The Bloody Tomahawk

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France and England, and their Indian allies, fought four major wars between and British attempts to seize Quebec in and failed. The Treaty of Ryswick restored the pre-war boundaries.

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Fighting then spread to the southern frontier, where English colonists in the Carolinas attacked Spanish territory in Florida. An English invasion of Quebec in failed, but in the Treaty of Utrecht ending the war, France ceded Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and French territory around Hudson Bay to England and abandoned its claim to sovereignty over the Iroquois. Following the war conflict persisted in the South, where English settlers in the Carolinas destroyed the Yamassee Indians, who were allies of the French, while the French brutally put down an uprising by the Natchez Indians and their Chickasaw allies.

With France forced to concentrate it military powers in Canada, English traders were able to move into western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. The stage was now set for the climactic conflict, the French and Indian War , which ended France's colonial empire in North America. The war grew out of French efforts to control the fur trade north of the Ohio River by expelling English traders from the region and building a chain of forts along the Allegheny River. Hunt sends John Brooder Matthew Fox , a local educated man and known womanizer who witnesses the shooting, to fetch the town's doctor.

His wife Samantha Lili Simmons , the doctor's assistant, tends to his wound. As the doctor is drunk, Brooder calls Samantha and escorts her to the jail to treat Purvis's wound.

That night, at a stable house, a stable boy is murdered by unseen attackers. The murder is reported to Hunt, who investigates the scene and finds the horses missing. The jail is empty and only an arrow is left behind. Hunt sends for a local Native American man, whom he calls "the professor" Zahn McClarnon , to examine the arrow, and informs Arthur of the news.

At the saloon, the "professor" links the arrow to a troglodyte clan. He tells Hunt of the clan's dwelling place, "Valley of the Starving Men", and warns him that they are a group of cannibalistic savages. Certain that Samantha, Nick, and Purvis had been captured by them, Hunt prepares to go after them with Arthur.

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Chicory and Brooder volunteer to accompany them. Days into their ride, two strangers stumble across their camp. Fearing they are scouts for a raid, Brooder kills them and they set up a cold camp elsewhere to avoid being attacked.

During the night, a group of raiders ambushes them, injure Brooder's horse and steal the rest. Brooder, wounded by an attacker, regretfully puts down his horse. After a day of walking, a fight breaks out between Brooder and Arthur, exacerbating Arthur's broken leg. Chicory sets his leg and leaves him behind to recover, while he, Hunt, and Brooder move on. At the valley, the three men are injured by a volley of arrows.

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  • After killing two attackers, Hunt and Chicory retreat, leaving Brooder, who is seriously injured and demands to be left behind. Brooder kills one attacker before being killed himself. The attackers capture Hunt and Chicory and imprison them in their cave. The men find Samantha, and an injured Nick, imprisoned in a nearby cage.

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    They inform Hunt that the tribesmen have already killed and eaten Purvis. They witness Nick removed from his cell, stripped, brutally scalped , and bisected alive , then consumed. Samantha estimates the number of hostile cannibals to be around twelve reduced to nine earlier by Hunt's posse. Hunt realizes he has some opium tincture he confiscated from Arthur earlier to prevent him from overusing it.

    They lure several tribesmen to drink it, however only one drinks a fatal dose, and only one becomes unconscious. Meanwhile, Arthur wakes up, follows the men's trail and discovers the valley. He kills two tribesmen and notices an object embedded in their windpipes.

    After cutting one out, he realizes it is like a whistle.

    Bloody Tomahawk

    He blows on it, luring another tribesman close, then kills him. In the cave, realizing two of their men were poisoned, the leader grows angry. He and another tribesman pull Hunt from his cell, cut open his abdomen and shove the hot opium flask into the wound. The leader then takes Hunt's rifle and shoots him in the arm and abdomen. Arthur arrives and kills one of the tribesmen, while Hunt kills the leader with one of the tribe's bone tomahawks.

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    Arthur frees Samantha and Chicory, while a mortally wounded Hunt stays behind with his rifle. He prepares to kill the surviving cannibals when they return, to prevent them from terrorizing Bright Hope. As the three leave the cave, they see two pregnant females, who are blinded and have all their limbs amputated. On their journey out, Arthur blows the tribesman's whistle, and with no response, they continue to exit. At a distance from the cave, they hear three gunshots, implying that Sheriff Hunt had killed the remaining males of the tribe.

    Chicory acknowledges the gunshots with a half-hearted smile and tosses aside the stone he had been carrying. Tired, hurt, and with few supplies, the three begin the journey towards home. On October 30, , S.