The Seduction of Suzanne

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There was a lot of explicit wording, but the actions were not out of the ordinary at least in my opinion although I do admit I am rather conservative shall we say! Our hero and heroine did have a courtship and interactions with her father and friends so the story was not just sex. May 09, Laura J. The first meeting was a nightmare I usually don't review books unless I finish them. The hero while walking to a neighboring estate meets a young woman gathering wildflowers. He's instantly attracted to her. Thinking she's no one important, he grabs her from behind and propositions her.

Properly concluded I like the strong female characterization. I liked that the hero, a rake of the first water, left behind his rake-like behavior when he found the woman he wanted to marry. Formula romance but entertaining. With a NEW ending. He needs a bride for a heir, she is not really interested in marriage, unless it is for love. He believes actions speak clearly, she wants to hear the words. Such a predicament for both. Set in non-modern England. Has some sex scenes. Characters were great This was a fun and sexy story.

An Improper Seduction

Perhaps just a bit too much sex. It would have been nice to develop the dialog between the two characters more than solve all their relationship problems with sex. May 29, Kathy rated it liked it. It's a good story of seduction. A man inherits a title and now must have an heir. His neighbor must be his wife. He can not get enough of her. However she has no need to marry and refuses him. It is a battle of wills. It goes on and on The seduction was beyond believable. I doubt any man could keep getting it up in such a short time.

And the poor girl must have been in constant pain. Too much by half, as she kept saying.

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Jun 26, Svea rated it did not like it Shelves: I honestly skipped most of the book because all it was was sex sex sex. I also did not like the Hero as he was disrespectful of the heroine's wishes. Great story I loved this story.

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It was sweet and steamy love. A truly great read on a snowy day. I might read it again! Oct 17, Michelle rated it did not like it. The "hero" and I use that term loosely! An Improper Seduction I loved this story, I recommend everyone to read book. I look forward to reading more of her books. Feb 06, Jeanette rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is an interesting take on seducing a spinster. Lots of sexual activity and not sure if very correct historically, but I enjoyed it anyway. Love love love Entertaining with 2 stubborn main characters.

Filled with wit,dry sarcastic honor, and feisty steamy passion.. Dorothy Hole rated it liked it May 21, Ms Em rated it really liked it Oct 09, NoreenRogers rated it it was amazing Jan 01, Patrice Smith rated it really liked it Apr 26, Debbie rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Ncat rated it really liked it Sep 25, Patty Castleberry rated it liked it May 25, Pat Herbert rated it it was amazing May 28, Earms rated it liked it Jun 10, Sue rated it liked it May 12, Judy D Wooten rated it it was amazing May 16, Amy Streifel rated it really liked it May 15, JC rated it it was amazing Jun 18, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Suzanne Quill, the nom-de-plume for Susan Dudics Dean, has been pursuing a fiction career for over ten years.

The Seduction of Suzanne

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The Seduction of Suzanne by Amelia Hart

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Join Suzanne and guest Natalie for a powerful conversation about what it really means to be a queen. To live a life of luxury, fully own your deserving and worth, and truly receive the abundance all around you without shame or guilt. Guest Morris Kunz, aka Dr. Join Suzanne and guest Natalie for a powerful conversation about what it means to claim your wild woman with no apology. To unleash your passion, your pleasure, and your sexualness If you are desiring more quality time with your man, deeper conversations, maybe even something as simple as making out more before getting i Is it possible that the energy that we use to create trauma and drama at this time of year is actually a magical energy we are bastardizing?

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