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The Allegory of the Vine and the Branches

This format allows for a more potent form of expression than that of the simile. In this allegory, the Savior sets forth some wonderful truths in the motif of the agricultural environment of his day.

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He is the one in charge of the vines and to whom ultimate accountability is to be rendered. He does everything within his power to see that the plant bears fruit. If it does not, the fault is not his.

Jesus said, "I am the vine, ye are the branches."

It provides the water and nutrients by which the grapes are produced. Without the vine, no fruit could ever result. Branches are utterly dependent upon the vine. Without Christ, of course, there is no spiritual life or hope of eternal reward John The Greek term denotes that which is genuine; the word stands in contrast to that which is fictitious, counterfeit, imaginary, simulated or pretentious Thayer, p.

How anyone can possibly contend that Christ is the vine, and various denominational churches are the branches, is an unfathomable mystery; it is an example of the most irresponsible scholarship imaginable. Grammar is very important in a book, the words of which are inspired of God 2 Timothy 3: Within this context, there are at least ten significant verbal actions set forth. Some have a positive emphasis; others are adverse.

Literary Format

Let us consider the positive first, and then the negative. We will survey five actions in each category.

John 15 NIV - The Vine and the Branches - “I am the - Bible Gateway

The present tense form indicates a sustained productivity. The unfruitful branch is considered worthless. The fruit, in the immediate context, consists of the converts one personally makes, or is instrumental in helping to bring to the Lord see vv.

The purpose in the cleansing an allusion to trimming is to enhance branch production. Every disciple should attempt to be wise enough to be grateful to God for whatever disciplinary procedures are necessary for the development of his service to Christ see Hebrews The exhortation assuredly implies the possibility of not doing so! The Christian life is one of trust; and trusting, we petition our Father for heavenly-oriented needs. This promise, of course, is not without limitation.

I am the vine, you are the branches

It is utterly incredible that any scholar could suggest: What else could have been said to make it plainer? What lengths men will go to, in order to preserve their cherished doctrines! They are trash; unfit for further use. Could this hint of the removal of divine blessings? Or might it be the accelerated influences of the world in a spiritually impoverished environment? There can hardly be any doubt but that Christ is here warning about the danger of eternal punishment in the hell of fire Matthew Pope Francis' homily during the ecumenical prayer service at the World Council of Churches in Geneva.

Read the full text of Pope Francis' homily on "walking in the Spirit" for the ecumenical prayer service at the World Council of Churches in Geneva. In just 3 days, the Pope will embark on his 22nd Apostolic journey.

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I am the Vine you are the Branches

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