Prophecy Blossoms (The Snake Scar Prophecy Book 2)

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Leader Birchstar - dark brown tabby tom with a star on his forehead, Amber eyes. Deputy Doefur - a very pale tabby tom, green eyes. Medicine cat Poppygem - light brown tabby she-cat with white paws, purple eyes.

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Warriors toms and she-cats without kits Sliverflame - Ghostwing's sister, sliver tabby she-cat, green eyes Redwhisker - red tabby tom, a paler red goes from his muzzle to the end of his tail Apprentice, Rosepaw Badgerstripe - badger like fur large tom, orange eyes Cherryflower - a white short haired she-cat with red cherry pattern like on her fur with light pink eyes Apprentice, Scarpaw Firepelt - flame colored pelt she-cat with purple eyes Goldenheart - pale creamy she-cat with a darker cream like color going down her spine, purple eyes Rockfall - gray tabby tom, light blue eyes Apprentice, Heartpaw Rattail - dark brown tabby tom, must of his fur on his tail looked as if it was shaved off, orange eyes Apprentice, Rabbitpaw Dandeliontail - orange tabby she-cat with a small bobbed tail, neon yellow eyes Nightwing - black tabby tom with neon green stripes and neon green eyes.

Log in Sign Up. The Prophecy book 1 by Cocokitty Warriors cats: Gray and white tom. Black tom with a torn ear. Light colored she-cat with darker tail tip, legs, and ears.

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  2. Warriors cats: The Prophecy book 1.
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  4. Black she-cat with a gray muzzle and a scar over one eye. Gray and Ginger she-cat.

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    A gray tom with a paler gray muzzle and underbelly. Silver tom black spots and silvery blue eyes. Blue eyed tom with a light blue gray pelt. She-cat with tabby patches across her white fur.


    Black she-cat with amber eyes. Pure white she-cat with blue eyes. Tom with a black and brown pelt along with two different colored eyes.

    Dome Of The Rock Shows A Map Of Turtle Island which is the real Holy Land ! ( Utah)

    She-cat with yellow eyes and dark brown fur. Kits- Fangkit, Goldenkit, and Shadekit.