School Reform Can Be Murder

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Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Essay writing services must be banned to stop cheating, say academics. One in seven students globally believed to have paid others to do their assignments for them. Half of workers think Britain has a 'class ceiling'. Study commissioned by Justine Greening reveals perception of bias against working class accents.

Secondary academies testing primary pupils on summer visiting days. Some children turning up to see their new school have had a nasty surprise: Schools miss out in rush to set up academies, MPs find. You would be on the ground like a new born baby. You would have to learn everything all over again.

So you have to ask yourself, what if you had a chance to start over again and had a chance to relive your life? What would you change about the things that you learned during your previous life experiences? What things would you like to learn this time in the first 16 years of your life? How would you like your education experience to be like this time? What if you had a chance to go back and improve upon everything in your life, and improve everything in the world, what would you do?

Guess what, almost every single person on this planet is in that position now. This is not a what if, this is a "What can we do now? If people were to be given the knowledge to understand life more accurately and more completely, that would give people enormous potential, with endless possibilities, and the ability to solve any problem that the world is currently suffering from. But this is not just about improving education, this is also about making sure that people continually have access to the most valuable and the most accurate information and knowledge that the world has to offer.

Information that would help people make the best decisions possible, and at the same time, give them the greatest control over the quality of their life.

Why are Local Governments so incompetent, inefficient and corrupt? Why are Public Services so dysfunctional, incompetent and inefficient in America? Why are Public Sector Workers so incompetent and inefficient? Why are Government-Run Businesses so incompetent, inefficient and corrupt? Why are some Private Businesses so incompetent, inefficient and corrupt? Because our education system is incompetent, inefficient and corrupt. Too many schools are like an evil joke being played on innocent children, it's just cruel. And people wonder why children grow up to be resentful , da.

But kids and people have to learn to forgive teachers and parents, because they do not know any better. So it's not their fault and they are not to blame, just like you're not to blame, no one is to blame. So the only intelligent thing left to do now is start learning, and start learning together, as we should have done since the beginning, but we never learned how, until now. We are about to embark on the most incredible journey, beyond imagination.

Our dysfunctional and ineffective education system has similar results as the radicalization of terrorists. Except some of the graduates from public education end up killing more people then all terrorists combined, because they grow up to be politicians and corporate leaders. Radicalization and ignorance are the same thing.

How can you go to the best universities in the world and still end up ignorant? It's not just what schools are teaching, it's what the school are not teaching that does most of the damage. Radicalization will not exist after education improves, because there we be nothing to be radical about when the ignorance is removed from society by a high quality education. Cause and Effect It's bad enough that students are not learning the right things at the right time, they are to many times that students are learning the wrong things at the wrong time.

And they don't even know it because being intellectually deprived means that you don't have the necessary information and knowledge that is needed to correctly analyze and understand that you are Intellectually Deprived , or Pathologically Naive. So if education does not improve then almost every student will never fully understand themselves or the world, and they will never be effective enough or efficient enough to improve their abilities or increase their potential.

Pathologically is any deviation from a healthy or normal condition. Naive is lacking information or instruction. Deficient in relevant experience. Gullible - Ignorant As all schools are, the Free School is a great experiment. Learning on your own and experiencing life on your own terms is incredibly important. But, there is only so much you can learn from your own experiences.

And you don't want to waste too much time making the same mistakes that everyone else makes, even though learning from your mistakes is important. That is why teaching is so extremely valuable. Freedom to explore and freedom to learn is absolutely necessary, but you also need Guidance from an experienced professional, because this will save you lots of time and help you learn much quicker and learn much more. The worlds accumulated knowledge and information is our most valuable resource, and should not be wasted.

That is why I'm collecting and organizing all the knowledge and information that I can find so that I can share it with as many people as possible. This will save people many years of time and effort, which is one of the main purposes of teaching, saving people time so they have more time to explore and learn more about our world then the previous generations.

