Speedy: The Story Of One Mexican In The Vietnam War

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Distributing blueprints for 3D-printed guns will eliminate — not just hamper — any chance to slow the proliferation of guns in the United States. Are we that afraid of peace? Theodore Roosevelt said that the worst thing you can do is nothing. If anything, President Trump should be praised for making these bold moves.

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In so doing, he took the risk and at least did something. The main reason is out-of-control health care costs that are accelerating. This is proof — on a massive scale — that our national health care financing system is collapsing around us, albeit in slow motion.

Think about Improved Medicare for All, because this collapse will be devastating to us all. Once again Forum writer Trigg Cherry is beating the Trump drum. Why is Russia still trying to influence our elections? Why is North Korea still building more missiles? As a taxpayer, why do I pay for free roads and now have the burden of paying for toll roads as well to travel safely and efficiently? The majority of road wear and tear, as well as significant traffic issues, are caused by commercial traffic.

Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam

Make the toll lanes mandatory for commercial trucks, shift the burden and slow-downs to the toll lanes. Climate change is real and we all bear responsibility. Our iconic urban forest is our best defense against rising temperatures. Trees cool our streets and homes, clean our air, and keep our streams cooler and cleaner.

What I am not hearing or reading regarding the GOP convention in Charlotte is just who is expected to be creating the anticipated riots. The military knew all this and still welcomed his continued service. Among his many defenders was the young Colin Powell, [ 4 ] who had worked closely with Donaldson for eight months and defended his actions at the trial. For Ewell, it was a competition with other army divisions. He raised the ratio of enemy casualties to US troops killed in combat from 8: Dead children and water buffalo were added indifferently to the count.

Even these victims wound up in the body count. Mass killings were portrayed as combat by faked reports of weapons captured. The Concerned Sergeant ultimately blamed the constant pressure from above demanding a big body count.

Speedy: The Story of One Mexican in the Vietnam War - Francisco Elizalde-Castañeda - Google Книги

After a year of inaction from the Pentagon, the Concerned Sergeant wrote to other high-ranking generals, threatening to take his story to Congressman Ron Dellums, a left liberal Democrat elected from Berkeley and Oakland, California, and known for his strong criticisms of the war, or to the New York Times. Lewis had unfortunately died in ; it is unknown why he did not follow through on his threats to go public with what he knew. Medic Jamie Henry, who had witnessed atrocities during the Tet Offensive, had run into the same walls of silence as other whistleblowers; even radical Ramparts magazine shelved his story in late The stream was turning into a flood.

The Pentagon responded with its tried and true methods of cover-up: Editorial cowardice ensured that further detailed investigation into Operation Speedy Express by two determined reporters wound up on the cutting room floor of Newsweek magazine, too hot to handle. Two commanders of Speedy Express, Ewell and Hunt, wrote a book commissioned by the army about their activities in the Mekong Delta that did not even mention the operation by name, yet another complete whitewash. Turse has more than enough of a story to tell without getting into the larger political questions of the Vietnam War, such as the political character of the Viet Cong and North Vietnam, [ 6 ] and the larger background role of the Soviet Union and China.

To do so would change nothing about the barbarity of the American side of the war, and the moral outrage it provoked and still provokes, almost prior to any political thought. They are merely important to mention as a footnote.

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And adventures there were: Donaldson; the resulting punitive embargo of Iraq through the s, in which hundreds of thousands of children died or were deformed by malnutrition; the year-old war in Afghanistan, begun in , in all probability a failure in its own terms; the second Iraq war, begun in and leading, with Afghanistan, to a debacle which will probably surpass Vietnam, as much of the Moslem world from Libya to Pakistan is crumbling into militia-and jihadi-controlled chaos. If Vietnam has, once again, been largely forgotten, except for the sickening irony ofits offering the old US-built Da Nang naval base to the American navy in the new strategic chessboard that is the South China Sea, it has also been forgotten and covered over by new crimes of US imperialism in Central America and above all in the Middle East.

And yet, when all is said and done, Vietnam was still qualitatively different, to date, in the numbers of American troops and firepower committed over so many years, and in the impact on American society itself, which, despite everything, broke open something that has never been put back together again. And then England—southern England, probably the sleekest landscape in the world.

The Only Vietnam Story I've Never Told.. [Part 1]

It is difficult when you pass that way…to believe that anything is really happening anywhere. Earthquakes in Japan, famines in China, revolutions in Mexico? You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Author Loren Goldner Categories Uncategorized. What happened there finally came to light in newspapers through the determined efforts of one GI, who passed the information about My Lai to journalist Seymour Hersh.

Under the impact of public outcry, the Pentagon eventually tried one carefully selected fall guy, Lt. William Calley, who served a sentence of forty months of house arrest in his own quarters for war crimes ordered from far up the chain of command.

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