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Researchers conducted an experiment and found that young children who watched this fast-paced cartoon would perform significantly worse in tasks assigned to them and the study authors note that this show has an immediate negative effect on kids. The frenzied pace of this popular cartoon which switches scene on average every 11 seconds, as compared to other cartoons which switch only twice a minute, make kids distracted and may kill their attention spans.

His constant whining, temper tantrums and general spoiled behaviour is appalling yet his parents seem to always let him get away with everything. He refuses to share with his friends or little sister, his eating skills are worrying for someone his age, he has no manners, he talks back to his parents, and thinks that the world revolves around him. Children watching this show may be able to relate to the character, but it can also make them imitate him and make them feel that it is fine to treat others around them poorly or be rude to everyone.

Watching Calliou will make your kids take a big step back in their development and encourage them to display spoiled, bratty behaviour. Young children are very impressionable and tend to imitate what they see around them or watch on TV. Remember, it only takes nine minutes to lose all control! Power Rangers 10 of 10 The thing about Power Rangers, and other shows like them, is no one expects them to do anything other than trigger ADHD-like symptoms. For that, I say kudos. Just find something else for the little, little ones to watch.

Bargaining on looks, not substance? Just like Spongebob, this Disney cartoon's target audience is for the older-than-4 set. The Backyardigans 2 of This animated musical adventure features five computer-animated animals trying to turn their backyard into fun adventures. Wonder Pets 3 of This cartoon-y operetta features the aquatic and land adventures of a guinea pig, a turtle and a duck. Yo Gabba Gabba 5 of DJ Lance and his fuzzy friends' show was created not by network executives but fathers.

The Fairly OddParents 6 of If the researchers who condemned Spongebob Squarepants think that cartoon's scenes are short and brain-zapping, they should run this program through their tests. Rescue Heroes 7 of Good clean fun, these manly men rescuers. Leap Frog 8 of Of course, this popular electronic learning system has cartoons available for streaming on Netflix. I've never had a cartoon literally make me sick. Horrible animation, and good god everything is a spawn of satan in this show. I don't know much about this one, but I've seen an episode and it was so gross.

No wonder why almost everyone hates this show. Thank the Lord they ended it after 2 years. I hope those ugly brats get defeated one day. The fact the My Little Pony is above this, baffles me. This cartoon is disgusting, the animation is terrible, and the characters are annoying. The result would be this.

But the big difference is that Ren and Stimpy, Powerpuff Girls the old one and Rugrats are good cartoons, they just don't blend together. How is this not higher on the list? The animation is ugly as heck, I can barely til what's going on most of the time, and it makes no sense what so ever. Avoid at all costs, trust me, you'll regret for the rest of your life. How MLP and Breadwinners are above this show makes me sick. This is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Every scene grosses me out! I love South Park.


I'm fourteen and my parents allow me to watch it not because of the racism, sexism, and other close-minded ideologies, but because of the things that Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and the other South Park writers are trying to prove to us about our quickly deteriorating world full of rednecks and American idiots our beloved Cartman, for example.

I'm 14, too and I watch it, my parents don't approve of it because they think its trashy and rots my brain, they don't get it. Behind all the trash there are genuine morals in almost every episode. What I'm 12 and my mom lets me watch this show. I'm mature enough to watch it.

I know not to say bad words and repeat inappropriate stuff. And my mom used to watch it before she married my dad. Anyways this show is hilarious, my favorite character is Kenny. Probably because he dies in every episode and doesn't say a single discernible thing. Mouse's animation looks like the first few animals I ever drew that wasn't just a scribble of lines in different colors. Adult Swim hosts amazing content like Rick and Morty and the Toonami reboot. This will be one, or the worst of Adult Swim for years to come.

Ugly graphics and lazy lines. Pretty much no jokes. His cry seems to be exaggerated.

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It also teach us the wrong ways of washing the clothes. British animation is bloody god awful most of the time. This is coming from an Englishman. And you guys say that Canadian animation is bad? This show makes Dora the Explorer look like Steven Universe. The animation is disgustingly bland, the characters are annoying, the production values are an all time low, and it teaches kids some awful morals. Worst show ever conceived by human minds. Its funny with groege smashes sand castle and explosions - Jaker Not This Piece Of Crap! This is the embodiment of all laziness.

I'm serious, at least with 12 oz mouse, you'd know what was going on some of the time. I don't see any effort in this crappy 's excuse for a cartoon. The voice acting is lazy and it's done by one person. It looked like it had a 2 cent budget. The animation had no effort put into it. The lip-syncing is truly awful and the lighting is messed up. The episodes make no sense at all. The movements of the characters are the same copy-paste movements you'll see in the entire cartoon. Plus, I don't want to hear that bull crap about this being a 's cartoon. I actually wonder why this isn't in the top 10 worst cartoons ever.

