The Savvy Couples Guide to Marrying After 35

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Kline and Kay Marshall Strom , Paperback. They see the distinct advantages of remaining footloose for a while, of having time to set up a solo household, of traveling and having adventures before they settle down, of getting established in a career. That means that when they marry, merging their two lives has greater complexity.

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Remarriage following divorce or death of a spouse is also more common as people live longer. And sobering as the fact may be, second marriages have a greater failure rate than first marriages.

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  • It's not surprising, then, that many couples thirty-five and older are looking for savvy advice about the particular issues they face in marrying at this stage of their lives. Kay Marshall Strom and Dan Kline have the wisdom of their own experience to offer. They found each other after first marriages that ended in death and divorce.

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    Further help comes from their interviews with a wide range of couples who married for the first or second time, varying in age from their mid-thirties to their late-eighties. This book deals with the practical, emotional and spiritual elements of building a life together, taking up issues from what to do with all your stuff to parenting a blended family, from handling two careers to fighting fairly. In this "savvy couple's guide" you'll find wise counsel for living happily even after.

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    What Did You Expect? Laying a Sound Foundation3. Strom and Kline present their material much like sociologists would, encouraging readers to study and consider what they have to say, then draw their own conclusions through discussion and prayer to apply that material to their own marriages.

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    They include useful discussion questions or activities at the end of each chapter, and pepper the text with thought-provoking quotations throughout. Click here for details. When The Struggle Is Real. Editor's Picks What Does Mean? Popular Today What Does Mean?