Chained Wolf: The Capture

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But his travel in the stream had paid off. He hadn't heard the barking of dogs for quite some time, but he had remained in the river just to be safe. At a much slower pace he wandered the forest. He kept alert, listening for any signs of approaching hunters or family members. He didn't know what time it was but it was surely nearing midnight; if it hadn't already past. His legs were wobbly with exhaustion and struggled to hold up his body.

The cut on his arm still burned, but at least the bleeding had finally stopped. His kind had remarkable healing abilities but it was hindered by silver.

Finally giving up, Sasuke made his way over to a rather large tree and curled up near its roots. He shivered from the cold and the pain. Someone would find him soon. His trick would have worked on some stupid dogs, but his family would surely find him once they had dealt with the hunters. With that reassuring thought he drifted off into unconsciousness. A gun shot broke the quiet morning air, starling Sasuke awake. His head quickly whipped back and forth looking for any signs of danger. He breathed a sigh of relief when there seemed to be no one around.

But that sound meant that hunters were nearby. He had to get moving. In his haste to escape the night before he had gotten himself lost. Sure, he's been in the forest tons of times, but he was never alone before.

Six hour hunt for wolf released from sanctuary by suspected animal rights activists

In the past, he had always been with his family and was more focused on playing rather than memorizing his surroundings. After dusting off the dirt and leaves that clung to his shirt he started running again, heading in the opposite direction of the gun shot. He hadn't been running for more than a few minutes when he burst through a row of bushes and crashed into something.

Sasuke let out a small grunt when he landed roughly on the ground. His head shot up at the sound. Lying next to him was a little girl. She appeared to be around the same age as he was, with bright pink hair that was tied up in a red ribbon that matched her dress and the greenest eyes he's ever seen. By her scent he could tell she was human.

He had gone to town with his mother on multiple occasions and watched as she conversed with the humans. But he himself had never talked to one.

She sat on her knees and inspected her elbow that now adorned a scuff mark from her impact with the ground. She turned to him with a pout on her face, ready to scold him for knocking her down. But as soon as she got a good look at him she gasped. Sasuke was covered in small scrapes and dirt clung to his skin and torn grey shirt. Not to mention the blood stains on his sleeve from where the bullet wound was. Sasuke's gaze followed her into a rather large house that was nearby.

When she disappeared into the door he began to take in his surroundings. He was sitting in the girl's back yard. The light blue house sat on a neatly trimmed grass that was littered with the occasional toy. There were plucked flowers scattered in the grass around him. Apparently she had been out picking flowers before he interrupted her. He hadn't planned on actually listening to her and staying, but by the time he regained his bearings she was back. The girl burst from her house with a first aid kit clutched tightly in her hands. Sasuke sat there stunned as the little girl stuck a band-aid on his cheek.

He hadn't even noticed the scratch there. Sasuke flinched away when she raised a hand to touch it. Seeing as he didn't want her to touch the wound she moved on to another scratch on his leg. She knew that when she had an oww-ies her mommy always put a band-aid on it to make it better, but she never had one as big as that. Her cute neon colored band-aids were too small for that. Sasuke was unsure of what to do. He couldn't stay here, but this girl seemed nice. Maybe he could hide here until his family came to find him.

Want to be friends? Sasuke glanced at her and couldn't help but give her a small smile in return. She was a bit noisy, but really nice. A woman exited the house and scanned the yard for her daughter. She was a pretty woman with light grey eyes and light pink hair that reached her lower back. The woman had an apron decorated with a floral pattern wrapped around her waist. Their similar appearances must make her the girl's mother.

She became worried when the little girl came barreling into the house and ran out with the first aid kit. She was closely followed by a taller man with short grey hair and had similar eyes to the young girl. But the thing Sasuke noticed the most was that he used a cane and walked with a limp even if he seemed rather young.

Mebuki Haruno gasped at the sight of the battered child and began to take a few hurried steps toward them.

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But the cocking of a gun and her husband's sharp tone stopped her. Sakura come here," Kizashi Haruno growled. Sakura was confused as to why her daddy was acting that way. She gasped when he raised his pistol and pointed it at the boy. Sasuke began to tremble as he stared down the barrel of another gun, not 24 hours after the last one was pointed at him.

Six hour hunt for wolf released from sanctuary by suspected animal rights activists

If he turned and tried to run he would most definitely get shot in the back. But to his surprise the little girl next to him threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, putting herself between him and the gun. Gently Sasuke raised his hands and pulled her arms from around his neck. She looked at him large confused eyes. Now that he was free he stepped away from her and looked back at the man. It was strange, he didn't even know this girl for more than a few minutes but during that time she had been extremely kind to him and even shielded him from a gun.