I can easily consider this the most unnaturally lazy cartoon ever created. We had Looney Tunes in around something and that is still one of the best cartoons we have up to this day. We had Fantasia in and that was absolutely beautiful and creative. We had this in and it remains as one of the most boring, soundless creations Thank god I never watched this show! I hate this show with a burning passion along with Pig Goat Banana Cricket!

Honestly I've never seen this show before but I have seen the animation online and well honestly I'm not going to watch the show because of how hideous the animation is. This is the worst Disney shows I ever seen and the perfect foreshadowing for one of the worst animated series ever. The them song is lazy. There are no music and literally saying random things.

Top 6 Cartoons That Got Bad

The main characters are just photoshopped images. The trend in modern cartoons need to BURN! The characters are not lovable and you want to punch them. One episode, pickle gets a pimple on his butt. The show has non stop butt jokes Uh is this Disney? It is, in a alternate dimension! Disney should be embarrassed for green lighting this trash. They are known for Lion King for crying out loud. What happened to the Toon Disney shows they are awesome.

Avoid it at all cost. If you find a dvd of it, destroy it and don't show your kids this atrocity. This show shows very bad, it's uncomfortable, and it's if Disney was on crack making this show, because it sucks and I hate it badly. This needs to be higher! It's like the creators were trying to create the worst cartoon ever by throwing together the worst bits from other shows.

Good And Bad Cartoons From The Millennium | CBR

How is South Park and Phineas and Ferb above this piece of crap?!? Hey kids, do you like looking at unattractive images? Do you like animation that looks like it was taken out of a very ugly search and find book? Do you like characters who are made out of butts, snot, and wear nothing but underwear? Are bright and contrasting colours your thing?

Well we have the show for you! The charts showed that gross out humour is absolutely hip and with it! And no plot at all can compete with the likes of Adventure time and Gravity falls. Our humour is all gross out and we try our best to make the most unattractive things look even uglier! We know this is nothing but a pile of garbage but you don't care about that, no effort means money! Lots and lots of money! So buy our stuff! This show looks like a messed up pile of crud! Seriously who made this stuff? They just put in some Monsters, a Butt and a Mountain with arms and legs! This was the worst cartoon ever!

It makes me barf! No, I mean literally the first time I watched it I threw up this makes flapp jerk-off or whatever look like a smart show and he is a retard. These monsters are ugly as sin. This is actually a good cartoon. Creative characters, good animation, and some silly jokes are just part of it. That's the show; Just silly. Far from the worst cartoon ever; Just look at Disney and Nickelodeon nowadays.

And aren't all cartoons silly? The characters have personality, and the voice acting is also good sometimes. It's not made for people who can't get a grip on reality; No cartoons are! They are all made like this. If you want a cartoon on drugs, watch South Park or Adult Swim or something. I prefer clean humor anyways. I like this show, except for Princess Bubblegum. To compare her, let's think of that quote said by Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

She has cameras everywhere, spying on everyone, even people who aren't in the Candy Kingdom. In The Cooler, she has the Ice King freeze the Fire Kingdom, killing all of its citizens, just so she could get their weapons. Only from Flame Princess's harsh scoldings did she see her error. In Nemesis, Peace Master stated he was going to rid the kingdom of all its evil.

Bubblegum freaked out because of this, leaving Peppermint Butler to take care of her evils himself by mutating his children right in front of his face just to get him to leave the Candy Kingdom. Only Flame Princess and Peace Master seem to realize that she's evil. This cartoon is actually amazing. I've seen people saying, "Oh, it's just weird funny crap" or "Oh, no characters come back" or even "This cartoon has horrible animation. If not, at least try seasons It has a basic story usually spread across seasons that you have to see the whole season to understand.

As for the "no characters coming back," there are MANY characters that came back. That ghost lady in "The Creeps? Yeah, he's important too. And a small little character, such as Gunther Ice King's penguin , even have a vital role. As for "the animation sucks," sorry that it doesn't meet your art standards.

This cartoon is amazing, and there are many people who love it. If you can't just enjoy it, leave it be. Damn I agree with you. I've been watching the most recent episodes and they are amazing - TheAlbinoWolf. Don't get me wrong, Adventure Time is a great show. But honestly, the few later seasons just got worse and boring. That's it for now.

I saw the movie after the cancellation I was ' heartbroken when everyone killed and stepped on those poor little puppies and kittens for a stupid challenge, but I became ' thrilled when they all died in the end! But that's not enough! I would wish to save all of those poor innocent creatures before they get stepped on and throttle every single character and rip their limbs off and rip their guts out, tearing them all to bloody pieces! This show's just sick. At least South Park knows how to get crude humor right.

