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Yet God recorded his failures and pointed out his weaknesses too. God wants us to know that He is not looking for perfect people. God is looking for people who are available and willing to obey Him. Without God we are nothing, but Moses is an excellent example of God's power. Jun 22, Andy rated it really liked it Shelves: At first I didn't think I would like this book, but by the time I finished it I had highlighted many parts. I felt it was a relevant book to where I am at in my relationship with the Lord, and will look at Moses more as a "brother" than a patriarch.

The book can be serious at times as well as humorous. It struck a fine balance. I knocked off a star because I was disappointed when I finished it -- I wanted more! It was an inspiring read But anyways, good read, with great examples from one of history's greatest leaders, Moses. How I wish I had that man's patience and trust. I have always liked Moses and what he went through to lead the Israelite out of Egypt and up to the Promised Land. This was a down-to-earth look at him, warts and all.

It also gave me some new perspectives about the story for consideration. Saffrin is a good writer and one who I hope to see again in my reading adventures. I would have given this a 3.

A Journey of Faith: A Study of the Life of Moses |

Wonderful lessons from the live of Moses. Lots of good thoughts. It was in this desert wandering that God began to bring them tests to build their faith. And God provided in the desert. Feb 23, Kathy Humphrey rated it it was amazing. An amazing eye opening book! I loved everything about this story of Moses I learned new things and will reread this book often to keep remind myself of all I've learned. Praise the Lord for Bob Saffrin! Mar 07, Tamra LeValley rated it it was amazing. The author has now risen to one of my favorites. His writing and his insight into biblical chaos is astounding.

A Journey of Faith: A Study of the Life of Moses

It is not only easy to read but easy to understand and contemplate. This book was full of information and easy to read. I have a hard time understanding the bible and this book spelled it out for you. This is for those wanting to grow stronger in their faith or those just beginning on their journey. Jun 11, Basil Cheddar rated it it was amazing. The life of Moses I have the book Five stars because it gave me a deeper appreciation for what Moses had to endure as a leader and lessons one can draw from his trials and apply them to our daily lives.

Feb 02, Jane added it. Informative and very interesting! I enjoyed learning deeper as I read this. I would recommend this book ToBias learning Study led waders or most anyone e that likes a light read of bible times. Dec 10, Victor rated it it was amazing Shelves: Walking with God can be hard sometimes; trials, our own desires, etc. This book teaches us how God uses our worse experiences to shape our godly character. I definitely recommend this excellent book.

Feb 03, Kathy Bell added it. This book came at just the right time. I will keep and share this with my family. A good study book. Feb 10, Susan Kelley added it Shelves: I just could not garner interest for this book. I felt like I should read it, not like I wanted to. Apr 09, Judith Lees rated it really liked it. A heartfelt read this was a very informative book. I attend chapell every week and found this book well written and awe inspiring while I reflected during my hour in chapel. Jan 10, Michael G. Hodges MD added it.

Great read for daily devotion time. Bob gives a different prospective on events in Mose's life. This book would also be good for small group studies. I am struggling with my rating Normally Bob Saffron"s books are great. This one was okay until the last three chapters. I still learned a lot about Moses. Jan 21, Lydia added it. Blessed To Read A wonderful addition to ongoing studying of God's Word and how He uses 'ordinary' to accomplish 'extraordinary work and purpose.

This isa very good, quick read. The author delivers much insight about Mose's Old Testament adventures and draws parallels to how we can build our faith to accomplish God's dream for us. Moses and the Preparation Lesson 2: Moses and the Call Lesson 3: Moses and the Discouragement Lesson 4: Moses and the Growth Lesson 5: Moses and the Victories Lesson 6: Moses and the Challenges Lesson 7: Why might they have had this perspective? Repetition is often used to emphasize a main point or theme. In the following verses, what was God trying to emphasize through repetition?

How well do you know God? In what ways can you improve your relationship with Him? Moses had grown as a leader since God appeared to him in the desert of Midian. This was only the beginning of how God wanted to use Moses. God is continually working in our lives. He wants us to trust Him, to allow Him to build into our lives, to bring us to spiritual maturity. That means we will go through hard times in the process, but those hard times are used to refine us and make us more like Him.

This week we come to a high point in the life of Moses. We will see him accomplish what God directed him to do when he was in the desert: This was no easy task for Moses and the path had been difficult for him. At this point, we will begin to break away from reading every verse in every chapter. This is not a study of the book of Exodus, but a study of the life of Moses. Therefore, I want to focus on his life, not on the history of Exodus. We will skip some passages for that reason. Based on Romans If you have, describe how you came to that decision.

