver Their 'Testament'

I liked how the story flowed. The author takes us between scenes in ease and the plot moves along with ease. It is so easy to fall in to the cliched route and make your characters appear shallow. The book suffered because of that. The lead characters seem to lead a one-dimensional life with no focus on reality. This book would make a great beach read. I received a free copy of this book for review. All opinions are my own. Jun 24, Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws rated it liked it Shelves: When Ronit meets Aisha at the graduation ceremony at his naval college, the eighteen year old immediately falls in love.

So much so that he befriends his batch-enemy in order to reach out to her. After seven years of blissful relationship, they get married.

‘Love Lasts Forever’: All Saints Return to Deliver Their ‘Testament’

Constant bickering and nagging drives Ronit to a three month voyage on the sea. The author tells us the story through the present and alternately going back to the past through flashback. This switching timeline of the story makes it interesting to read. The characters were well fleshed out and the plot is very much likeable. I do not know much about Somalian Pirates other than the headlines they made — and I wish the author had delved deeper into that aspect of the plot.

I liked how the author handled and portrayed the nuances of a relationship telling us that end of the day it is indeed trust and understanding that keeps it alive. However, the ending could have been dealt in a better manner. Oct 06, Sankrutyayan rated it it was ok. Buy 1 get 1 free. The concept of swinging back and forth in time in this context was good. I don't know if the author got the idea of pirates before or after the movie "Captain Phillips".

Mando Diao ♡ Love Last Forever

But a notable amount of story seems to be in parallel with the movie. I cannot believe he actually dragged the captivity period to over a year. Captain's story was fine and the author justified the story and the characters attached to it. But the Ronit's story is a little too much to Buy 1 get 1 free. But the Ronit's story is a little too much to take in.

There are phrases which are repeated so many times, I think if we remove those extra pieces the book would be way thinner. Like how he wonders on and on about the mistake of the captain, why they divorced etc. Seriously, they appear in every other chapter whenever the ship scene comes into action. And some vulgar insinuations make the book unromantic. I don't know who would patch up after a near death captivation period with his lover in those circumstances.

The author failed at writing a nice reconciliating situation in the end, maybe it's just me who feels so. The writing was eloquent. Feb 06, Parul Thakur rated it it was ok. Read the full review here - https: Three stories intertwined and packed in this novel are about two couples and a naval experience gone bad. Ronit, a Delhi boy is in love with Aisha, a Mumbai girl and then they get married.

What follows is not what is a peaceful life. On the other hand is an old love story more than three decades older Read the full review here - https: On the other hand is an old love story more than three decades older of Shekhar and Shikha. From being childhood sweethearts to husband and wife, their lives too take an unanticipated turn. An important message that the book calls out is that relationships change and go through their crests and troughs.

The stories are simple, will make you smile and could take you back to your own love lives. If you have been a hostler or a naval cadet, few instances in this story will make you smile and laugh too. I think the love stories could be turned into a TV soap and if Ekta Kapoor is willing to produce, it will run into more than a episodes. The story has got romance, the saas-bahu-nand angle, husbands and their habits, friends, kid who can drive you nuts and yes even some college fun — in all fun masala daily soap. Sep 30, Priyanka Batra Harjai rated it really liked it. Love Lasts forever by Vikrant Khanna, is neither book nor a story; it is a promise of love with your beloved.

This book is a chance to reconsider your love and commitment towards your love. It inspires you to drench yourself deep into love in order to avert the catastrophe of separation. This is so because life never gives us second chance or several instances to mend the broken relationships. So, precaution is better than cure. Hope you have came across this alert at-least once in your lifetime Love Lasts forever by Vikrant Khanna, is neither book nor a story; it is a promise of love with your beloved. Hope you have came across this alert at-least once in your lifetime and surprisingly, this applies in love as well.

He takes you along on his voyage and as you share path and destiny with him, you share his happiness to identify love, being committed to it, marrying it and the angst of being separated. He sets his story on the plot of a journey on seas where his ship gets hijacked and provides him with a chance to revisit his past and identify the problem areas in order to find solutions for the betterment of his relationship with his love..

It is a learning experience for all. No boring script no unnecessary lengthening for covering pages. Aug 05, Nikhil Talwar rated it really liked it Shelves: Love Lasts Forever is a novel by Vikrant Khanna.

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Ronit meets Aisha sister of his enemy-batch mate Priyank in his graduation day immediately falls in love with her. It is a promise of love with your beloved. The cover of the book is quite attractive. Book is a quick read with simple and easy narration. This book clearly gives a chance to reconsider love. Once you start reading it, you can't keep it down until it get's finished. While some love stories end at marriage, this book starts from marriage. A delightful read with a message to all those who are in relationship.

It tells you that love is simple and happy if it is completed by trust and understanding. Must read for everyone. Vikrant eventually completed his masters to become a Captain. He is also a keen guitarist who composes his own songs and is adept at cooking. Certified Buyer , New Delhi. Certified Buyer , Ghaziabad. Usually delivered in days? Only for plus members Get exciting benefits. Summary of the Book Ronit was eighteen years old when he found himself falling head over heels in love with Aisha.

The India I Dream of Add 3 Items to Cart. WHat I liked about this book: So fast paced I finished this book in one sitting. Excellent story with a great ending. Very interesting and some very funny characters 4. The two epic love stories and the tragic part in one of them 5. That was so amazing and scary at the same time. I had goose bumps in one of the scenes when they were torturing. WHat I didn't like in the book: At pages it got over too soon.

This book of yours hooked me till the very end. The ending was so unpredictable that until you read the last chapter one wouldn't know what is gonna happen to all the charachters. Specially the pirate part was so damn interesting, I really didn't know they can torture sailors so much. I learnt so much from the book. The two love stories entwined with each other, the tragedy was also well written. You have given def This book has become one of my favourite books of all time.

A beautiful love story that makes you laugh at times, cry, and inspire. The characters are so real, I felt I was one of them. No bulshitting done by the author just a great love story told in an extraordinary way. When i picked up this book it was solely because of the good looks of the author who has penned this book but when I started reading it i just couldn't stop.

The book is a surprise package with beautiful depiction of love and loss. I was hooked to the novel till the end which almost made me cry. But in this book he writes the hottest, coolest, and the most interesting love story ever written. It'll make you laugh out loud, it'll make you cry, it'll make you think about your own love story in the end. He writes so well and there's always a message in the end in all of his books. VIkrant has done it again with style!!! I had read his first book two years back so I was really looking forward to pick up his third book, and man, what he writes so well, so well.