This show's too extreme. I love how Adult Swim dissed this show in a bumper. I hope all the characters died in the last episode. Also could the animators not be bothered with this or something? God it was so ugly to look at. The animation can give kids nightmares and also it's incredibly lazy creepy. I've seen clips of this show, and it's creepy The fact that Seth made this series proves to all of us that he has completely lost his way with comedy.

This show fails at a number of things: This show is the diamond encrusted turd produced by a once great cartoonist with FOX trying to make it look halfway decent by making it look like a gem of a good show. Let me tell you folks, a turd is a turd no matter how many good things you put on it, and that is that. Why on earth would you what to give the most boring character on family guy his own show, I mean seriously, cleveland himself is stupid and at times annoying and most of the other characters are just bland, ripoffs from other characters, annoying as hell, and devoid of humor.

1. Pokémon – Makes children aggressive

Overall it was just a lame idea in the first place. This show proves that seth is running out of ideas. If the three main characters did not exist or at least we're revised, this show would actually be quite enjoyable. Naruto is just annoying, boring to watch, and just overall plain unlikable. Sasuke is the stereotypical 'no one understands me' emo kid, and to top that off, is super overpowered.

And then there is Sakura, she is basically useless until the second series. To make her worse, any episode in the original where she wasn't being useless, it just felt as if the writers were using her to just tie together the story without having to put to much effort into the writing.

The last time that I watched some of the series was when Sakura and that red haired puppet dude were fighting. But don't worry, that fighting only lasted about 5 long, repetitive, and dragged out episodes or more. The plot that surrounds these characters is just boring, Naruto is just always wondering where Sasuke could be, and Sakura is just standing around being, well, useless.

It might just be me that feels I used to like Naruto but now its just like wow! How did I ever like this? It takes about half the show for a single attack to be made and in that time they go over practically the characters whole life. Dude its still good. Read the manga anyways. But still dude its awesome. No way you guys can really hate this shows.

You guys can never give a full reason for why you hate it. Sorry for the insult but come on you guys, actually think! The animation goes way too far over the top in wackiness, and the lead character is an unlikable annoying twit. I hate this show too, I think half of my brain cells fell out by watching 1 minute of this show. This show tries way to hard to be funny Bessie is by far the most irritating and unfunny character in cartoon history I haven't hated a cartoon character this much since Sponge Bob Square Pants.

She's always running around farting or picking her nose. And the rest of the other characters are unlikable to. I didn't care for them one single bit. This truly is one of the most forgettable shows I have ever seen. I loved this show, but Bessie was very annoying. I liked her brother better. Clarence teaches you the following: Not to wash your hands. To steal girl shoes.

To steal fries from your friends to get you to play with them. To trust somebody that you just met. To steal papers from somebody else's desk. To steal prizes from games. To break a game that you should pay for, but instead you disappear. To break a game with a basketball. To steal a ball that was made only for another game.

To rudely go inside a game room uninvited and where you did not pay. To interrupt a class with a horn. To interrupt the National Anthem. To annoy others with a horn. To ruin somebody else's house. To ruin somebody else's attic. To go somewhere you're not supposed to.

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To put pencils in your mouth while disturbing classmates. To lift your shirt up with the name SUMO written on it while disturbing your All this Clarence show teaches us is how to break rules, so every kid that watches this show can become a Clarence and break rules for example the fun dungeon episode 1.

Clarence teaches kids not to wash their hands 2. Clarence teaches kids to steal other peoples shoes 3. Clarence teaches kids to break their promises And in the episode where Clarence brings a horn to school 1. He teaches kids to interrupt the national anthem 2. He teaches kids to interrupt a raffle when the speaker is giving the winning numbers. Uncle Grandpa is stupid but is better than this. Like am seeing a lot of comments saying how this could be bad for children, but they are missing the point. Clarence isn't a show meant to teach kids lessons or morals.

What the show is going for is to create a nostalgic feel to those who enjoyed being a child, it does that extremely well, and it does that without making pop culture references! Give it a shot. It's looks tolerable compared to other bad cartoons in this list. They're making fun of autistic kids down syndrome kids and adhd kids.

Jeff has autism because he goes crazy and has ocd clarence has down syndrome because he's fat ugly and has that voice and he's dumb and childish and sumo has adhd because he's dumb and hiper - ihatetrump. Totally ruined the ben 10 franchise, main reason I don't watch Cartoon Network that much anymore. A laid back version of the first Ben ten season, it lacks not only on story but also plot. Frieza, I hope you come back from hell and blow up their planet!