The Week Before the Wedding

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Her sister Summer has one of the best lines in the book when she talks about his having matured into a successful single man. She cut her past out of her life and just moved on but never really dealt with her feelings or allowed herself to revisit her choices. Ryan has moved on but he has worked through what went wrong with the marriage and how he contributed to the problem.

The secondary characters are great in this book especially the mothers. Their road to friendship has a rocky start but is really humorous. A pair of evil sisters adds to the bonding between mother-in-laws.

The Final Countdown! A Week Before Wedding Timeline

The ending is not a surprise but it is also not a given throughout most of the book. Kendrick does a good job of keeping the reader wondering what will happen. The ending is satisfying on all levels. Emily is finally living the picture-perfect life she has always wanted.

The Week Before the Wedding

She is a successful financial planner with a stock portfolio and financial security. And the two of them are tying the knot at a romantic Lodge in Vermont before jetting off to Bora Bora on their honeymoon. Just when Emily is sure things are about to get better, her past whirls onto the scene like a tornado. Her irresponsible, Emily is finally living the picture-perfect life she has always wanted. They seem determined to remind her that she used to be a lot less stressed out, a lot less uptight and a whole lot more fun.

Then Ryan Lassiter arrives on the scene, which forces Emily to explain the presence of her super hot ex-husband to her future in-laws. Worse, Ryan has evolved into a successful filmmaker without losing a drop of the drive and zest for life that has made Emily fall for him in college. She soon realizes that you can run from your past, but you cannot hide who you really are.

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Although on the surface this story seems like a storyline we have all read and enjoyed before, it has some surprising extras that make it well worth picking up. Kendrick does a spectacular job of bringing Emily to life in all of her flawed, over-achieving, emotional baggage toting glory. Readers will identify with her dysfunctional upbringing in a very real way. Apr 15, Jay added it Shelves: For me, The Week Before the Wedding started off boring and only got vaguely interesting at Chapter Part of the problem could have been that I started reading this on the heels of another book with a very similar plot that had been executed much better.

Fans may enjoy this but those who are unfamiliar with her work may want to start with a better book of hers. Oct 23, Margaret rated it liked it. Emily and Ryan had a whirlwind romance when they met at a wild college party and they married right after graduation.

They were both impulsive risk-takers, fun-loving, and passionately in love Tired of waiting for Ryan to make it in the world of films, tired of being the main bread-winner, tired of living in a dingy apartment of cheap second-hand furniture, tired of Ryan's lack of house-keeping skills; Emily walked out for good.

Now ten ye Emily and Ryan had a whirlwind romance when they met at a wild college party and they married right after graduation. Now ten years later Emily has her successful career in business and a wonderful husband-to-be who is a successful but busy surgeon. Everyone is gathered together in Valentine, Vermont for the week of the wedding and Emily is looking forward to the union and the chance to be part of a stable, close and loving family. Emily's own mother is a four-time married wild woman in her 50's and as flighty as they come.

Everything is calm and serene until lo and behold, Ryan shows up as a successful film producer supposedly doing some scouting for a future film. The calm and serenity begins to go downhill. The book had no surprises but the events leading to the predictable ending were fun and the characters were just quirky enough to be loveable. If you like light, quick reads with a few laughs thrown in, you will like this one. Jan 20, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: A light beach type read, a love triangle, I enjoyed the book, it was a pretty quick read for me and I will read others by Beth Kendrick.

But as fri A light beach type read, a love triangle, I enjoyed the book, it was a pretty quick read for me and I will read others by Beth Kendrick. She thought she had life and love all figured out, but the next seven days might change her mind—and her heart Jun 19, Susan J. I always find it a treat when a new Beth Kendrick novel comes out. The Week Before the Wedding lived up to my expectations of a hilarious yet sweet novel. Emily had walked out on Ryan after a tumultuous five months I always find it a treat when a new Beth Kendrick novel comes out.

A quick, engaging read! Aug 04, Mary rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed the book, but I gave it only three stars, as it was a bit predictable, in some respects. It is a typical Chick Lit book. But, there is a lesson. We can't always remake ourselves into an idea of what is the perfect life or lifestyle. Perhaps what we, think we want, is not really what we need or want. And, sometimes, what we need and want is right in front of us.

Also, given time, things age well, like fine wine. Emily's youth had been a bit crazy and chaotic. She believes she has found t I enjoyed the book, but I gave it only three stars, as it was a bit predictable, in some respects. She believes she has found the perfect husband in dashing, good looking, surgeon, Grant.

As the wedding approaches and both families and friends begin to gather for the wedding in Vermont, Emily's past comes crashing back into her life, in the form of Ryan, her first husband. What Emily learns during the week is that things are not always, as they seem. Apr 24, Kricket rated it it was ok Shelves: Aug 25, Anita Johnson rated it really liked it. This is chick lit at its best.