They will also have more time to enjoy life as well, and, be better equipped to solve the problems that have been plaguing this world for way too long. Being part of the solution will always be the most rewarding. Knowing what things to learn and when to learn them is extremely important. The worlds most valuable knowledge and information does not come from schools or universities, or does it come from the TV, or the Radio, or the News Papers or Magazines.

The worlds most valuable knowledge and information is not found all in one place, but it will be soon, welcome to Basic Knowledge , collecting and organizing the worlds most valuable knowledge and information so that it can be used to improve education, as well as improve the lives of every person on the planet. Right to Education Trying to explain what a high quality education is, is like trying to explain what seeing is like to a blind person, it's extremely difficult.

You have to experience it, you can't pretend to know what it is, or pretend to know what it isn't. You don't understand a language or know how speak a language until you learn how. The only way to understand knowledge and information is learn what knowledge and information is, and to learn what knowledge and information means to a human.

This is our time All the problems that we see in the world are directly related to people not having enough information and knowledge. When people have more access to more knowledge, and when people learn the facts about the world, they will have more opportunities and they will have more choices. Just like when someone receives a high quality education, that person has more potential, they have better skills, and they have a better chance of having a better life.

It's time that we make improving education one of our highest priorities. It's time that we create a high quality education that everyone has access to. We can no longer allow ignorance to destroy ourselves and our planet. We have to make improving education a world project, something that everyone can do together, something that anyone on the planet can be a part of. Let education be in the News everyday. Let it be seen on the TV everyday. Let people know that education is important and that learning should be part of our daily life.

Everyone has the responsibility to learn, to know more about ourselves, to know and understand the world around us. This is our time. These are the things that we have learned so far and this is what we know. These are the current predictions that we have calculated so far that will impact your life, negatively and positively, with some predictions being in the near future , and some being far into the future.

Their efforts are responsible for sustaining Human Life for thousands of years, as well as, providing us with many benefits, advancements and luxuries. But during this process of survival and progress, we have made a lot of mistakes and have caused a lot of problems. This is your world now. This is your responsibility. In order for us to improve our lives, and continue to progress and to survive, we must learn how to repair our mistakes, while at the same time, learn how to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

So if the knowledge that you needed was available for you to learn, then you could learn anything you want. The more knowledgeable you are about something, the more chances you'll have to use that knowledge for your benefit, as well as for the benefit of others. The more we learn about what we can do, the more we can do. Improving the world needs to be a competition. Where countries and communities can compete with each other.

So we should make our most beneficial endeavors more fun and less boring. We are very creative, so it will be easy.


If you want a job, then you better learn how to create a job yourself, or support the people who are creating good paying jobs that are sustainable and beneficial to everyone. If you want healthy and clean food at a reasonable cost, then you better learn how to grow food yourself, or support the farmers who grow healthy and clean food. If you want clean water in abundance, then you better learn how to create clean water in abundance yourself, or support the people who know how to create clean water in abundance.

You want a home, you better learn how to build a home yourself, or support the people who know how to create affordable, healthy and energy efficient homes. Do you want clean and affordable energy, then you better learn how to create clean and affordable energy yourself, or support the people who know how to create clean and affordable energy.

If you want a fair and criminal free government, then you better learn how to create a fair and criminal free government, or support the people who know how to create a fair and criminal free government. You don't have to do everything yourself, but you do have to learn how to do everything yourself. This way nothing will stop you from having a good life. Everyone knows there's no guarantees, but you can definitely increase your odds significantly, so having a great life is definitely in your hands. When we work together our potential is limitless.

So start building your team now, start a club or a coop of like minded people. Create your own community of intelligent people , people you can count on who share the same values that you do. Use Social Media the way that it is supposed to be used, which is to stay connected to people and create healthy and strong bonds. Share information and knowledge that benefits people, instead of sharing information that isolates people.

