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We even made a fabric cover for it to make it more personal. We also have a collection bucket in the garage that drives my husband CRAZY but we throw in cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, paper scraps, etc. I think our next purchase will be the brown paper rolls from the home improvement store. I am running out of easel paper and water color paper and was contemplating from where I must order.

We bought the newsprint from Discount School Supply sheets! We also use computer print paper all the time, as well as construction paper. I also love the sulfite paper idea. Ooh, thanks for the recommendation on easel paper. It just rips and keeps ripping down the middle. Wow this is finally a great post about art. Art just appears on whatever we choose to create it. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers.

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These colors I transform in paintings. Colors are my life. Thank you so much for the mentions of Discount School Supply paper and art materials! Thanks for sharing your great ideas, and for including our materials in the fun! We use a lot of what you mentioned. I also save every bit of thin cardboard from packaging. Wow its a nice advice i like it my child like to painting. So its a informative post for me.

I like this blog. Thank you so much for this list!

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I am always trying to figure out the best paper to get for various art projects and this is a huge help! Thanks for sharing your paper resources! What a great list…my shopping cart is already starting to fill up. And I agree with you: Why do materials designed for kids have to be so terrible?

Thank you so much for this post and for your response to my earlier email. I just bought a pack of sulphite paper. The other day, after we finished eating pistachios, he wanted to make a collage out of them. We tried to make the cornhusk hat, but the husk kept curling up. We get the end rolls of newsprint from our local newspaper. We have all sorts in the house, in boxes and bags and pads.

Right from when the kids were first able to pick up a crayon I wanted them to always have clean new paper to work with — so we have used photocopy paper as the always available paper for them to grab and draw on.

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The children have spent many many hours drawing over the years and the artworks are easy to store in the boxes the reams of paper come in. If we want to paint I will use better paper — but for pencil and felt drawing this has been a brilliant economical paper. I love the range of papers you use, and the your recommended uses for each. Thanks Sarah Craftylocks http: This may be too messy of a suggestion but what we were doing for the longest time is making our own paper.

Take any newsprint, old drawings, ads, or leftover office paper and tear it up the kids like doing this. Put it in your blender or food processor even the hand spin ones work , add water and create a slurry. Get an old screen and staple to a wooden frame or use an old window screen and pour in the slurry over top of a catch basin.

You can also just dip a small screen in a bin of the slurry, move it around and lift out. Leave this to drip dry and once done pull off of the screen. You can make this as complicated as you want, playing with dyes, flours, different papers, ect. At any rate this is what we used for craft paper in our house. It was great to get material recommendations. I am always on the look out for undiscovered products! We call the company in our area and go pick up as many roll at a time as we want. The rolls are large butcher paper rolls.

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In the picture are you actually using the easel paper? These sweet reactions of kids meeting their Budsies for the first time will make your heart melt!

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Plush from Kids' Drawings. Individually made and one-of-a-kind—just like them.


Increase the size of your Budsie from 16" to 30" U. We deliver down under! We deliver to the U. We deliver to Canada! We deliver to India! We deliver to Singapore! Consegnamo nel Bel Paese! Vi leverer til Danmark! We deliver to New Zealand! Nagpapadala rin kami sa Pilipinas! Wir liefern nach Deutschland! Wij leveren ook af in Nederland! Enviamos para o Brasil! We deliver to Hong Kong!