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Standing at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing almost 20 stone, Billy is a rampaging and unmissable presence on the rugby pitch, for both club and country. Wrecking Ball is his captivating story so far, chronicling his remarkable personal odyssey of 10, miles, from the tiny Tongan village of Longo Longo to the imposing vastness of Twickenham. Join Billy on his journey from the year-round sunshine of Tonga to the bitter cold of a British winter, from his favourite Pontypool kebab shop to finding himself eating broccoli for breakfast, and from carefree childhood games in the middle of the Pacific to the serious business of playing professional rugby in Europe.

Wrecking Ball is a wonderfully eccentric and witty book, written with bags of charm.

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It captures Billy's colourful family and upbringing, and creates a rounded and fascinating portrait of a young man finding his feet as a modern English rugby player. Warren Gatland's In the Line of Fire is the ultimate chronicle of this summer's remarkable Lions tour to New Zealand - home of the fearsome All Blacks, the double world champions - which culminated in an historic and nerve-shredding series draw.

The book is the Head Coach's wonderfully candid and vibrant record of the withering ferocity, the turbulent peaks and troughs, the triumphs and despairs, of one of sport's toughest challenges. It gives rugby fans an unparalleled front-row seat with the squad and coaching team during every facet of preparing for and executing a successful tour on the opposite side of the planet, recounting intriguing details on everything from pre-tour planning and strategy, to on-tour experiences, analysis and decision-making.

It all adds up to a thrillingly definitive exposition and post-mortem of a mind-blowing six weeks in the cauldron which forged the mighty All Blacks. P Headline Publishing Group Ltd. Over 80 super-simple and tasty recipes that will save you both time and money. Here is delicious food for less.

From King of Shaves to King of Shades… – Will King – Medium

So much more than cheap dinner ideas - here are meals that cost under a pound but look and taste a million dollars! Recipes for the whole family without breaking the bank. So I've created my own style of cooking: There are no chapters or themes.

Will King, King of Shaves (Inspiring Entrepreneurs: The Secret Ingredients)

Just flick through the pages and cook whichever dish you fancy. But, as a nod to my Instagram roots and to help you identify types of dish, I have labelled each recipe with hashtags, so if you want to find veggie food, just look out for the veggie hashtags. One Pound Meals are designed to use a core group of ingredients, and this is the key to eliminating waste.

Book review: How to Build a Great Business in Tough Times, by Will King

Just start with one recipe, and depending on what you have left over, choose your next recipe accordingly. I want you to bounce around the book on a sort of never-ending random journey as you use up those leftover ingredients. It also means you can plan a week's worth of meals in one go and shop more efficiently. One Pound Meals includes: He is absolutely the best person to have written this book' Elizabeth Gilbert. Anderson shares his five key techniques to presentation success: Connection, Narration, Explanation, Persuasion and Revelation plus the three to avoid.

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He also answers the most frequently asked questions about giving a talk, from 'What should I wear? This is a lively, fun read with great practical application from the man who knows what goes into a truly memorable speech. InTed Talks Anderson pulls back the TED curtain for anyone who wants to learn how to prepare an exceptional presentation. Dan Carter's last game as an All Black culminated with him declared Man of the Match following the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham - an unforgettable ending to the career of the greatest fly-half of all time.

But along with the triumphs of his signature World Cup win, his performance against the Lions in , and an unprecedented run of Bledisloe Cup successes, there was also the pain and doubt he felt during a prolonged period of injury and rehab following the World Cup.

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He watched that victory from the sidelines, as he had the All Blacks' defeats in two previous tournaments. Indeed, heading into the World Cup he had never finished the competition on his own terms. His autobiography tells of that redemption, and gets you up close and personal with one of the most celebrated sportsmen of our time. Threaded throughout the book is an intimate diary of his final year as a Crusader and All Black, during which he worked tirelessly to make one last run at that elusive goal: Dan Carter's autobiography is essential reading for all sports fans.

Ari Gold is known for his ruthless approach to deal-making and client relationships that made him one of, if not the, most powerful and sought-after agents in Hollywood until he retired in School and the trauma associated with it moulded King's view of himself and others around him. The British educational system has perhaps unintentionally provided the basis for great entrepreneurial success for many, but in contrasting ways: King was always looking to excel.

It just took him time to find out what he could excel at. Sailing probably gave him that opportunity more than anything else. He gained much-needed solace in a sporting environment, based on a requirement to satisfy his father's passion for sport, and this provided a taster for the future.

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Sailing made King realise that the smell of success was sweet indeed. During his early career, he lived on his wits, his parents and his friends - ever the opportunist. He has a scattergun approach to life and missed great opportunities - Skechers, for one - and discovered many dead ends. The Body Glove surfware brand took time, money and lots of energy, and was ultimately unsuccessful.

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He undoubtedly understands the real need to take risks to succeed, even if it is with other people's money. His parents did great things for him, the most important possibly being to say no. No to financial support came at a time when they thought King needed to use his creativity and energy in a more focused way. Yet they gave financial help when it was really important. King understands the value of a great product and will point you in the direction of academia to support his views. Here is the Harvard Rule of Four: Provide a product or service that no-one else has; 2. Provide a product or service that everyone will want; 3.

Will explains how to keep the faith and follow your business dream even when the odds are heavily stacked against you. Book which gets straight to point and outlines importance of ideas and partnership in business. Very good autobiography has volumes of information which you need to start or improve your business. Very easy to read and follow. Enjoyable autobiography and very inspiration. You can download Apple Books from the App Store.