Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

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Visit us online at www. ORG - - Lieutenant Albert Werper had only the prestige of the name he had dishonored to thank for his narrow escape from being cashiered. At first he had been humbly thankful, too, that they had sent him to this Godfors Purchase one of 1st World Library's Classic Books and help support our free internet library of downloadable eBooks. At first he had been humbly thankful, too, that they had sent him to this Godforsaken Congo post instead of court-martialing him, as he had so justly deserved; but now six months of the monotony, the frightful isolation and the loneliness had wrought a change.

The young man brooded continually over his fate. His days were filled with morbid self-pity, which eventually engendered in his weak and vacillating mind a hatred for those who had sent him here - for the very men he had at first inwardly thanked for saving him from the ignominy of degradation. He regretted the gay life of Brussels as he never had regretted the sins which had snatched him from that gayest of capitals, and as the days passed he came to center his resentment upon the representative in Congo land of the authority which had exiled him - his captain and immediate superior.

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Lists with This Book. Tarzan like many of us today. Needs a little cash. His businesses in England are.. Let's say the cash flow is not in balance with the expenses. Just a minor temporary difficulty. The ape man knows where to get a ton of gold. The lost city of Opar. He has been inside the hidden citadel before. And the inhabitants don't seem to realize or care. How valuable the gold is. Not to mention the precious jewels, also. They are too busy with human sacrifices.

The Gods must be satisfied. Only blood can Tarzan like many of us today. Only blood can do that. So off the jungle man goes. With a group of his African followers. On a long march, to the secret location. That Lord Greystoke just a few years ago, escaped with his life there. In the sad, haunting ruins, and always beautiful, minaret city. Is salvation financially speaking. But that's another earlier book The Return of Tarzan.

All is well until an unexpected earthquake, and a falling rock. Smashes the hard head of Tarzan. While inside the concealed, dark treasure chamber. Ye of little faith,the man still lives! Presto and the mighty giant ape man loses his memory. And later returns to the savage he was previously, in childhood. Living like an animal with other gorillas and having fun.

His friends think Tarzan is dead. Go back to Jane. But she has been captured by Arab raiders led by the notorious Achmet Zek. In ivory and slave trading he specializes. And burns down the unperturbed Lady Greystoke's home. With this villain the equally fiendish Belgian Lt. Wanted for the unprovoked killing of his superior officer. In what was then the Belgian Congo. These people you do not want to mess with or meet. Werper working with Zek had followed the jungle man with his new buddies. To steal the gold. But some unforeseen circumstances cause a change of plans.

He too is stuck inside the collapsed building. Thinks that Tarzan is no longer with us. Escapes into the place where a human is to be killed by the city dwellers! To appease their thirsty Gods. This is a dead city? Presided by the high priestess, La. Who has a passion for Tarzan. And wants to make him her mate. The clueless Lord saves this white scoundrel. A huge lion just happens to come by and scare the butchers away. All that the fearless Tarzan has to do is slaughter the big cat More adventures succeed this little trifle. Will the Lord rescue his wife?

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Get the gold don't forget the jewels , and live happily ever after? View all 16 comments. Light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. The first part certainly was a great read for me — the part in which La, the Queen and High-Priestess of the ancient city of Opar, has her remarkable appearance. A strong-weak-ambivalent character; the deepest in the Tarzan-Universe so far. I hope to see her again in some future novel. The second part was so-so la-la; the usual themes of life and dea La. The second part was so-so la-la; the usual themes of life and death and long marches through the savage jungle.

The rating's only for the La-Part. My edition also has some nice illustrations in it, like this one showing Tarzan and a loin lion in some gravity-defying fight with La O, La, La in the background. Jun 11, Kurt Reichenbaugh rated it liked it Shelves: Tarzan discovers he's broke, goes to Opar to loot it of some gold they'll never miss it, he figures but gets amnesia instead after a sudden earthquake. He's followed to Opar followed by murderous cad, Albert Werper, who is in cahoots with Achmet Zek, a roving Arab bandit who has his eyes on Jane.

Also in the mix is La, high priestess of Opar, who has the hots for Tarzan when she's not the woman scorned. Tarzan reverts back to his savage self while Jane is in the fiendis Perfect summer reading. Tarzan reverts back to his savage self while Jane is in the fiendish hands of Achmet Zet, on her way to be sold into a harem.