The word is education. Almost everyone will agree how incredibly important education is. Every parent in the world wants their child to have a good education. But the most surprising thing is, no one knows what a good quality education is supposed to be, which is totally mind blowing. Most everyone knows the importance of being able to read and write, but no one knows what would be the best things to read or the best things to write, which again is totally mind blowing. But trying to explain what this means is extremely difficult.

What does it mean to have more knowledge and more information? Again, extremely difficult to explain. Education has the enormous potential to make improvements all over the world, in all aspects of society. Of course this is not what our current education system is designed to do. An improved education can produce highly educated people with incredible abilities, skills and qualities. People who could solve every problem that our world is currently faced with.

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Everyone knows the value of a good education. People who have a good education have more options, more choices, more abilities and more potential. But the improvements that we have made to education so far, have fallen way short to prepare people for the world that we live in today. We have a lot of problems to solve and a lot of challenges ahead of us, so we are going to need a lot of highly educated people to solve these problems and to meet these challenges.

But access to a good education is out of reach for most people. There is a Knowledge Gap Divide. And with budget cuts and school closings, getting a good education is becoming a lot more difficult and a lot more expensive. We have accumulated a lot of information and knowledge over the last 2, years. And just in the last years the amount of information and knowledge that we've accumulated has increased tremendously.

And thanks to the internet , and the millions of people who have contributed to the largest source of information and knowledge, we are literally sitting on the biggest gold mine this world has ever seen. We have learned so much about ourselves and the world around us that we can no longer afford to ignore the value and the benefits of all the things that we now know.

The facts are in. All human improvements and technological advancements have all been the result of more people having more access to more knowledge and more information. So if we improve our greatest tool, which is education, and make it available to everyone, we will unleash the full power of human potential all over the world, and at the same time, fix all our major problems that we are currently faced with. Every person has the potential to be intelligent, so it just makes sense that we provide everyone with the necessary tools and knowledge to reach their potential.

Every parent in the world wants their child to have access to the best education possible, because every parent knows that a good education is an incredibly important when it comes to their child's future. This is why we need to build a complete high quality education that everyone can have access too. An Education that is available online, in schools or in the form of software that can run on any computer or smartphone anywhere in the world. This will give every person on the planet a chance to be successful in their life, as well as in their careers and at the same time be a benefit to the world.

There are currently thousands of people working on improving education, but we can't do it alone, and we certainly can not use the same teaching methods or the same inadequate curriculum, because they are clearly not enough to prepare students, and the evidence of that is everywhere, especially when you look at all the things that can be avoided like the thousands of people who are dying everyday, the millions who are suffering everyday, and the enormous amount of destruction that is happening to our environment everyday.

These things can be avoided and so they should. The world is desperately in need of educated people. People who can be problem solvers for the countless problems that have been plaguing our world for way to long. We have many challenges ahead and we need many highly educated and skilled people to meet these challenges. We are an intelligent species with incredible abilities and potential, and our advancements in technology is clear evidence of our potential, and clear evidence of what educated people can accomplish.

And we all know that when we work together we can accomplish some amazing things. We have everything that we need on this planet, except a complete high quality education that everyone has access too. An education that provides a person with all the necessary information, knowledge and skills that a person needs to be prepared to live on this planet.

So lets do this Lets build a complete high quality education that everyone has access too. It will be our gift to every child on the planet, and a gift to future generations to come. And we did this by building more Schools and more Universities then any other time in human history. So this education thing works really really well. But, we haven't improved education enough in order for it to adequately prepare, or have we made it available to everyone. So we are literally wasting the potential of 's of millions of people. Young people today need to fully understand, we are just beginning to realize how badly our schools are and that the way we educate people needs a lot of improving.

The enormous amount of valuable information and knowledge that the world has accumulated, over the last 10, years, needs people that have learned how to correctly utilize this incredibly valuable resource that we call knowledge. We all know the benefits of highly educated people, so lets educate everyone. If you're going to pass one thing onto your future generations, let it be knowledge, it's the gift that keeps on giving, and improving.