He was practically dead anyway, the least he could do was keep her out of harm's way. Just look at the state of him; he must have escaped. If they let some cub slip by them the quality of the hunters they sent must have been pretty low. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the man and growled softly exposing small canines. He was afraid but he didn't like the tone the man had taken when we spoke of his family.

So these guys were hunters. His eyes flickered to the girl next to him. She certainly didn't seem too made of the right stuff to be hunter. It would scar her for life. What else would they do with him besides kill him? They were hunters, that's what they did. But it worked, and Kizashi slowly lowered his gun, but didn't put it away. But if he tries anything he's dead," Kizashi said. Sasuke and Kizashi exchanged heated glares.

Thousands of turbid thoughts swirled around Sakura's mind as she witnessed her daddy nearly shoot the boy she was trying to help. Did that mean he was one of those scary monsters that she had heard stories about? But he didn't looks scary or dangerous. In fact he had looked down right scared. She looked worriedly at the boy one last time before the headed back to the house towards her parents. She turned around as the boy spoke up quietly. A big grin broke across her face. She waved goodbye at her new friend before running the rest of the way into her house. She wasn't really sure what was happening around her, but she had a good feeling about everything.

She had just made her first friend. When Sakura and her mother disappeared into the house Sasuke was left alone in the yard with Kizashi. It was obvious that the man would rather blow his head off rather than agree to what his wife wanted.

Robin Nami slave costume - Mad treasure blackmailing LUFFY for strawhats.

But what did she want? She mentioned something about a council. He couldn't imagine any reason why a group of hunters would want to keep him alive. The older man shrugged, "Not sure. Haven't heard any news yet. But he hadn't truly given an answer. There was still hope. After a few minutes a few hooded men arrived. They each held a rifle at the boy who remained seated in the grass. They spoke in hushed voices with Kizashi before carefully approaching the boy.

Sasuke growled at them as the men got closer to him. One of them cocked their gun and pointed it at him. Sasuke gave them another small growl before giving up and just scowled at them. One of the men bent down with something metallic held tightly in his grasp. It was a thick steel collar with strange dark red symbols on it.

Sasuke began backing away from the men. There was no way they were going to put that thing on him. But before he had taken more than a few steps on of the other hunters grasped his shoulders and held him in place. That resulted in causing Sasuke to start thrashing wildly trying to break lose. But he wasn't strong enough to overpower and adult. He shivered as the cold metal touched the skin of his neck.

He yanked on the collar making Sasuke stumble. Upset, he tore away from the man and snapped at him, nearly taking he man's finger off. All of a sudden there was a shooting pain throughout his body. He cried out in pain and sunk to the ground, his body curled protectively into the fetal position. He couldn't tell exactly where the pain had originated, but his whole body shook and trembled with pain. As soon as the pain started it began to dissipate.

The symbols on the collar that were flashing bright red began to fade. In one of the hunters hand was a small red orb with grey swirls in it. The orb was no bigger than a grape and flashed in time with the runes on the collar. Sasuke gasped, drawing in great gulps of air. He was pulled violently to his feet by one of the men.

Kizashi watched as they took away the little menace. He wasn't sure what the council had planned, but it had better be worth keeping the mutt alive. When they turned a corner and disappeared out of sight Kizashi turned away and entered his house. Sasuke was thrown in the back of a car and taken into town.

He recognized some buildings and landmarks as they whizzed by, but he couldn't tell where they were headed. The car suddenly stopped near the back entrance of the local police station, the secret headquarters for the Hunters Association. He was quickly ushered out of the car and moved to a side door. The door appeared to be made of thick metal with a small keypad next to the frame.

One of the men quickly typed in a series of numbers. The keypad made a high pitched beep followed by the clinking of several locks as they were undone. It swung open easily revealing a small hallway lit by dim yellow lights. The man who unlocked the door entered the dimly lit hallway. Sasuke felt a slight nudge in the middle of his back and followed after. They travelled down the hall in silence, the only noise being their footsteps.

After turning down a few branching corridors and entering more locked doors they came to a room filled with jail cells. There was a row of cells that lined each wall. All the cells were currently empty, but some of them had dark stains on the floor and walls that looked suspiciously like blood. Sasuke was forced into one of the cells. Before he could even turn around he heard the lock click shut. Without saying anything the men walked out shutting the door behind them. Once the door closed Sasuke clutched the thick bars and tugged. They remained firmly in place and didn't even creak when he pulled on them.

