Redondo Beach Police Department (Images of America)

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The department adapted through the changes brought on by the Depression, World War II, and the postwar boom, serving and protecting citizens and fighting crime both unique to beach-city life as well as changing times while enforcing all laws for residents and tourists alike across the dawns of two centuries.

City of Redondo Beach Police Department

In the 21st century, more than sworn officers, support personnel, and volunteers serve one of Southern California's most respected and innovative departments. Images of America Images: Coauthor Michael Stark became a reserve officer in , serves as the Reserve Corps commander, and is a member of the Crisis Negotiations Team.

The authors collated the department's vintage images into this tribute, gathering others from department members, the Redondo Beach Historical Commission, and Redondo Beach Museum. More about this book. The officers that work at this department are a bunch of over zealous tyrants.

Piggy Potato + HDCW do Redondo Beach PD

They repeatedly violate citizens rights and it is appalling and disgusting! By not arresting people for public photography, charging them with trespassing in a public place which you can't do unless the person is committing a crime and then when you get them to headquarters completely changing the charge. That's how you could improve. Looks like Blue Punk Gangmember grabbed up a citizen for filming in public!

Can only hope lawyer can have qualified immunity tossed and HDCW can sue Nazi cop directly and take all he owns. When are thug police going to wake up and realize A they work for us and B this should cost the punk cop offender lose his job immediately.

Surfers line up for inaugural Redondo Beach Police surf contest

At the Redondo Beach Citizens Police Academy graduation, was surprised to see the program and find out that I had to speak. This evening it just seems like life comes full circle watching the joy on the faces of my neighbors children seeing Redondo Beach Police and Fire escorting Santa and his sleigh down our street.

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God bless and Merry Christmas! Outside of City Hall.