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In , a resonant series of anniversaries and commemorations prompted an enhanced awareness in London of the history of the Teutonic world in general, and - specifically - a sense of post-war Germany in terms of three of its most symbolic and emblematic visual artists. The documentary power and graphic clarity of the medium challenged and persuaded artists such as Degas, Sickert, Warhol, and innumerable creative voices. In their essays Marina and Anne explore the conjunctions and variations where document and dream intermingle.

EM Forster's famous dictum "Only connect! Before Seduced by Art: Photography Past and Present , the National Gallery has only exhibited the work of a contemporary photographer on one occasion.

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Renowned artist Lucian Freud was commemorated in an exhibition of 50 portraits spanning his working life, held at The National Portrait Gallery London from February to May The review explored the development of his art from the potent and hypersensed studies of the s to major paintings in the later phase, where the artist engaged in a complex and sometimes brutal meditation on the human being, drawn from an intimate engagement with the sitter. Shades of a minor character in Dickens or Trollope, but in fact the resoundingly named Tripe , army officer and photographer, was the sixth son and ninth child of a professional middle-class family from Devonport, his father a surgeon in the Royal Navy.

He joined, as so many of his background did - younger son, but of a certain social status - the East India Company's army the 12th Madras Native Infantry aged only 17, the third Tripe son to do so. They have all been brilliantly culled for the alluring and significant exhibition of some of Beaton's royal portraits, billed as A Diamond Jubilee Celebration. The dazzling exhibition of Horst at the Victoria and Albert is particularly apt: And he took sustained inspiration from the isms of art - past and present.

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In the thirties he photographed costumes by Dali and used props from Giacometti furniture. Dali designed a set for a photograph for Horst to take for American Vogue, with dresses by Hattie Carnegie.

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This ample exhibition - or so photographs, and a small complementary display of well chosen magazines, showing a succinct number in published form - by Man Ray is described as the first to concentrate exclusively on his portraits. He was born in Philadelphia as Michael Emmanuel Radnitzky, the eldest child of Russian Jewish immigrants the father's classic occupation for someone of his ethnicity and class that of a tailor ; the family moved to Brooklyn in , the first of Man Ray's advantageous geographical relocations.

In a photograph a US Marine pauses for thought, inadvertently echoing those renaissance paintings of meditating scholars, holding his helmet rather than a book - but this is a quiet moment in the battle for Hue. It is McCullin's photographs which helped to define the savage war in Vietnam for Britain, and beyond.

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Some is unbearably sad: One of Shakespeare's most often quoted lines, from Hamlet, simply asserts that "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in our philosophy. The extraordinary exhibition of thousands of photographs ranging from cumbersome, beautifully detailed, sharply acute photographs of the aftermath of the s American Civil War to mundane landscapes taken in , are based on an enlivening, provocative, and even perhaps controversial organizing principle.

What is novel is the unusual premise: Major discoveries can still be made in the field of visual art, but few perhaps are quite so surprising as the current first retrospective devoted to the French photographer Camille Silvy at the National Portrait Gallery, London to October It is an enthralling and unexpected selection, and the anthology resonates beyond this showing.

It is from the Eric and Louise Franck collection, which has been donated to the Tate, and is part of the process by which the gallery has very belatedly, but with almost overwhelming enthusiasm, entered into collecting and showing photography as a medium in in its own right, with a very active patrons group supporting acquisitions. One of the benefits of Tate joining the fray is evident in the installation of this show.

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Several hundred photographs of varying scales, and most of them newly printed gelatin silver prints, in superb tones of greys, blacks, and whites, take us into a world that has been subliminally familiar to us for nearly 50 years. Stardust is the title given to this self-selected retrospective, three years in the making, the photographer his own curator, and the word neatly encapsulates the fascinating conundrum of photography itself.


As Bailey himself puts it, "It's not the camera that takes the picture, it's the person," and these photographs are as much about Bailey as his subject. The presence of that great, messianic leader, Joseph Beuys loomed large.

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