Recipes for Prayer: (For those who want more of God)

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Now think on this: Perfect prayer is perfect love. We will see later how Christ prayed perfect prayers, as an expression of His perfect love. The more you meditate about this, the more sense it makes that our primary focus in life must be on how we talk to God in prayer. This must be our top priority.

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The Bible uses a number of analogies to explain prayer. Each portrays a different aspect of effective prayer, showing what a multifaceted art it is. The simplest, most basic analogy is a child speaking to his father. Children often want to connect with their parents first thing in the morning.

6 Ways to Reach the Heart of God

They yearn for that connection. We need to cultivate that impulse with our spiritual Father. God intends that our prayers reestablish that connection and build the father-child relationship. God wants to hear from you. Sometimes when I am talking with my children, I can tell their minds are elsewhere. They are ready to move on to something else. We can do the same thing to our Father when we talk to Him in prayer. Our hearts can pull us elsewhere, making it a struggle to focus our thoughts.

We have to fight that distractibility. We honor and love our Father by giving Him our full attention. No matter how busy Christ was, He always went out early in the morning, by Himself, to connect with His Father—not out of duty, but from sincere desire!

A Child Speaking to His Father

This is a very childlike attitude. You have unfathomable supernatural power at your disposal! God has millions of angels waiting to do as He commands, and limitless resources at hand to fulfill your requests. He knows your needs, and He promises to fulfill them. But there are conditions.

Many times God does not answer our prayers because His conditions are not being met. This means that fulfilling your request would not accomplish His purpose for our prayers! Remember the seven keys to answered prayer listed in Lesson 14 of the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course. As you review these, think about why our failure to use these keys might cause God to withhold His answer to our prayers.

God wants us to know and understand His will, and align our thinking with it.

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And He wants us praying according to that will. If we do that, we can have confidence: Whatever we ask, we will have it! God wants us to build faith and trust in Him. Believing prayers fulfill the purpose for prayer! What good would it do for God to answer our prayers if we were rebelling against Him?

God hears the prayer of the righteous 1 Peter 3: If we are pleasing Him, He will set those spiritual forces in motion: Have fear and humility. God resists the proud James 4: He favors the poor, humble person, lacking pride and self-righteousness; the contrite, repentant person who trembles at His word Isaiah When we fear God and respect His authority, He responds to our petitions.

The fervent, effectual, energetic prayers of the righteous avail much James 5: Energetic, heartfelt prayers are well-pleasing to God. But never have I received an answer from God except when I prayed earnestly from the heart. I have never known of a real answer coming from God of a casual routine prayer. Yet do not most people pray casually, perhaps as a matter of duty, and without feeling or emotion? Be patient and keep asking until God answers.

He promises to answer, and cannot lie Titus 1: Persistence shows and builds your trust in God. God wants us to understand that there is a government structure in this Family: Father, Son, Husband, wife. This is reinforced every time we pray: Our prayers go through our Husband. Think about these keys in terms of your Father trying to use your prayers to prepare you for king-priesthood on the throne of David. As you pray each day, He is making fine-tuned decisions about how much power to deploy in fulfilling your requests—based on whether your prayers are really fulfilling that purpose.

Before He answers you, do you need to learn to trust Him more? Is He looking for more passion, emotion, fervor—for you to put more heart into your communication with Him? These keys are not absolute; in other words, there is not a preset, established level of faith or obedience or fervor required to receive answers. In fact, God always wants more of all of these things from you! What He expects of you today before He answers may be more than He required of you last year, last month, last week.

This is because the true standard is perfection. Whatever level you are at in these areas is a step toward perfection, which is ultimately where God wants you. What a marvelous tool your prayers are for God to draw you closer to Him, and prepare you for kingship! God gives other prayer analogies in the Bible: A very powerful analogy is an advocate speaking to a judge—like a lawyer interceding and speaking on behalf of his client.

What is the job of a priest? The physical sacrifices the priests offered anciently typified our spiritual sacrifices today. And one of those offerings was a direct type of our daily prayers. Anciently, at the heart of the tabernacle was the ark of the covenant, covered by the mercy seat. That holiest of all holy places was sealed off by a veil. Before the veil was the golden altar, upon which the high priest would burn incense every morning and evening.

That altar was a type of the true golden altar in the third heaven. And remember, the veil separating the altar from the ark was ripped in two when Christ died Matthew To kneel down and speak to God in prayer before the incense altar is an exalted priestly privilege! The job of a priest revolves around this golden altar. The greatest, most magnificent job ever given to any man!

The incense altar is so closely associated with the priesthood that it is actually a type of the priesthood! Flurry reprinted this article, and added this statement: That is why mankind was created. That is our number one priority. We are called to serve as the priests of God forever. And perhaps the best way to prepare to be a priest is to learn to pray like a priest. The golden altar God had the Israelites construct anciently was beautiful and elegant Exodus He had them position it directly before the ark and the mercy seat, and said, This is where I will meet with you!

The priest would offer incense every morning and every evening verses , just as most of us do today. It took work to prepare this incense and offer it just as God commanded. He gave a detailed recipe for it Exodus Likewise, our prayers must have specific ingredients, as many scriptures reveal.

In our daily prayers, we cannot just throw together any old concoction. We cannot neglect repentance. And for incense to burn properly and to ascend as a cloud over the altar, it had to be beaten fine verse For the priest, this meant work— mortar and pestle. The pictures are actual photographs of Diego as he grows up and becomes a teen. We will send you an SMS containing a verification code. Please double check your mobile number and click on "Send Verification Code".

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Fun, yet profound, from confession to meditation, from observing to lamenting to praising, this book is full of practical ideas. Some can be used immediately; others take a lifetime to master. Some can be used with groups, while others work well throughout the day. Graham Kerr - The Galloping Gourmet. Brazzeal has written a cookbook for prayer—literally. After a first section that likens learning to pray to learning to cook and also notes the importance of food in the Bible, the author, who lives in Paris, divides the book into sections. Rather than a tome to be read and forgotten, the volume is formatted as a resource to keep handy, maybe even among cookbooks.