School standards and the curriculum are incredibly inadequate, and our teaching methods are old and outdated. Kids are not prepared and definitely not ready for the challenges of life. That means most kids will most likely waste way to much time thinking about things and worrying about things that are irrelevant and unimportant, which will cause them to do to many things in their life that are irrelevant and unimportant.

Life shouldn't be something that you have to endure, life is something to explore, and enjoy. And if you don't have the necessary knowledge and information, you will get lost, you will struggle, you will make a lot of mistakes that you shouldn't have to make. So you will waste a lot of time, you will not be aware as you should be and can be, and you will have no clear direction in your life, or anyone else's life.

Everyone has incredible amounts of potential. But all that potential goes to waste if you never learn how to utilize it, as well as, utilize all your natural born talents, talents that you are unaware that you even have. Undereducated people also make bad decisions, and a lot of those mistakes that they make they won't even notice that they're making them. So you see our awareness is extremely important. It's more then just understanding what you see, but more importantly it's understanding the things you can't see. The more we are aware of, the more we are aware of the choices we have, and the better our decisions will be.

Humans have brains, it's time we start using them, effectively and efficiently. Just because you went to school does not mean that you are educated. To say someone is educated says very little about that person. You can say that being educated means that a person can read and write and do some math. It does not say that a person is reading the right things, or writing things that are relevant, or counting things that matter. Just because you have abilities does not mean you are using them correctly, effectively or efficiently.

Educated and Intelligence should mean the same thing. If you don't go to school or college you won't get a good job, that is really a stupid thing to say, and this is why. First, going to school does not define what you need to learn, and getting a job does not define what type of work that you should do. Just because you go to school does not guarantee that you will learn the right things, and just having a job does not mean that the work that you do is important, or does it say that the work you do is valuable or that it benefits people and has a positive impact on the world.

So what do you need to learn? And what type of work should you do? Higher Education We can clearly see that education has improved the lives of millions of people all around the world. But sadly we can also see that millions of other people do not have the benefits of education, which is causing millions of people to suffer, millions to live in poverty, and causing thousands of people to die prematurely every single day.

The benefits and potential of education is just to important to ignore.

Coalition education reforms ‘fuelled inequality in schools’

Everyone needs to be a part of this. Since I have dedicated the last 6 years of my life, and I will continue to dedicate the rest of my life to improving education and making it available to everyone, I will not stop until my body has deceased. I prey to God that I can live another 50 years.

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Because it would be a honor and a privilege to give the last 50 years of my life, especially knowing that millions of people will benefit from having a complete education, and then those millions will benefit millions more, and so on and so on, until every human that ever lives will have access to the worlds best education.

Abstract Improving education may seem like an abstract idea, and it may be hard for most people to visualize and understand what improving education means, but it's not that hard to understand how knowledge and information can improve someone's life, or understand how knowledge and information can give a person more potential. One of the reasons why improving education seems like an abstract idea is because the word education itself is abstract.

No one has a clear understanding of what education is or what educations purpose should be. And the reasons why education is so abstract is because todays education is fragmented and dysfunctional, which is the cause of this abstraction. If you can't teach people to understand what education is, then education will not improve fast enough to meet the challenges that we are currently faced with, thus suffering, diseases, problems and avoidable deaths will continue for as long as humans live.

The words education and knowledge has little meaning to the average person. Beyond the basic definition of the words education and knowledge, there is no way to clearly explain what education and knowledge means, until we create a high quality education and see the results. It's hard to explain something that takes months, and even years, to fully understand. It's not easy to explain something that's hard to imagined or visualize.

It's like trying to explain to some one a place in the world that they have never visited or never seen a picture of. No matter how detailed I am in my explanation, it will never compare to being there and living there. You have to go and see and experience it yourself. I can show you examples, like show you poverty and say that is the result of a poor education, and then show you sky scrapers and bridges and say that is the result of a good education.

