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You can use the animation features within Power Point to create a slide show like showing old fashioned slides, only you can add all sorts of other special effects and you don't have to carry around a tray of slides! These guidelines will guide you to perform the following: PowerPoint provides a variety of animation effects that you can use when moving from one slide to another.

If you would like to have some slides show for longer periods of time to give the viewers a chance to read text or to examine a complicated diagram, then you will need to set the timing for each slide separately. It is best to do this when you are in the slide sorter view where you can see thumbnails miniatures of each slide. Custom shows are like a presentation within a presentation. They can be used when you want to depart from the main content of your presentation to:.

To access your custom slide shows you create an agenda slide. I had a lot of fun drawing the pics for this presentation! Oh, and before you ask. Agile India in Bangalore. Wow, what an awesome conference! I was amazed by the energy level of the participants, spent hours talking to people about all kinds of really interesting challenges.

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Based on the fully packed rooms and incredible feedback, it seems like my talks were exactly the kind of information people were looking for. Feels great to be able to help! I also managed to squeeze in a site visit to a local development center, and discuss their agile implementation. Always fun to jump into trenches and see what is going on out there. There may also be some copies left at the conference bookstore.

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Here are the slides for my third! And then that one finished early, so I filled in the last 20 minutes with this short talk about Agile Home. Here are the slides from my Ale keynote: Everybody wants Change — but nobody likes to Be Changed. Lots of very engaged and experienced participants, lots of interesting discussions, thanks for coming! Here are annotated slides from my lighting talk Agile Home at Agila Sverige Have you tried a BBQ board? Or a travel spike? Or a homework burnup chart? How about Limiting WIP in the kitchen, or the closet? How about agile party planning?

There are plenty of ways that Agile and Lean practices and ideas can be used to make life at home more simple, pleasant, and fun!

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There are two recordings of the talk: The talk is in Swedish though, and the sound quality is pretty bad. Wanted to try that instead of writing an article, what do you think? Due to timezone differences it was the middle of the night. Crisp's Blog from the Crisp Consultants. Tags agile , lean , slides Comments 6.


Confessions of a Change Agent. Tags agile , slides Comment 0. Tags agile , lego , scaling , slides , spotify Comments 5. Agile — where are we at? My slides from USI conference, Paris.

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  3. Zukunft braucht Erinnerung - Der Genozid in Ruanda 1994 und die Schuld der westlichen Welt aus philosophischer Sicht (German Edition).
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Tags slides Comment 0. Anyway here are some sample pictures from the keynote. Tags agile , slides Comments 3. Tags agile , leadership , lego , scaling , slides , spotify Comments 5. Tags agile , alignment , scaling , slides Comments Tags agile , lego , scaling , slides Comment 1. Keep things as small as possible. Agile is a means, not a goal. There is no one-size-fits-all. But plenty of good practices. Build feedback loops at all levels. Gives you better products and a self-improving organization.

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Tags agile , scaling , slides Comment 1. Here are the slides. Talk at Sintef , Oslo. Tags agile , lean , slides Comment 0. Here are some sample slides from the talk: Tags agile , Scrum , slides Comments 8. What is an Agile Tester? Slides from my Sri Lanka talk. Tags agile , slides , testing Comments 5.

How do you know that your product works? Slides from my Sri Lanka keynote. Tags agile , lean , lean startup , slides , ux Comments 5. Tags developer testing , slides Comment 0. Video recording part 1 starts at 0: Tags agile , culture , lean , Scrum , slides , spotify Comments