See a Problem?

If not, what is hindering you from accepting His gift? Based on John 5: Jesus has provided all that is necessary to give us salvation but we must personally accept that payment and accept Him as our Savior. Have you accepted Him as your personal Savior? If you have, take some time to thank Him for your salvation and for all that He endured on the cross for your sake.

If you have not personally accepted Him as your Savior, I encourage you to make that decision now. Acknowledge that you are a sinner and that your sins have made a separation between you and a holy God. Thank Him that He loves you so much that He sent His only Son, a perfect sacrifice, to die on the cross for your sins. The penalty for sin is death, and Jesus paid that penalty for you.

Accept His payment for your sins. You can express that to Him through a simple prayer: Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Come into my life. I accept you as my personal Savior and place my trust in you for my salvation. Thank you for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 9 years old. My parents had taught me that Jesus died for my sins, and I could choose to accept or reject His payment.

I had a volatile temper ask my mom , and I could be very selfish and say unkind things to my parents or brothers or friends when I got angry. I wanted to accept His payment for my sins, and I wanted to become His child. I made the choice to accept Him as my Savior, and it is a decision that I have never regretted. Today we will look at the exodus of the sons of Israel.

God was still very much in control, and all that happened was part of His plan. Moses must have been excited finally to see the sons of Israel set out from their bondage in Egypt. Describe the situation that caused Pharaoh finally to send the sons of Israel out of Egypt.

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How was God faithful to His word in Genesis Had you been one of the sons of Israel, what emotions would you have felt on this night? Are you impatient or discouraged with His timing? Be honest with God and let Him know how you feel, but then give your feelings to Him. Trust Him and His faithfulness. Things were going well. The sons of Israel were on their way out of Egypt and had plundered the Egyptians.

They were finally moving toward freedom and out from bondage to Pharaoh. It was perfect…or was it? All of a sudden, Pharaoh reconsidered and decided to go after the sons of Israel. They were no longer thrilled about leaving Egypt and their bondage. How quickly they forgot what their lives had been like. Can you relate to the sons of Israel in any way?

In what ways do you see that God had a specific plan and purpose in how He was leading the sons of Israel? God leads us continuously. Our perspective of God and life can become distorted when we are faced overwhelming challenges. Has your perspective of God become distorted because of challenges and hard times? Are you content with the path on which He has you? Spend some time with Him today, thanking Him for His leading in your life. Ask Him for grace to wait on His timing and leading and to trust His hand in your life. Moses was faced with a difficult situation. Instead of people marching out boldly, they began to complain.

Yet, God was still very much in control. He would be glorified through what was about to happen. Moses was obedient and God used Him once again to carry out His plan. List what the sons of Israel were told to do, what Moses was told to do, and what God would do. How did the attitude of the sons of Israel change toward God and Moses after God delivered them from the Egyptians Ex How do you know when to sit back and let God take care of a situation or when to step out and take action yourself? What are some principles from this Psalm that you can apply to times of overwhelming situations in your life?

When life seems hopeless, God wants us to turn to Him and not to our own methods or strength. He wants to be glorified. Is there a situation in your life that seems overwhelming? Spend some time with Him and give Him those overwhelming situations. Trust Him to work in His way and His timing. Let Psalm 46 encourage your heart. Life was going great for the sons of Israel. God had delivered them from Pharaoh and killed all those who sought their lives. Now they turned their attention and focus to praise Him for who He is and what He had done.

As you read the song of Moses and Israel, list all that they praised God for, including who He is and what He did. As you look at another perspective of this story of the Israelites, why did God deliver them v. Why is it difficult to trust God and praise Him before He acts, but easy to praise Him afterwards? What effect does praising God have on your heart in the midst of great times and difficult times? Praise takes our focus off our circumstances and ourselves and places our focus on God.

Spend some time today praising and worshipping Him for who He is. Use what you listed from Exodus 15 to guide you through your time of praise. Perhaps praise Him with music and song. This week we have looked at Moses as a strong leader who led the sons of Israel out of Egypt. We have seen him in the midst of a great victory, but we have also watched him deal with adverse circumstances. The sons of Israel were not an easy group to lead — yet Moses continued to seek God and obey Him. High points and victories in life are exciting!