But those explanations would not even come close. There is no easy way to explain what it means to understand, to increase your awareness, to increase your potential, to see more opportunities and more possibilities then ever before, an awakening. I have no examples of a great education, because we don't have a great education yet. I can't even be an example myself because I'm still learning, so most of what I have so far is a head start. I can tell you the things that I have learned so far, but that would never be enough to explain to you all the benefits that I have experienced.

I just got started. This is because there is no guarantee that you are learning important lessons or gaining valuable skills by experience many different things. I experience many different things in my life, but those experiences provided little value to me when I compared them to learning the right things at the right time. Knowledge is not automatically gained through our experiences. Knowledge is a slow methodological process that can only be successful if given access to the right knowledge at the right time and sequence. Every parent wants their children to be able to make good decisions on their own.

So lets give them the necessary information and knowledge so they can do this successfully. We have this ability, so let us not waste it, we don't have a lot of time to waste, or people. We live in an incredible system that took millions of years to perfect. It's a magnificent and sustainable a cycle of life that has sustained humans for thousands of years. And if we maintain this system correctly, it will provide us with life for the next 3 billion years. But we are failing, and failing miserably in to many areas. It's time we educate people and teach everyone about the problems that we all face in this world.

We have a fighting chance, But if we don't train and educate people enough to face these challenges then we will have very little chance of making any improvements, especially enough that would ensure our survival.

Education Reform Improving Education

A natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment, thus remaining alive. So are you still wondering why we need to improve education? Don't worry, understanding this will not happen over night. We have a serious education problem, it's not working. And the evidence that education isn't working is everywhere. We need to make a lot of improvements in how we educate our young. Luckily education isn't totally broken, it just needs a lot of fixing. A teacher is either the worlds greatest enemy or the worlds greatest ally.

Eating brains does not make you smarter. The only way to unzombify yourself is to fully and accurately educate yourself. That means everyone could have the ability to fully understand themselves and fully understand the world around them. I'm not saying that these highly educated people will know everything, but they will know enough to control their own destinies, and to live the life that they choose to live, a life with complete fairness and compassion for everyone.

A wild animal with a short life span and no potential. Don't waste students time with inferior curriculum, inadequate schooling and teaching methods, because everyone will have to pay for this ignorance, and the world cannot afford anymore ignorance. Falling short of some prescribed norm. Of or characteristic of low rank or importance.

Ineffective is not producing an intended effect. Lacking the ability or skill to perform effectively ; inadequate. Inefficient is not producing desired results ; wasteful. Lacking the ability or skill to perform effectively; inadequate. Inadequate is lacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task.

Not sufficient to meet a need. Deficient is a quantity not able to fulfill a need or requirement. Tracking Degenerate is a person with uncontrolled abnormal behavior and a lack of morality that deviates from what is acceptable. Decline is a condition inferior to an earlier condition; a gradual falling off from a better state. Go down in value. Change toward something smaller or lower. Diminish is to decrease in size, extent, or range. Pathologically Naive - Ignorant - Gullible Disadvantage is having something that impedes, hinders or interferes with the abilities or progress of someone to a point that it may be harmful.

Damage is to cause injury or harm that reduces value or usefulness of someone or something. To break something, sometimes beyond repair and not able to perform its normal function. Cause something to separate into pieces or fragments. Stop something from operating or functioning.

Damage can also mean any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right. Act in disregard of laws , rules, contracts, or promises. Disruption is the act of causing disorder. Disorder is a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning. Distortion is the alteration of the original shape or other characteristic of something. Defective is subnormal in structure or function or intelligence or behavior. An imperfection in a bodily system.

