The Inner Artistry of Outdoor Photography

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Visions was designed to be both beautiful to the eye and a delight to hold and study as I endeavor to inspire and show you my interpretation of our world. It is also my first book that brings my imagery and prose together on the same page. Together they give you a sense of what fuels the passion of my artistic interpretation of our living world.

[PDF] The Inner Artistry Of Outdoor Photography Kindle Edition

The images are accompanied with image-related poems, haiku, and passages that are both compelling and thought provoking. All interior pages are printed using heavy-grade fine art printing paper to bring out the brilliant colors and tonal ranges to maximize the presentation quality of all images. I am truly proud of not only the book but also for the chance to share it with all of you who have enjoyed my work and writing over the years.

Over the last four years that I have been writing this series on creativity and its influence on us as photographers and artists, it has garnished many followers. Now, for the first time, the entire collection of installments is available in a four volume set. The installments take an insightful, thought provoking, and sometimes irreverent look at how we see ourselves as photographers and creative artists and how we can be lifted to new heights of creativity or overcome challenges to avoid creative stagnation.

Every installment is accompanied by one of my inspiring, fine art images which has been faithfully reproduced to match the originals. At this time the volumes are available to order in PDF version only. Excerpts from the Volume 1 Preface: But how do you make something from nothing?

How do you achieve creativity? What is the essence of creativity? However, the expression or suppression of our creativity is influenced by our society and culture, personality differences, and specific personal factors e. There are many forces stemming from both our own making and the world around us that can aid or hinder our ability to be creative. Igniting Imagination is my look at and thoughts about those forces that can influence our creativity and define us a creative beings. However, Norton manages to get across his technical knowledge without being confusing, and it's full of his creative insight from working for several magazines on a variety of outdoor subjects and great examples for all of them.

You can tell he has a passion for photography, especially via the mini p This is a fantastic resource for advanced amateurs and professionals as the title suggests , so it assumes a certain level of knowledge--like how a camera works, i. You can tell he has a passion for photography, especially via the mini photo history lesson he throws in the Landscape section.

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Downsides to this book include the fact that it's older, so it discusses films and associated equipment at length. I like geeking out on this sort of thing so it wasn't a downside for me, but for other readers it could be. Also, there were some points where the discussion of a table or example would be on a different page from the example itself.

Nothing major, just inconvenient. Aug 28, Jim Griggs rated it it was amazing.

A classic photo instructional book by one of the best writers on the topic ever. Sharron Grodzinsky rated it really liked it Mar 10, Skz rated it really liked it Jan 19, John Galvin rated it liked it May 07, Kevin rated it liked it May 26, John rated it it was ok Dec 11, Jan rated it liked it Jun 20, Terry Loewenberg rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Kristine Dillon rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Sheilah rated it liked it Feb 26, Chaosru rated it liked it Sep 12, Alan rated it liked it Jul 20, Emily rated it really liked it Aug 06, Lucky-me rated it liked it Mar 29, Rays rated it liked it Dec 03, Jose Sarmiento rated it really liked it Apr 03, Talisha Cabral rated it liked it Sep 06, And this is where his mastery as a portrait artist lies - that he gives to me not just beautiful self-images, but a deeper connection to my true self.

His childlike nature - so gentle and enthusiastic, I immediately relaxed into present time and opened to his lens like a flower. He gave me the freedom to and intuitively nudged me to go deeper when I felt stuck. By the end of the photo session, I was crying oceans of love; beautiful, uninhibited, soul full of love.

What I experienced working with TJ was much more than a common photo shoot. His comfort with himself and trust in the creative process allowed me to trust myself completely. In that place of trust I felt myself drop away from what I think I am, and reflect what I truly am - a universe of light and love. The most truthful pictures any one has ever captured of me. In our photo shoot you were able to capture the essence of my soul in time of deep prayer and devotion.

