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The NRC should be considered a second source of drug information with information from PIN being the source of truth for Canadian drug information. Descriptions of clinical assessment tools, psychological tests, attitude measures and more. Direct feed of breaking news on diseases, drugs, and treatments from HealthDay News.

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Nursing Skills and Procedures includes clinical papers outlining the necessary steps to achieve proficiency in a specific nursing task. Documents outline how the nurse should perform the skill, and provide additional information including a definition of each skill, why the skill should be performed and more.

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Skill Competency Checklists accompanying each Nursing Skill and Procedure that can be used to track each skill as the nurse demonstrates competency. Evidence-based patient education handouts are provided in English and Spanish with optional upgrades for additional languages.

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Content is written at a 3rd-7th grade reading level and contains detailed medical illustrations for easy patient understanding. Nurses can add personalized care notes and signature fields for patient acknowledgement of key information. These can be downloaded and printed for nurses to adapt and use in patient care settings. Patient education is a key nursing intervention to improve care outcomes.

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Over 8, written patient education handouts, in English and Spanish, are available in PDF format for easy printing and downloading. Basic and Advanced Searching. To facilitate quick access to needed information, NRCP has an intuitive interface with a single search box. When a user begins typing keywords, the search box autopopulates with suggested terminology.

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Tabs are located at the top of the search box, allowing the user to focus a search on specific content within the database including All Areas; Diseases; Skills; Drugs; Management; Continuing Ed; Patient Ed; or Books. The advanced search option provides limits and filters to further focus the search.

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NRCP supports standard database search techniques, including Boolean logic, phrase searching, nested searching, wildcards and truncation. Material type limits will restrict search results to specified content. Storing and Managing Search Results. NRCP includes all of the standard tools that users of EBSCO products are familiar with, including storing items to a folder where one can print, email, save, or export citations.

Email alerts can be set up quickly and easily with or without a personalized account. NRCP is available via institutional subscription.

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Pricing is based on bed count for hospitals and FTE for colleges and universities. It is carefully organized to stay consistent with how nurses think and work.

Interested in learning more about Nursing Reference Center? Request a Free Trial. Mobile Access Whether in a clinical setting or on the go, Nursing Reference Center provides nurses with quick and easy access to the most current nursing information.