Education Reform

Error Defect is an imperfection in a bodily system. A failing or deficiency. An imperfection in an object or machine. A mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something, especially on a person's body. Flaw is a defect or weakness in a person's character. An imperfection in a plan or theory or legal document that causes it to fail or that reduces its effectiveness. Add a flaw or blemish to; make imperfect or defective. Deterioration is a symptom that reduces the quality or strength of something or someone. Process of changing to an inferior state.

Mediocre is something average and inferior in quality. Lacking exceptional quality or ability. Poor to middling in quality. Fault is a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or Inattention. The quality of being inadequate or falling short of perfection. Responsibility for a bad situation or event. Blame - Mistakes Impediment is something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress.

Any structure that makes progress difficult. Ineptitude is having unskillfulness resulting from a lack of training or quality education. Having no qualities that would render it valuable or useful. Unable is not having the necessary means or skill or know-how. Lacking necessary physical or mental ability.

Intelligence Dysfunctional is impaired in function; Failing to serve an adjustive purpose. Diminished in strength, quality, or utility. Mentally or physically unfit. Make worse or less effective. Incompetence is the lack of physical or intellectual ability or qualifications. Inability to function properly.

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  7. Obtuse is someone annoyingly slow to understand, blunt, not quick to alert in perception, thick headed. Fragmented is lacking orderly continuity. Part; cease or break association with. Having been divided ; having the unity destroyed. Break or cause to break into pieces. Vague is something not clearly understood or expressed. Lacking clarity or distinctness. Coherence is logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts. Retardation is a decrease in rate of change. The extent to which something is delayed or held back.

    Any agent that retards or delays or hinders. Lack of normal development of intellectual capacities. The act of slowing down or falling behind. Abnormalities are abnormal physical conditions resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies causing below normal range of intelligence and behaviors that disregard the rules of etiquette, customs or morality, and also marked by strangeness as a consequence of being abnormal.

    Executive Dysfunction is a disruption to the efficacy of the executive functions , which is a group of cognitive processes that regulate, control, and manage other cognitive processes. Subhuman or Untermensch is a term that became infamous when the Nazis used it to describe non-Aryan "inferior people" often referred to as "the masses from the East", that is Jews, Roma, and Slavs - mainly ethnic Poles, Serbs, and later also Russians. The term was also applied to most Blacks, and persons of color, with some particular exceptions. Jewish people were to be exterminated in the Holocaust, along with Romani people, and the physically and mentally disabled.

    According to the Generalplan Ost, the Slavic population of East-Central Europe was to be reduced in part through mass murder in the Holocaust, with a majority expelled to Asia and used as slave labor in the Reich. These concepts were an important part of the Nazi racial policy. A dumbing down of education is the same thing. Normal Instructions create normal and healthy human beings.

    Abnormal instructions creates abnormal and unhealthy human beings. As Above, So Below. We buy more, but enjoy it less. We have more leisure, but less fun. We have more conveniences, but less time. We have more gadgets, but less satisfaction. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We have more knowledge, but less judgment. We have more experts, yet more problems.

    We have more kinds of food, but less nutrition. We have more more medicine, but less wellness. We have added years to life but not life to years. We have learned how to make a living, but not a life. We have more degrees but less sense. We write more, but learn less. We have more acquaintances, but fewer friends. We have bigger houses and smaller families We have more effort, but less success. We plan more, but accomplish less. We have learned to rush, but not to wait. We have wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints.

    The summer has been invaluable. But this fall is when the real work will begin. This article originally appeared in Huffington Post. If you had six months, little to no resources, and a clear mandate to solve a chronic country-wide problem — knowing that, if you failed, you would be asked to leave that country altogether — what would you do? I ask because this was precisely the challenge Save the Children was faced with, in Vietnam, in the early s.

    And the way they succeeded has great relevance for those of us who continue to struggle with other intractable problems like, say, comprehensive school reform. In , two-thirds of Vietnamese children under the age of five were suffering from malnutrition. Consequently, traditional supplemental feeding programs offered little more than a temporary solution. Under these circumstances, Save the Children STC was asked to help Vietnam solve its widening problem of child malnutrition — and told that the solution could not come from more food, more money, or more resources of any kind: Although readily available and free for the taking, the conventional wisdom held these foods to be inappropriate, or even dangerous, for young children.

