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It is recommended that the coach has significant knowledge of the techniques and how to practice them before undertaking teaching them to young players. Thus far we have been looking at how players acquire the mechanical and physical skills to play the game. This is called technical training.

We now move to an introduction to soccer tactics - the 1 v 1 - where the player must make decisions about what to do with the ball, sometimes before receiving it.

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The 5 v 5 format simplifies the environment for these young players and gives them the opportunity to get plenty of touches on the ball. Please wait while we retrieve your account information. Dribbling There are six basic skills, or techniques, of soccer. Basic Skills - Receiving, Passing and Shooting If players can't pass and catch the ball in basketball, they can't play the game. Basic Skills - Heading and Tackling Coaches must exercise caution in practicing heading and tackling skills.

Scoring is not all about fierce shots or delicate chips with the feet.

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Heading drills may not be the most popular amongst young players, but they are amongst the most important. Ability to score with headers distinguish elite strikers from average strikers. This exercise from the Soccer Drills Daily is perfect for players who want to spend some extra time training when everyone else has gone home. This drill requires just a ball and a wall. Great passing is arguably the most important quality of a great team. Even the very best strikers in the world rely on the great services of their mid-field maestros.

In whatever position even goalkeeper , all players must pass the ball well. As demonstrated by the Ryan Giggs clip above, one stray pass from anywhere on the field can be the difference between victory and defeat. To pass with accuracy, players must practice short passes with the inside of both feet. Here are some basic passing drills from ProgressiveSoccer that can be practiced on an indoor or outdoor pitch and are best in groups of three.

Short, quick, and creative passes like those of FC Barcelona can leave the opposition spellbound. Click here for more info about how to train with offical FC Barcelona coaches.

20 Effective Soccer Drills to Improve Match Performance for both coaches and players

In an ideal world, players are always facing forward when making a pass. But in reality, they must often make passes while moving sideways shuffling in an unnatural or twisted position. This simple exercise from OnlineSoccerTraining offers practice passing with both feet while shuffling sideways:. Watch how FC Barcelona uses this technique to evade the pressure of arch rivals Real Madrid in this clip:.

Short passes are great for retaining possession, beating the pressure, and moving the ball methodically through the different zones of the pitch. By practicing to drive a pass, players learn to bypass one or more zones of the pitch. This video from AllAttack clearly explains the technique for delivering a long drive.

Watch David Beckham use the technique while playing for Real Madrid:. One of the biggest assets a midfield player can possess is the ability to play a well-timed through-ball. The through-ball is used to exploit the space behind midfield and defensive lines. It can be used to open up play, build an attack, or to create a direct goal scoring opportunity.

In this group exercise from Coaches Corner, the concept of the through-ball is taught through repetitive drills. When your players have mastered the through-ball, they will be able to unlock defensive formations just like Barcelona legend Xavi. Watch this video to see what we mean:. One touch passing requires great technique and game awareness. Players need to anticipate the position of their teammates and the opposing team before even getting the ball at their feet. This means keeping their head up and tracking their target while being fully aware of the position of the ball.

How To Coach Soccer

These passes can be used in midfield to bypass opposing players and to maneuver the ball into a more favorable zone. These skillful passes can also be used by attacking players to break up the opposing defense. In this video from soccercoaches the Schalke 04 U team can be seen practicing a complex sequence of short passing soccer drills. One touch passing forms an essential part of the pass and move philosophy employed so successfully by teams such as Liverpool in the s.

A later incarnation of Liverpool produced this wonderful one touch sequence in the Europa League semi-final against Atletico Madrid. Unfortunately, Dirk Kuyt could not provide the finishing touch. However, great defense can stifle the beautiful fluid offensive movement that makes the game so attractive. Some teams use their attacking prowess as the basis for their defense maintaining possession. Others prefer to employ a strong defense as a basis for their attack. Although there are many different ways to play the game, the principles of good defending remain the same. Pressuring does not always require direct contact.

It certain situations, its not necessary to tackle the opposing player. Sometimes, closing down their angles and pressuring them is enough to force them to make a mistake. In these soccer drills from The Coaching Manual , the players learn the basics of pressing:. In the following clip, we see how Stoke City almost scores by pressuring Manchester City but also leave themselves open to the counter attack.

For more info about how to train with official Manchester City coaches, click here.

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While pressuring is important, it is not the most effective tactic in every situation. A defender must learn when to pressure, when to back off, and when to tackle. Tackling is the activity most associated with defending, but a good tackle is not always easy to execute. Tackling requires practice and good timing because if done incorrectly, a tackle could give the opposing team a free-kick or a penalty kick. In this short tutorial from TheSoccerEssentials , the coach explains how a defender must accept the physicality of the game to fully commit to a tackle.

Watch how he fully commits to the tackle regardless of any contact that might occur:. A good sliding tackle can be just as effective as a great pass or through-ball and can also get the crowd on their feet. However, an ill-timed sliding tackle can often result in an early shower for the guilty defender.

Soccer Workout Drills for Beginners |

In this clip from U Soccer, the coach expresses the importance of learning to slide tackle properly in order to avoid unnecessary injury:. The defensive header is different the goal scoring type of header. The aim of the defensive header is to clear the ball from danger. This means heading it high, hard, and as far away from the danger zone as possible. In this situation, power is often more important than pinpoint accuracy. A well-placed defensive header, however, could also lead to a counter attack.

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This is a great defensive heading game from SoccerCoachTV that can be adapted for groups of all sizes and emphasises the importance of heading for distance, height, and power. Defensive headers can come in many different forms. Many of essential aspects of 11 v 11 are learned through small-sided games.

From grassroots level through to elite world level, these type of soccer drills are used to coach players of all ages through the finer intricacies of the game. This brilliant drill from The Coaching Manual uses a small-sided game to teach players how and when to pressure, tackle, or drop off. It also encourages awareness and communication:. If you dream of playing for world-famous teams like Real Madrid or Manchester City or if you imagine the glory and excitement of watching one of your own become a rising star, you must employ some of these soccer drills used by the pros.

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