For on the mountaintops, everything is wonderful and we love the Lord and praise Him; but we are not in need on the mountaintop. God has to bring us into the valleys to teach us, to build our character, to bring us to a place of dependence on Him. Valleys are where God is most reflected to others as we look to Him in the midst of our trials. We need both mountaintops and valleys in our lives. Life is always full of challenges. This week we will look at some of those challenges and the way Moses faced them. We ended last week with a high point in the lives of the sons of Israel and Moses.

God had delivered them. They were free from bondage and ready for a new life in a new land. They were praising God and singing songs to Him…until there was a slight problem. There was no water to drink. Instead of continuing to praise God, they began to grumble. Ask God to speak to your heart as you go to His Word. How would bringing the sons of Israel to a place with no drinking water be a form of testing?

This section of Exodus is the description of the travels of the people from the Red Reed Sea to Mount Sinai, which was a three-month journey What is your typical response to adversity? Would people describe you as someone who grumbles? If you have seen God provide and care for you in the past, why would you doubt that He would do it again?

How does adversity affect you? If you are currently facing a difficult situation, are you grumbling and complaining or trusting His hand? Thank Him for how He has worked in your life and trust His sovereignty as He continues to work in you today. Go to Him with your problems and allow Him to minister to you as Jehovah-rophe.

The people had only been in the wilderness for three days when they began grumbling at Marah. God heard their cries and provided for their needs. Today we will look at another situation in a new location that caused the sons of Israel to grumble and complain. God once again heard their cries and once again provided for their needs. Moses soon realized what type of attitude he was up against in leading these people.

There would certainly be challenges ahead. Describe the attitude and perspective of the sons of Israel. How was their perspective distorted from the truth? How did God test them here and how was it different from the testing in Exodus What are some possible reasons why God gave them such specific and detailed instructions concerning the manna? It came six days each week and was absent on the Sabbath. By a type is meant a picture or object lesson by which God taught His people concerning His grace and redemptive power manna. An antitype is that which is represented by the type Jesus.

Forty years later, as Moses gave a charge to the people, identify the different ways God was working in the lives of the sons of Israel in the wilderness. Give an example of how God has tested your faith and the effect it had on your spiritual growth. How much of your day is spent grumbling and complaining? Do you tend to lose perspective in the midst of difficult times? Ask God to strengthen your faith, to keep your focus on Him and not on your circumstances.

The sons of Israel left the wilderness of Sin and camped in a new place called Rephidim. Once again, they were in need of water. Once again, they complained and grumbled. Are you beginning to see a trend in the attitude of the Israelites? Describe the relationship between the sons of Israel and Moses at this time.

How did Moses respond to the situation? Had you been Moses, what would you have been feeling at this time? Why did God use Moses each time He provided water This place was named Massah Test and Meribah Quarrel because of the quarrel of the sons of Israel, and because they tested the Lord Ex What other insights do you see from these passages?

How do you respond when you find yourself in need? What does your response show you about your faith and trust in God? What effects do grumbling and complaining have on others around us, as well as on ourselves? However, when we arrived by train on that cold wintry morning, we were not prepared mentally or emotionally for the conditions we were to live in.

The dorm they placed us in had actually been condemned and they reopened it for us American students. Can I handle this? We were only in Inner Mongolia for six months, but when it was time to leave, none of us wanted to go. I still look back on those months in Inner Mongolia with fond memories. We had decided as a group to focus on the positives and not dwell on the negatives. What a difference it made in my life. However, having told this story, I have to confess that sometimes, in adverse situations, I choose to grumble and complain.

I can honestly say, though, that contentment comes from choosing to focus on the positives and not the negatives. My grumbling and complaining never accomplish anything, but trusting God and giving thanks in the midst of tough circumstances pleases Him and builds my faith and character. God does not delight in a complaining, demanding spirit.

He does delight in a heart that trusts Him in all situations. Are you more prone to pray or complain in a tough situation? Take some time to be honest with God about your feelings. Confess any complaining attitude you may have in your heart. This has been a tough time for Moses in the wilderness. The people were hungry and thirsty and blamed Moses for their situation. They were constantly complaining and grumbling about something, and, yet, God always provided for their needs. Now a new challenge surfaced. Moses was faced with an enemy who wanted to destroy Israel. How would he handle this situation?

What are some possible reasons why God secured this victory in the unique manner that He did? The staff of God was a symbol of power; holding it was a sign of dependence and trust in God. What observations can you make about the situation when Amalek attacked the Israelites? Who are some people in your life whom God has brought to work alongside you, to encourage you and strengthen you?