    Other atypical habits emerged. Most families fed their young children twice a day — in the morning, before they left to work in rice fields, and in the afternoon, after they returned. But because small children have small stomachs, they could only eat so much of the available rice at each sitting. By contrast, the outlier parents had instructed an adult in the house usually a grandparent or older sibling to feed their children regularly — as much as five times a day. As a result, even though every family had the same amount of rice, some children were getting twice as many calories as their friends and neighbors.

    Armed with these insights, STC worked to help the parents of the malnourished children change their behavior. Within weeks, the early morning trip to the rice paddy with a small net and empty tin can — for retrieving the shrimp, crabs and greens — had become routine. Currently, we celebrate the teachers or schools that demonstrate unusual gains in reading and math scores. What, then, is the central goal of American school reform? And if that is our goal or close to it , then our examples of positive deviance must come from schools and communities that, despite limited resources, are helping children to holistically develop and grow.

    It probably also needs to mean only public schools that do not screen for certain types of students — so, no magnets, either. So who fits the bill? For districts that are reorienting themselves around the personalized needs of every student , we might want to spend more time looking at what RSU2 is doing in Maine , or what superintendent Pam Moran has helped engineer in Albemarle County, Virginia. For individual schools that are attuned to the holistic developmental needs of kids , we can look to Malcolm Price Lab School in Iowa, or The Project School in Indiana. What other examples are you aware of — and what is the positive deviance your example brings to light?

    In fact, the study suggests we may need to adopt a different lens when viewing the problem, and start thinking of homicide less as an individual choice, and more as a reflection of a larger infectious disease like AIDS or the flu. Zeoli and her team studied every homicide in Newark over a period of a quarter century — 2, murders in all, at a rate three times as high as the rest of the U.

    They tracked down the time and location of every single murder, and then plugged the data into a program that was previously reserved for tracking infectious diseases; it creates a model to show how the epidemic is spreading — and where it might go next. Anyone else seeing the implications a study like this could have for how we think about school reform?

    Currently, we tend to overly assign individual causes to the symptoms of whole-school or single-child success in school. What would happen if we reclassified how we define a failing school — away purely from individual adult ineptitude or child indifference, and more toward the holistic language of infectious disease? The challenges associated with an idea this big are myriad. Public education in America is organized around content knowledge, not skills.

    It defines success via the prism of intellectual, not emotional, growth. It survives via compulsion, not commitment. And any adult who already sees the value of nurturing empathetic children needs useful guidance in how to actually do it. And in a recent conversation with some of my Ashoka colleagues, I heard something that might diffuse all those challenges in a single stroke.

    What Goleman and Ekman mapped out — in a little-read blog post from — was three different ways a person can convey empathy. This is the first stage of becoming empathetic, and while it may be helpful in motivating people or running for elective office, it also has a dark side if it exists in isolation: Until recently, we were at a loss to explain how, or even why, we do this. But now scientists have located the process in a set of special cells in the brain called mirror neurons.

    These cells are what help us recognize and understand the deepest motives and needs of our fellow human beings. As with cognitive empathy, however, emotional empathy can have troublesome consequences if applied in isolation. The purposeful detachment cultivated by those in medicine offers one way to inoculate against burnout. But the danger arises when detachment leads to indifference, rather than to well-calibrated caring.

    What would happen if schools were more mindful of this Empathy Formula? Instead of offering disconnected but well-intentioned efforts to help children think, feel or act, would adults start to help children think, feel and act? Would communities be increasingly populated with people who were neither narcissistic nor emotionally empty?

    And would the most pressing problems of our day — from energy to education to enlivening our civic life — be analyzed, internalized, and diffused by a new generation of changemakers?