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Living abroad Magazine Internships. Specify optional comma-separated pairs of Name,Value arguments. Name is the argument name and Value is the corresponding value. Name must appear inside quotes.

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You can specify several name and value pair arguments in any order as Name1,Value1, Character vector or string scalar that indicates action taken when a timer has to execute TimerFcn before the completion of previous execution of the TimerFcn. This table summarizes the busy modes. See Handling Timer Queuing Conflicts for more information.

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Character vector, string scalar, function handle, or cell array defining the function that the timer executes when an error occurs. If there is an error, this function executes, and then calls StopFcn.

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If you specify this property using a function handle, when MATLAB executes the callback it passes the timer object and an event structure to the callback function. The event structure contains the type of event in the Type field and the time of the event in the Data field. If your callback function accepts arguments in addition to the timer object and event data, specify this property as a cell array containing the function handle and the additional arguments. For more information, see Timer Callback Functions.

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Character vector or string scalar that defines how the timer object schedules timer events. This table summarizes the execution modes. In this mode, the timer callback function is only executed once. Therefore, the Period property has no effect. This is the default execution mode.

Starts when the timer function callback restarts execution after a time lag due to delays in the MATLAB execution queue.

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These modes define the starting point of the Period property. The Period property specifies the amount of time between executions, which remains the same. Only the point at which execution begins is different. To reset i to 1, execute the clear classes command. Character vector or string scalar with possible values of 'on' or 'off' , that provides a way for you to discourage end-user access to the timer objects your application creates.


The timerfind function does not return an object whose ObjectVisibility property is set to 'off'. Objects that are not visible are still valid. To retrieve a list of all the timer objects in memory, including the invisible ones, use the timerfindall function.

Number greater than 0. For the timer to use Period , you must set ExecutionMode and TasksToExecute to schedule multiple timer object callback events. Number greater than or equal to 0 that specifies the delay, in seconds, between the start of the timer and the first execution of the function specified in TimerFcn.

Character vector, string scalar, function handle, or cell array defining the function that executes when the timer starts. Have a question about this product? Our team of experts are available to answer any queries you may have to assist you with your purchase.

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