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Why are configurations in Desktop Central created using a Web interface? Desktop Central, with its Web-based interface, enables desktop administrators to access the application from anywhere within a network to complete various tasks; for example, to create configurations. This facilitates easy management of computers without being required to be present in any specific location. Which ports are used by the Desktop Central application?

You must open the following ports for effective communication between an agent, the Desktop Central server and the distribution server:. Which database does Desktop Central support to store data? Which Web server does Desktop Central use? Will new computers that are added in the domain receive configurations automatically once they check in with desktop Central?

Yes, computers that are newly added in the domain will receive all the deployed configurations automatically when they check in with the Desktop Central Server. All the features other than patch management works effectively while using Desktop Central in home edition of windows operating system. Do we have any option for multiple active directory inputs in Desktop Central? Yes, We accept multiple active directory inputs in Desktop Central.

How will the Desktop Central agent reach the Distribution Server if the port number used for their communication has been changed? When the agents of the remote location are unable to contact the Distribution Server, they contact the Desktop Central Server directly during the next 90 minutes refresh interval.

They receive the modified port numbers of the Distribution Server and communicates with it henceforth. What is IP Scope and What are its advantages? Desktop Central has different agents for different locations, for example a local office agent will not be the same as the remote office agent.

Similarly every remote office has different agents as well. When you are managing computers one or more remote locations, you can have a defined set of IP ranges for different offices. Desktop Central will check for the change in the IP address periodically and will deploy the appropriate agents whenever a change is detected. What will happen if the agents are unable to reach the Desktop Central Server to report the status after performing any task? Agents will report the status to the Desktop Central server after performing every task.

In case if the Desktop Central Server is not reachable, then the agents will update the status during their subsequent refresh interval. What minimum access requirements are needed if I configure Desktop Central without using a domain admin account?

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If you need to configure Desktop Central without using domain admin account, then you need a common user created in all the computers with admin privilege. However you will not be able to install agents automatically and agent installation can be done using a GPO.

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Is Desktop Central capable of managing Virtual computers? Yes, Desktop Central is capable of managing virtual computers. How to install Desktop Central agent in a different drive? Download the agent and navigate to the downloaded location using command prompt. For example, if you wanted to download the agent in D drive, execute the below mentioned command. This is a scheduled task created in the agents. This task runs on the client computer and scheduled every hour to ensure that the agent version is up to date. Is it possible to use Desktop Central to manage computers without installing agents?

No, Desktop Central needs agents to perform any desktop management activity. Is it mandatory for all the managed computers have connection to the internet? No, it is not necessary for all the managed computers to have internet connection. However Desktop Central server would need connection to the internet in order to download the patches and software applications from the respective vendors website. Can I use Desktop Central to manage computers that does not belong to a domain? Yes, Desktop Central can be used to manage computers even if they do not belong to a domain.

Which exe should I download, a bit or bit version? You can choose to download bit or bit based on your OS architecture. Why should I provide credentials with admin privileges? Credentials that have admin privileges need to be specified for carrying out certain activities in Desktop Central: How to remove a computer that has been taken offline? I manage desktops and mobile devices in my network. I have a need for OS imaging and deployment on computers.

How many UEM licenses should I purchase altogether? One UEM license accounts for the management of a single endpoint, be it desktop or a mobile device. The license that you purchase for managing desktops can be used for OS imaging and deployment. So, you do not require additional license for this purpose.

You need to purchase UEM licenses for managing the endpoints in your network. I have iOS, Android and Windows devices in my network. No, it is not required to purchase the add-on. I use Enterprise edition currently. No, you need not wait until your renewal. Refer this document for upgrading from Enterprise edition to UEM edition. Which ports must I open to use the Remote Control feature?

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You must open the the following ports to use the Remote Control feature:. By default, the Remote Control feature uses a secure connection. These ports have to be opened on the Desktop Central server. Which ports must I open to use the File Transfer feature during a remote control session?

You must open the following ports to use the File Transfer feature during a remote control session:. These ports have to be opened on the computer on which the Desktop Central server is installed. Can I view multiple monitors of a remote computer simultaneously? Yes, you can view multiple monitors of a remote computer simultaneously by using the Remote Control feature. You can switch between monitors using the multi-monitor icon available in the Active X viewer. Viewing multiple monitors simultaneously is currently not supported in a Java viewer.

For more information, see How to switch between multiple monitors during a remote session? The UI-rendering while using the Remote Control feature is slow. How can I improve its speed? You can set the compression level to Fast, when using the Remote Control feature, to improve the page-rendering speed. The bandwidth consumption will be comparatively higher when compared to best compression level, however the page-rendering will be comparatively faster.

What is the difference between Fast and Best Compression levels? When you set the compression level to Fast, the compression ratio is lower, resulting in an increase in the speed of the rendering of the UI.

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This is recommended when the computer that you are connecting remotely to is in the same LAN as the computer you are connecting from. When you set the compression level to Best, the compression ratio is higher, resulting in a decrease in the consumption of the bandwidth. However, the rendering of the UI will be comparatively slower.

This setting is recommended when the computer that you are connecting to remotely is at a different geographical location. On which browsers can I use the Remote Control feature? You can use the Remote Control feature on the following browsers:. Is it possible for multiple users to login remotely to a computer at the same time? Yes, it is possible for multiple users to login remotely to a computer at the same time. However, only one of the users who has logged in can take control. The other users can only view the changes that are being made. How do I lock a keyboard or a mouse or blacken the display on a remote computer?

You can lock a keyboard or a mouse to ensure that you can make changes effectively. Similarly, you can blacken the monitor of a remote computer when you do not want the user to view the changes that you are making. To blacken the remote monitor, click on the Blacken Monitor icon from the viewer. What will happen when I take a remote session of a Virtual Computer? When you take a remote session of a virtual computer, you will result in viewing the screen of the physical machine in which the remote session is hosted.

Do you support Mac machines? Yes, Desktop Central supports managing computers running Mac operating systems. How to locate the file where the remote control session is recorded? To locate the file where a remote control session is recorded, first navigate to the directory where the Desktop Central server is installed.

How to clear chat history? To clear chat history follow the steps mentioned below;. What will happen if port is already in use?

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If port is already in use, you can use configure chat in other ports. To change the port used by chat, follow the steps mentioned below;. To change the port number after the Desktop Central server is installed, follow the steps given below:. Under which circumstances will chat session fail? Chat session will fail in the following scenarios;.

What will happen when we try to initiate a chat session with the user who is inactive? You will not be able to chat with the user if the user is offline. How often will the logged on User names be refreshed? The list of user names will be updated in three scenarios as specified below. With ServiceDesk Plus's agent you can get asset data and this can also be achieved with Desktop Central agent in addition to other activities such as, raise help desk tickets from Desktop Central tray icon, perform Desktop Management activities like patch management, software deployment, remote control etc.

I have license to manage nodes in ServiceDesk Plus and have purchased license to manage computers in Desktop Central. How does integration work in this scenario? Out of nodes, say you have computers, you can mange only up-to computers in the integrated console. For smooth integration, the license count of both ServerDesk Plus and Desktop central should match with the number of computers you manage. What are the ports used by OS Deployment?

Why is WinPE media required?

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WinPE media is required to boot the machines in to Windows Pre-installation environment to perform deployment and offline imaging. How is OS Deployment Licensed? OS Deployment supports machine based licensing, that is the number of workstation and server machines on which you want to perform deployment.