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You are a master in your craft. With your loving-kindness you guided me to ascend. My heart is filled with gratitude. I have been a fan for years. The macro shots of water droplets reveal the depth of his vision and his portraits not only are beautifully artistic, but convey a connection with his subjects on a metaphysical level. Our photography session yesterday took me to a world beyond physicality. It was fascinating to how your attention to the world, bought out the best of my look! Your dexterity to play every note of the music of camera made my experience of being photographed, a journey to the symphony of my diversity.

Are Passion and Artistry more Important than Photography Training?

From communicating to my potential clients, to coming out of meditation land where there is love for all, you captured every move, every mood, and the true essence of that who is me. I thank you for bringing mindfulness to the art of photography. You are now the official photographer of the heart, where everyone is beautiful regardless of their look!

I am thrilled with these photos, and grateful for your work. Words fail me when I attempt to communicate my gratitude. There are photographers and then there are photographic artists. He makes any visual sing with beauty and integrity. His work ethic, timing and professionalism are all grade A. I highly recommend TJ for any photography needs you may have. His photographs radiate his unique and luminous inner world.

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  • [PDF] The Inner Artistry Of Outdoor Photography Kindle Edition.
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  • We see the world as he does and it is so very beautiful and heart-opening! His discerning eye combined with his use of form and light instills a sense of beauty and magic in the viewer. At the same time, he elegantly reveals the inner beauty and mystery of those he photographs.

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    A rare and brilliant creative spirit! I keep following the evolution of your photography. In a world where we all take thousands of photos, your work stands out light years beyond the rest - mastery and genius - a study in what is true art, when compared to the mass of everything else that the rest of us do with the same medium…the same equipment TJ Devadatta Best is one of the most brilliant and gifted photographers I know.

    His eye is perfect and his vision is inspired. When I see them make an inner break through that had previously held them hostage for years and the light bulb goes off, accompanied by a lifting of past heaviness, this is the same Divine awakening that TJ Devadatta captures in his photography. I feel honored and blessed to have met TJ Devadatta and to now be able to collaborate with him, offering my clients Inner Light Inspired Portraits, to capture in photography the inner transformation we achieve working together.

    The playfulness and exquisite eye he brings to his photographs of the natural world translate masterfully in his portraiture. His studies in meditation have made him acutely sensitive to light energy and he has a powerful intuition that guides him to capture the most fleeting moments.

    Outdoor flash portrait photography in FULL SUN

    His portraits reflect his total empathy with his subjects and his wildlife photography can only come from one who deeply loves Nature. Photography That Captures the Spirit. There is a sublime spiritual quality in his work, no matter the subject, that comes across and moves my soul. Whatever the subject is he captures the energy, the essence! Therefore, calling his photography Light Inspired Art is perfect. It is light and feels divinely inspired. TJ Devadatta Best is one of the best international photographers I have known.

    He has a excellent eye for beauty. He captures in his portrait- photos the real character, the essence of the person behind it. All his photos are full of depth and light. They are in my eyes of the best quality. To meet and know TJ Devadatta, will fill your heart with blessings and grace. I have observed the talented and skilled TJ Devadatta for over 20 years. His quiet presence exemplifies the microcosm and the macrocosm of humanity, which he conveys into magnificent artistry manifested in his photography.

    After viewing even one of his photographs, you will desire more as the ethereal beauty is beyond imagination. It is as if the angels reach down and touch his creations. The translucent light-filled images draw the perceiver into the realm of unsurpassing beauty. TJ Devadatta is a unique photographer who has the ability to capture that which is beyond the eye. He tunes into the essence of a person, of nature, and of spiritual truths and expresses them in a way that is arrestingly beautiful and fresh.

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    • Several of his images grace our walls and I have discovered that his work holds the energy of inspiration and communicates it anew each day. Skirts, Leggings, Journals, etc. Cards, Clocks and More. For portraits or headshots that show your essence, that reflect your soul's energy, that connect from the heart and that show what you stand for and what you have to offer