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Discover how CrowdControlHQ helps you to: Explore our social media management platform: Join 's of other organisations: Stasis effects cannot be removed. Ground effect can be removed only by basic moving out from affected area. Nearsight effect can be removed only by Quicksilver Sash's active. Airborne effects are removable only by other move blocks airborne effect, dash or blink ; airborne effects will still apply for the rest of their duration if not removed by other airborne effect although they can be prevented and removing their stun component allows to completely remove them by consecutively using own dash or blink.

Crowd control

Stasis makes units untargetable and completely prevents ability usage even for abilities that can be activated under CC thus making whether it can be removed or not a moot question. Ground, nearsight, stasis, suppression and move block part of airborne are not affected by crowd control reduction and will always apply for their full duration.

Stun part of airborne effect is affected by crowd control reduction. The following effects are comparable to crowd control, except that the effect is caused voluntarily and affects the user rather than a target. These effects cannot be removed by cleansing mechanisms and will ignore all crowd control immunity and reduction except in the case of self-slows, which will be affected by slow potency reduction such as from Boots of Swiftness.

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The casting sometimes "charging" of an ability cannot be cancelled by the player or an enemy except by death. Forced actions such as taunt will have no effect for the duration of the cast, and using airborne effects to move the player will not affect the trajectory of the skill - which will start from the point of cast, not from the player's current location. Summoner spells and most items can still be activated while casting.

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The channelling of an ability, by contrast, can be cancelled by hard CC, and will also automatically cancel should the champion attempt to perform another action such as movement, casting another ability or attacking - there do exist exceptions to this rule, such as Sion's Soul Furnace cast while channelling Decimating Smash , but these are usually specific coding allowances and not standard behaviour.

Summoner spells and most items can typically be activated mid-channel without disrupting it. Channelling and casting animations are generally not considered forms of crowd control, however disruptive they may be. There do exist several notable exceptions, however:. Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. The following are the current forms of crowd control that exist within League of Legends: A unit that is airborne is unable to control its movement, attack or cast abilities for the duration.

A knock aside causes the target to be made airborne in a direction perpendicular to the direction of cast. A knockback causes the target to be made airborne in a direction away from the point of cast. The duration depends on how far the target travels, from 0. A knockup causes the target to be made airborne on the spot.

The duration depends on how high is the target thrown into the air, from 0. A pull effect causes the target to be made airborne in a direction toward the point of cast. A unit that is blind will miss its auto-attacks for the duration. Miss occurs on-hit, and does not prevent attacks from being declared.

A unit that is disarmed cannot declare attacks for the duration. Entangle is a combination of Disarm and Root.

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Polymorph is a combination of Disarm and Silence aka Pacify. The only example also reduces movement speed for the duration. A unit that is under the effect of a forced action cannot control its own movement or attacks, and is unable to cast abilities. A unit that is charmed will move toward the source for the duration. A unit that is feared move around randomly at reduced movement speed for the duration. There are currently no examples of Fear that affect champions. A unit that is fleeing will move directly away from the source with reduced movement speed for the duration. A unit that is taunted will attempt to basic attack the source of the taunt for the duration.

A unit that is grounded is unable to activate mobility spells. A unit that is knocked down is placed on the ground. A unit that is nearsighted has their sight radius reduced by and loses their allied vision.