Where are you in your spiritual journey? Are you feeling dependent on Him, knowing that He is the only One who can truly provide for all your needs? Do you have others in your life who walk alongside of you? If not, I encourage you to begin praying that God would bring some people into your life for that purpose. Moses had his hands full as he led the sons of Israel in the wilderness. Just when he needed it, God brought someone to encourage and guide him, to help him be a better leader. He was willing to listen and implement the counsel he had received. As a result, he was able to focus on issues that were more important.

List the qualities that Moses was to look for in the leaders he would choose v. Why were these qualities necessary for the task? What are some warning signs that you are spreading yourself too thin and doing too much by yourself? If you are trying to do too much, why are you? What are some other options for you? If you feel that you are balanced with your time and not doing too much, what are you doing that has helped you get to this point? God places people in your life for a season and for a specific purpose.

Let God use them in your life. Beware of trying to do too many things and not focusing on what is priority. Are you doing too much? Are you too busy with your life? What do you need to do to cut back? How well do you delegate? These are times that are dry and difficult; times that we find ourselves in need and even desperate, sometimes questioning what God is doing. Let God draw you closer to Him during these times. Moses had successfully led the sons of Israel out of Egypt, but then had to deal with their grumbling and complaining.

Their faith was weak in the God who had delivered them. They have been traveling for three months in the wilderness and finally have arrived at the wilderness of Sinai How did he relate to them in different situations? Notice how his relationship with God becomes more intimate this week. We can learn much about our own relationships with God and others as we study these passages. What was the condition of the covenant between God and Israel v.

The order of the narrative appears to be different from the order of events, since Is your heart right before God?

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If not, take a moment to confess any unconfessed sin. Worship Him and praise Him for His holiness. Chapter 24 continues the story from Chapters cover the instructions for the building of the tabernacle. The laws and instructions are an important part of Exodus, but because we are focusing on the life of Moses and not on the book of Exodus as a whole, we will not read this section. It is at this point that God instructs Moses to go back down because the people are out of control. Moses was on Mount Sinai with God for forty days and forty nights Exodus What additional insights can you learn concerning God changing His mind from these passages?

God desires our undivided, wholehearted devotion. Are you wholly devoted to Him? Ask God to show you if there are. Yield your heart to Him today. Do any of your actions make God angry? If so, confess them. Go to God with a repentant heart. Be encouraged that God is a patient God and slow to anger. Meditate on Jonah 4: Moses had just left God on Mount Sinai after pleading with God not to destroy the people for their sin. Yet, when he came back to the camp and witnessed what was going on with his own eyes, it must have been difficult for Moses to see firsthand. We get a glimpse into the heart of Moses as we look at the way he dealt with the people and Aaron.

What can you learn about Aaron from this? How did Moses respond to the people vv. What can you learn about Moses from this?

A Journey of Faith: The Life of Moses -Part-1-Haqeeqat-Shubhsandeshtv

As you look at other versions of this event, list any new observations you gain from these passages. When you see sin in the lives of those around you, how does it affect you and how do you respond? We should be intercessors for others who have sinned, even though our anger may tempt us not to pray for them. Several years ago, I was in line to check my luggage at the Los Angeles Airport, getting ready to move to Asia for four years.

All of a sudden, a young woman tapped on my shoulder and told me a man had just stolen my wallet out of my purse. I was sure she was mistaken, but as I looked down at my purse, it was unzipped and my wallet was gone. Because of the situation with my cash, credit cards, and luggage keys in the wallet, the airlines let me delay my departure.

I was angry at first, and then burst into tears. As my friends returned from parking the car, I relayed to them what had just happened. As we drove back to where I had been staying, I suggested we pray together. I needed to calm my anxious heart and talk to God about the situation. As I began praying, God laid on my heart to pray for the person who took my wallet. God knew his situation. Perhaps he was in need of money for some difficult crisis in his life. I even prayed for his salvation, if he did not know Jesus Christ personally. How in the world could you pray for someone who just robbed you?

To be honest, I was surprised at my ability to pray for someone who had wronged me, and I knew it was totally of God, not me. By praying for the one who had taken my wallet, I had a peace that God was in control and that somehow He would use this for good. I was not meant to get on the plane that night. By having my flight delayed for several days, I was able to share my feelings and reservations about this assignment with my leadership.