Albert Werper is just trying to stay alive and get rich. La is going to have Tarzan in her chambers or skewer him with her sacred dagger, she can't decide which. More fun than a bag of barbecue chips and a jug of root beer. View all 3 comments. Oct 20, Seth Kenlon rated it it was amazing. This is where the Tarzan series really gets going, for me. I guess for some Graystoke purists, this is probably the demise of Tarzan as a "serious work" because it basically becomes nonsense dime novel fiction from this point on, but to me, that's ERB at his best.

This book has everything; Tarzan returns to the lost city of Opar, meets a beautiful, alluring, and - of course - dangerous queen who falls in love with him, he gets amnesia, and Jane is in danger all the while. Fantastic ad This is it. Jun 15, Ailish rated it really liked it Shelves: There is so much wrong with these books, but I am addicted to them. Tarzan, returning to Opar for more gold, suffers a nasty bump on the head during an earthquake, gets amnesia and reverts to his jungle past. This is not good for Jane who, in the meantime has been abducted once again and is waiting to be rescued by her forest-god.

Mix in more man-eating lions, rites of human sacrifice, apes running around disguised as arab traders, shadowy figures slipping into tents with daggers in the night, e There is so much wrong with these books, but I am addicted to them.

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Mix in more man-eating lions, rites of human sacrifice, apes running around disguised as arab traders, shadowy figures slipping into tents with daggers in the night, etc, and you have an enjoyable if somewhat repetitive story. The author seems to have entered into a time-warp by this book - Jane is described as a 'young girl' despite the fact that the previous book ended with the marriage of her adult son; and La, the beautiful priestess of Opar, who fell for Tarzan back in The Return of Tarzan, has remained resolutely single all this time, waiting and hoping for his return.

Another good Tarzan novel. Tarzan ran around with amnesia through much of this book, which is a plot device that I usually don't like. However, it was well done in this case and very much fit the story.

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar by Edgar Rice Burroughs

You had evil bandits, an army deserter, and the usual dangerous jungle creatures. If you enjoy jungle adventures, this would be a good one to pick up. Sep 01, Md. Faysal Alam Riyad rated it liked it. Dec 01, Benjamin Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: Tarzan once again returns to Opar, the source of the gold for lost colony of fabled Atlantis. He follows a Belgian and Arab into the jungle where they stumble upon the lost city.

Unfortunately, Tarzan loses his memory after a fight and reverts to his more primitive self. I lost track but I think there were at least five Tarzan vs lion fights in the book.

Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar - First Edition Identifiers

Meanwhile, Jane is in trouble back at their African homestead. It is interesting to note that Burroughs reportedly liked the character of La a lot more than he did that of Jane Clayton Greystoke. That shows here as Jane is pretty much helpless and at the mercy of her captors and situation whereas La is a fully capable leader and in control of her situation.

This one is my favorite so far coming in just after the original Tarzan of the Apes. A solid pulp-era pot-boiler. Did you know Tarzan's real name was John Clayton? I mean, we all knew he was Lord Greystoke; but even a Tarzan fan such as I, who, as a kid, ran around shirtless pretending to be Tarzan, did not know John Clayton. Johnny Weismuller, sure - but John Clayton, no. I also didn't know Tarzan craved the taste of hot blood. This is what movies will do to you. Nor do I remember Tarzan leaping on prey and sinking his teeth into the jugular veins of said prey.

If I did know this, I would have loved Tarzan even more. I also didn't know Tarzan tracked people by their spoor - and before you wonder, he uses the term 'scent spoor' in at least one sentence. Really, there's not much else to add - this is a young man's adventure book.

Writing style, word choice, and sentiments are products of the times - not always politically correct, not especially concerned with scientific accuracy. So when a lion sets a paw on a vanquished gorilla enemy and lets out a roar, you just have to let it go. Tarzan does that too - but Tarzan is a man.

Of course, as an adventure tale for boys, many scenes with animals are decidedly anthropomorphic - therein is the source of its successes and failures as a book. Even so, when an ape kidnaps Jane Tarzan's wife for purposes never explicitly enumerated but awkwardly self-evident, it makes you wonder. View all 4 comments. Jan 22, Ed rated it really liked it Shelves: This series entry had two items which struck me as interesting because of connections to recent at the time of writing happenings.

Author Burroughs uses titanic as an adjective meaning large but having connotations of the ocean liner sunk in