He was expecting that, but there was no harm in trying. Not having any other options, Sasuke walked over and sunk into one of the corners pulling his legs to his chest. He rested his forehead on his knees and wrapped his arms around them. There was no way he was going to be found now. All he could do was wait as his fate was decided by people who despised him. By that afternoon Sakura was constantly bugging her parents about the whereabouts of her new friend. She thought that he would be brought in the house after her daddy had finished talking to him.

Her mommy always invited their friends in for a snack. But even after her daddy came in her friend wasn't with him. Maybe he had something to do? She kept telling her parents that she was worried about her friend. She may have helped him with some of his smaller cuts, but the one on his arm was too big for her to care for. Were his booboos well taken care of?

Sakura grew quiet for a few moments before asking something that had been bothering her all morning. How come Sasuke came out of the forest? Didn't you say there were monsters in there? Kizashi and Mebuki shared a nervous look. They had told their daughter about the different supernatural creatures that roamed the world and she knew that it was her father's job to eliminate the ones that were a threat to the humans. Your friend is one of them. He must have escaped somehow. Sakura gasped her eyes going wide.

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Sasuke was a werewolf!? But he didn't seem like those scary monsters that her parents told her about.

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  • Other kids often made fun of her looks and ignored who she really was, maybe it was the same thing for him. All the kids she knew made fun of her pink hair and slightly larger than normal forehead. She was considered a freak and a weirdo; no one wanted to play with her. Just because he was a wolf doesn't make him a bad person right? She never really had a friend before and wanted to give him a chance. They were the same, prejudiced against because of that they looked like and what they were. Her mother struggled for the answer. Stumbling over words before Kizashi spoke up, "They were most likely hunted down.

    You know of our job to protect the people from monsters like them. He and his family were a huge threat. Sakura stared up at them with wide eyes. If they were hunted like the other monsters in the stories she heard then it meant that his family was dead. She was so young, but she vaguely understood the concept of death. I want to see him! Her parents shared a worried look. They had called the council and asked about the wolf cub they had turned in and found that he was going to be kept in captivity.

    They planned on taking blood samples and keeping him alive to study him. The boy was quiet and didn't speak. They tried to give him food and water but he refused them. If they wanted to keep him alive they needed him to eat. The only time they had heard him speak was when he told his name to their daughter. He may be a monster but he was young, perhaps being around someone else his age would put him more at ease. Sakura broke into a huge grin. She could see her friend tomorrow! She quickly gobbled up her food and dashed away giggling.

    Mebuki smiled, this was the first time in ages that she had seen her only daughter so happy. You can't trust those things," Kizashi said. Even he had noticed that Saukra had been rather down lately. But if seeing that mutt made his daughter happy he would allow it. But he would make sure she was safe. The next morning Sasuke had barely moved from his original position. His body was stiff from lack of movement and his wounds still throbbed. The night before the hunters had taunted him, telling him the news of his family, his pack.

    They were all slaughtered. The year-old, who lives about a mile from the sanctuary, said: On hearing that the wolf was on the loose, local Beenham Primary School tweeted: Relieved that Toraq has been safely captured by the Trust staff - The trust has exceptional security and must not be blamed for bad weather.

    Toraq is gentle and timid and would never have been a threat. I helped bottle raise him at The Anglian Wolf Society. All 73 pupils at the school - which has an image of a wolf as its emblem - were put into lockdown while the search took place. Torak, who is half North American and half European, lives at the sanctuary with his female partner Mosi. Having been filmed for education projects in the past, he is said to "enjoy being in the limelight".

    We love having the wolf sanctuary as neighbours and hope this beautiful creature is returned safely soon. His sanctuary profile also says he is "apprehensive of crowds of people" and that now he is older "if something upsets him, he will simply take himself out of the situation". His bio notes that "his favourite foods are pheasant, deer, meaty ice lollies and bananas" and "he can carry a 4kg ostrich egg with his powerful jaws". The sanctuary was established in , and homes 10 Arctic and northwestern wolves, living in four packs.

    By Bethany Minelle, News Reporter A wolf which sparked a police search after escaping from a wildlife sanctuary in Berkshire has been captured. More from Berkshire Warning after Russian journalist 'monitored for suspicious behaviour' near UK military base Autism school 'devastated' after staff members killed in minibus crash 'Terrifying': Horse 'spooked' by close-riding Windsor Triathlon cyclists Officer reveals why he told BBC about Cliff Richard raid Conservative councillors quit over Royal wedding homeless row Primary school on lockdown as wolf escapes from Beenham wildlife sanctuary.