Ernest Hemingway: Shmoop Biography

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It was the first of several serious injuries Hemingway would sustain during his adventures, injuries with physical consequences that dogged his later years.

Surgery to repair his legs was successful and Hemingway recovered well. He developed a reputation among the staff and patients at the Milan hospital where he recuperated as a great storyteller, though no one could tell which of the details in his stories were real and which were exaggerated for dramatic effect.

Ernest Hemingway: Biography

The war ended and the couple made plans for her to join him back in the United States. Soon after Hemingway returned home in January , he received a letter from Agnes informing him that she had fallen in love with an Italian officer whom she planned to marry.

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He threw himself into his journalism, working first in Toronto and then in Chicago as a reporter for the Toronto Star. His doomed relationship with Agnes would influence his writing - a fictionalized account of their romance appeared in his first novel, A Farewell to Arms.

Ernest Hemingway

Through friends he met Hadley Richardson, a St. Louis native eight years his senior. They married in September and settled in Chicago—briefly. Hemingway's friend and fellow writer Sherwood Anderson had told him that he really needed to check out Paris. Write the truest sentence that you know.

He came of age in a golden era of American literature. The names of his drinking buddies would still be filling required reading lists decades later. But Hemingway didn't want to merely mimic styles that had already proven successful. Hemingway was not a scholar; he never went to college. He served his apprenticeship in journalism, the trade of chronicling real life, and was influenced by the style guidelines hammered into his head as a cub reporter at the Kansas City Star , where stories were measured carefully by the inch.

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He was always looking for that single phrase or sentence that would illuminate pages of things unwritten. He celebrated in his fiction the struggling, the striving and the stoic, characters whose actions reflected an id-driven archetype of man. The masterpiece that won him all the big prizes and clinched his place in the canon of literary greats is a slim novella that compresses the epic struggle of life and death into a story about an old man wrestling with a fish.


His biography is important. Hemingway always believed that the best writing came from personal experience, and his novels and stories were influenced heavily by the settings of his own life.

Ernest Hemingway - Author

His fiction reflected his various interests and experiences, whether it was bullfighting, African big-game hunting, or driving an ambulance in the First World War.