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It was a long night indeed. I woke up around I was on QVC that evening hosting a two-hour Christmas show. As I drove into work, I wondered what Christmas would be like this year and I hoped and prayed Beth would still be with us.

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Fortunately, this hospital is only five minutes away from QVC. Another big miracle through all of this was that God helped me stay focused on the job at the Q. I count that as miracle 9. From that night on we took the most difficult journey we had ever been on. It was truly a roller coaster of emotions. Through it all, Beth continued to impress us all with her strength, courage and her heartwarming smile that I was fortunate enough to see so many times before.

Next week you will read about how God sent a male cardinal to me at the precise moment I needed a sign of hope. God bless and thank you for reading about the most incredible person I have ever known, Beth Wheeler. If you would like to read any of my past blogs, go here. What a beautiful story of faith and hope!! Beth is truly a inspiration to many people.

You see God always comes through for us we just have to realize it when it happens. I have many stories that I know the Lord is with me. Beth was certainly a beautiful woman and her spirit shines though in her smile. Thank God you had each other!! I always love to read your miracle blog.

Tears well up in my eyes each and every time. You are touching so many with your words That was so touching and heartfelt. My prayers are with you on your journey.


With the passing of Beth, I feel that God has opened so many doors for you to minister to others. I knew you were a caring man from your comments and kind demeanor on QVC as you were selling the products and now I feel so uplifted and touched with your spirit as well as Beth's.

You have an awesome gift that you are sharing. You and Beth are ministering to others the love that we all need to have and share. I am so humbled to read your journey. Dan once again I feel such emotions with your blogs Beth is a miracle and I am honored to know her as you have brought her to life in your words.

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Thank you Dan for finding the miracles no matter how small they may have seemed. You have a great way of reminding us all that we not only need to look for these miracles but to count our blessings. I know from all the blogs that Beth was a wonderful lady. As a cancer survivor, I know too well that it's all about the love and strength of family and friends that gets us through.

Clearly, Beth was blessed to have you by her side, I hope you know that! And for you to go on air everyday and not miss a beat through it all, without any hint of anything wrong, is remarkable. The Lord has blessed my life with miracles that have helped me follow the path He has for me.

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While teaching and serving many wonderful people in the Texas Fort Worth Mission, I often reflected on my blessed life. I marveled particularly at seven of my experiences, which I consider to be miracles. First, I survived my early life, which started out in the humblest of circumstances. Mom was the only relative I ever knew, and she built our eight-foot 2. Our community had no running water and no restroom facilities. Illness and death ran rampant in our kebele, or neighborhood. Food was very hard to find and impossible for us to purchase. My mother and I never knew a day without hunger.

When I was four, my mother became deathly ill. With her last bit of effort, we trudged to a hospital, where my beloved, weary mom died. The second miracle came as my life changed dramatically. In this orphanage I lived in a clean building, slept in a real bed, and ate all the food I wanted. Other orphans had also experienced the loss of a loved one, and they taught me how to deal with the loss of my mother. In the evenings we gathered to sing songs in English and pray in Amharic, our mother tongue.

I never quit praying. Third, I was introduced to the missionaries and the Church when I was eight. Her hobbies are writing, and craft. She has started a ministry in both areas. She also makes throw pillows embroidered with Bible passages and other religious quotations. She believes that we are all missionaries, and where ever we are is our mission field. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? This book relates a personal testimony of God's care and protection in the life of the author. Throughout the pages she illustrates events of how God intervened and transformed what could've been negative of even fatal results into positive ones, and how God has used her to minister to his hurting children. It reminds the reader that we are always in the presence of God. There's nothing private in our lives that God does not know.

He is patient, kind merciful and forgiving.

Miracles Along The Way by Bishop TD Jakes

God is our Father, and He wants us to have a relationship with Him. One way to show God's love to us is to give that love away. Read more Read less. Here's how restrictions apply. AuthorHouse July 12, Language: Start reading Miracles Along the Way on your Kindle in under a minute.

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