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She casted a glance at Gomez who returned her terrified expression. Morticia pursed her lips. The school board insisted. Gomez sighed as they reached the polished, mahogany door which read in gold letters, " Principle Mason". Gomez knew that sending his children to school would be awful, but he still held high hopes that his children would make him proud in any situation Wednesday and Pugsly had only been attending Sherwood for two days when they had received an urgent call from the principle, wanting to meet meet Gomez and Morticia immediately.

The parents were both confused and thought that it was best to cancel the nights burial of Kitty Kat and rush down to the school. Gomez raised his hand and knocked.

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Principle Mason turned to face the luminous mirror, his coffee brown eyes staring back at him as he tried to tidy his mop of chestnut hair. He straightened up his strapping, cream suit and on the third knock forced on a broad smile and opened the door.

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A statuesque lady stepped into the room, her elbow linked in her husbands. Her skin was a pale ivory colour, her shadowy black dress clung to her curvy figure and her long, crimson nails tapped against each other. Her husband's bristly mustache was his defining feature, he had an olive complexion and wore a more suitable attire than his wife, a stripped suit. Morticia raised an eyebrow as she surveyed the room with her eyes, perching down on the plush chair. Mason pursed his lips, letting out a small sigh he clasped his hands together.

Love and Mayhem by Luanna Stewart

It seems that both your children, especially Wednesday, have received numerous complaints from their teachers. Whatever reaction Mason was expecting from the couple, it certainly wasn't this.

Morticia's lips danced in a small smile as Gomez's lips spread into a triumphant smile. Addams, this is serious," Principle Mason exclaimed, opening the folder and examining the notes inside. Just yesterday, Wednesday was found tying three of her classmates to a tree whilst Pugsly was trying to light it on fire. Mason stopped, taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he would often get worked up during parent teacher interviews, but never in his lifetime of teaching had he heard of cases such as these.

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He looked back and fourth between the couple, still expecting some horrified reaction or furious response, but they were still smiling. She was screaming and withering on the ground in the net But he was cut off by Gomez's voice as he squeezed her hand lovingly. Gomez suddenly pulled her hands up and brushed his lips brushed against her knuckles.

Love and Mayhem Luanna Stewart

Her mummer was cut off as his lips furiously kissed her hand, caressing her fingers with his lips. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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John DeGarmo, foster and adoptive parent, tells us just how tough it can be, having parented over 40 children. At times he and his wife, Kelly, have cared for up to nine children at a time, many with severe trauma and learning difficulties. I rise with a smile and hurry toward her: What woke you up at 3: I thought it was time to get up and get ready for work!

I put my arm around her and slowly begin to turn her back toward her room. Let me help you find something to keep warm. How do I turn up the heat? What time do you need to be ready for work? I get ready early.

Love and Mayhem

You climb back into this nice warm bed. How does that sound? I tuck her in, put soft, relaxing music on, dim the lights, and sit on the edge of her bed. Tell me about a vacation you once took. Where did you go? You know we always liked to go to Barbados every year. The children just loved it. Feel the hot sun, how your feet feel in the sand, and hear the waves. Can you see all of that?