The Cambridge Introduction to Francophone Literature (Cambridge Introductions to Literature)

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The Cambridge Introduction to Francophone Literature

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Corcoran organizes his study in terms of regions: Each chapter begins with an overview of the region that examines both its connection with and disengagement from France.

As he notes, the process of disengagement involves innovative uses of the French language, "as writers have seized on opportunities to manhandle it, creolise it and make it a more fitting tool for their own purposes" The second part of each chapter provides studies of selected writers of each region. The choice of authors and texts allows the critic to foreground important works as well as regional and or national specificity.

The Cambridge Introduction to Francophone Literature by Patrick Corcoran

Providing an informative introduction to the literature of French-speaking countries and regions, he renders an important service to students and readers who have had little or no exposure to francophone writers and their work. His critical introduction is cogent, well articulated, and accessible readers.

The accompanying bibliography encourages further exploration of the field. The reader who is well versed in francophone literature will find lacunae. Admitting that "some absences may shock" 25 , Corcoran excludes "immigrant" authors because he only selects writers born outside of metropolitan France.

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Within a given geographical area, he does not always maintain a proper balance. Hence, the section on the Maghreb examines the work of five Algerian, one Tunisian, and two Moroccan writers. Corcoran emphasizes Algerian literature because of Algeria's [End Page ] anti-colonial struggle — , and civil war of the s that pitted the government against Islamic fundamentalists. In his view, Algerian literature deserves this attention because it reveals the connection between the cultural dimension of power relations and the political dimension of cultural activity The Quebec and Caribbean chapters are far more detailed.

In the Caribbean section, Corcoran draws upon his unpublished interview with Martinican writer, Patrick Chamoiseau. In conclusion, this text reveals the richness and diversity of francophone literature today.

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