Emily is in her 30's and has matured into a responsible and focused adult, working in a high-powered job in finance and engaged to a surgeon. She has convinced herself that she is nothing like the carefree girl in her early 20's who fell madly in love with and married the handsome bad boy she met in college. A colorful cast of characters make this laugh-out loud funny and thoroughly enjoyable.

Oct 13, Casey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beth Kendrick is one of my new favorite authors! I have no idea how she took the idea of an ex-husband showing up before the wedding and turning it into a complete book. Not only did the author accomplish this, but shemade it ultra believable. I don't think there was a single thing in the book that was like, "come on, this wouldn't happen in real life". Very gifted and provide a nice escape from my own life. Aug 12, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed listening to this book. The narrator, Nicole Poole did a great job.

I liked Emily but she could get on my nerves at times. She changed herself for the life she thought she should lead instead of being true to herself. The supporting cast was great. They added a lot to the story. I liked both Grant and Ryan. They were both great guys in different ways. I was happy with the way it ended.

Apr 04, Caroline rated it it was amazing Shelves: The pages of this book just turned themselves and I was lost in the story. I adored all of the characters and the setting seemed so vibrant and real.

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Based on this book, Beth Kendrick is now an automatic buy for me. Highly recommended if you enjoy either romance or women's fiction as this is the ultimate and seamless blend of both genres. Jun 02, Amy rated it it was amazing. I listened to Beth speak at The Poisoned Pen and got this book there. When I started it, it captivated me. I spent as many minutes as I could read in a day and raced through this in two.

The characters are intriguing and leave you wanting to learn more about them. This book will take you away to Valentine, Vermont and you'll feel as if you went on vacation too. Jun 03, Mary rated it it was ok. Not really my style, don't know why I bothered. No humor or drama, beautiful girl, two rich, handsome love interests. Oh my, what is a girl to do?! Jun 30, Dee rated it really liked it. Cute second chance romance - review to follow. Jun 21, Miki rated it it was ok. A comfortable read, but completely predictable.

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Gee, guess what happens next? Aug 05, Debbie rated it it was ok. Corny and predictable - should've abandoned the book. Apr 15, Melissa rated it it was amazing. I started this with high hopes after reading other reviews. It sounded adorable, silly and just perfect for a long hike with my dog. I started listening and soon realized I had made a big mistake. Each and every person in this book is the exact reason I prefer animals to most humans. They are at the very least loyal, loving and honest.

Make sure your photographer and your videographer has your chosen shot list, your Band or DJ has your song list if needed , and that your venue knows when each supplier will be arriving to set up as well as their name. Going on honeymoon soon after the wedding? Place your passport, travel documents and currency somewhere together safe. Change sheets, make sure you have enough guest towels etc.


Go for your spray tan depending on how natural you want it to be you can get this p to 2 days before Go for your manicures and pedicure One Fab Day tip: Pack an emergency kit with wedding-day must-haves such as glue for false eyelashes, spray deodorant, pins of every kind, bandages, a hairbrush, clear nail polish, a sewing kit etc. Place final payments and cash tips into separate envelopes for each wedding supplier and give them to the groomsman, a trusted friend or family member to pay on your wedding day.

Pack your wedding overnight bag and ask someone to deliver it to where you'll be staying. Ceremony rehearsal Rehearsal dinner Think about a plan for removing all your decor or gifts from the venue the night of or morning after the big day. Nominate a friend or family member to help if you are heading away on honeymoon. If you are planning on doing any styling yourself, set up at venue make sure to have confirmed this with the venue a few weeks before try and get this done as early as your venue allows.

Sticking to what you know best will only benefit you when it comes to your skincare. While it's nice to change up your makeup or skincare routine, the week before your wedding is not the right time. There is plenty of time to do this in the months before not the days before. Similarly it's a smart choice to avoid getting any chemical peels or microdermabrasion done in the days coming up to your ceremony. This is something we often forget The night before your wedding is not the time to break in your heels though.

Be sure to do this a few weeks before to give your feet a chance at dancing all night. Lisa and Michael's real wedding by Jenny McCarthy. You may start panicking about fitting into your dress but you have to remember skipping meals will only leave you feeling weak and tired. The alterations are done and you will look amazing no matter what.

8 Important To-Dos for the Week of Your Wedding

Eat healthy and regularly rather than crash dieting. You'll be doing yourself a favour.

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Many couples are opting for DIY ceremonies. It's add a gorgeous personal touch to any ceremony but how many of those couple were hot glue gunning the night before their wedding? If you've chosen to do things yourself, make sure you've time to do it. Get as many DIY projects as possible out of the way before the week of your wedding otherwise you'll find you have no time to spend with family and your partner.

Jessica and Geoff's real wedding by Into the Light. This goes without saying but the not-so-secret secret of having a stress free wedding day is to not leave everything to the last minute.