As it turned out, another situation opened up for me in Asia that was a much better fit. Had I not been robbed, I would have gotten on that plane and gone to an assignment that I knew in my heart was not right for me. I could have been angry that night, wanting revenge and justice, but what would that have accomplished? Instead, God gave me the ability to trust Him in this situation and to pray for the person who was in the wrong.

God taught me an important lesson that night about praying for others, especially those who are hard to pray for. Are you a faithful intercessor for others, even for those who are disobedient? If not, what hinders you? Is there someone you need to be praying for specifically today? God punished the people for their sin Ex If your relationship with God is not as intimate as it should be, what needs to change? What can you do to improve it? God wants an intimate relationship with each one of us. Do you desire that intimacy with Him?

Spend some time alone with Him today and allow Him to speak to your heart. Be quiet and listen. At this point in the book of Exodus, God renews the covenant with Israel. Moses returns to Mount Sinai, and God lays out for Moses the laws and regulations that the sons of Israel are to observe. God gives specific details to Moses concerning the building of the Tabernacle, and the book of Exodus ends with the glory of the Lord in the Tabernacle. However, the end of Exodus is not the end of the story of Moses. We pick up the story in Numbers Then the cloud settled down in the wilderness of Paran.

So they moved out for the first time according to the commandment of the Lord through Moses. Now they begin their wanderings in the wilderness after Mount Sinai. They journeyed for three days Numbers How will the people respond now? How will Moses deal with the people in this new place, away from Mount Sinai? This psalm recites the early history of the nation of Israel in order to warn future generations against a repetition of unfaithfulness.

As you look at the section in which Asaph recalls their provocation of God in their wilderness wanderings, list all that is said about the Israelites. God wants us to focus on Him and not on ourselves. He often places us in overwhelming situations to show us that we are inadequate and He is sufficient to meet our needs. Our lives and attitudes should reflect that we believe there is nothing too difficult for Him. Take some time today and ask God to show you if you are questioning His power and greatness in any way.

Moses - Steps to a Life of Faith

In your journal, make a list of ways you have seen God work beyond your expectations. Praise Him and thank Him for the ways He works in your life. How has God used even the tough relationships? How has your relationship with Him grown more intimate over time?

Sinai when God appeared to him in a burning bush. Moses was placed in life situations that caused him to rely completely on God. It is in those dependent times on Him that we see our relationship with Him deepen. Thank Him for those times. Thank Him for the relationships He has placed in your life, even the tough ones. It is impossible to study adequately the life of Moses in a short eight weeks.

Yet, we can get an overall picture of his life as we look at certain situations and key events. We ended last week with the sons of Israel camped out three days journey from Sinai. It had been a year since they left Egypt, yet they appeared to have not grown very much in their relationship with God since the exodus. God has shown us His great patience as He chose not to destroy the obstinate and stubborn sons of Israel. We will spend this final week studying sections of Numbers and Deuteronomy, looking at some major events in the life of Moses as he neared the end of his earthly journey.

We all have those times in our lives that we will not forget because of their impact on us. Yet, God uses everything, even the negative events, in our lives for a purpose. Miriam, Aaron, and Moses had gone through much together. Miriam is presumably the older sister who watched and protected Moses when he was placed into the Nile as a newborn baby. However, today we will look at a situation in which there was family conflict among them.

Sometimes, the ones we are closest to can hurt us the most deeply. What was the stated issue of the conflict between Miriam, Aaron, and Moses v. What was the root issue v. It is more likely that the reference is to a new wife taken by Moses, perhaps after the death of his first wife. As you look at a situation that preceded, and perhaps precipitated, the murmuring of Aaron and Miriam, contrast the perspective of Joshua with that of Moses.

What are some reasons why we may complain about someone? What should we do instead of complaining? We are not only to pray for those who are easy to pray for, but also for those who have wronged us. Ask God to search your heart and show you if humility is lacking. If so, confess your pride. Is there someone who has wronged you or spoken unkindly about you for whom you need to pray?

Ask God for the grace and love to pray for that person. Is there someone about whom you have spoken unkindly? If so, confess it. If necessary, go to that person and ask forgiveness. Ask God to allow you to see others through His perspective. God has placed some wonderful people in my life over the years, people who have loved me, encouraged me, and helped me persevere on my journey of faith.

He has also placed some relationships in my life that have been extremely difficult and painful at times. Yet, God uses those times for a purpose. The sons of Israel were camped at Kadesh-barnea when Moses sent 12 men to spy out the land of Canaan. Only two of the 12 spies, Caleb and Joshua, came back with a positive report, and the people chose instead to believe the negative reports.