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I called her back on completing my meditation.

She was not pleased with the results, needed to talk, but her break was over and she. In later years, when I had become an adult with my own children, was married to a man that my mother viewed as very successful, I believe that my mother grew ashamed of her actions of having beat me and called me names--her form of punishment.

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Various times and stages of life often resemble the taste of salt and vinegar potato chips. At certain points in living the flavor conjured by our experiences leaves a bitter taste that draws on our vulnerabilities. This bitter taste does not ward us off, but rather as with my eating the salt and vinegar potato chips leaves us hungry for more. As a daughter who is also a mother, I find. Our youngest daughter has been home from her week in Japan for four days now. And things have yet to settle down to what I could call normal. By normal, I mean the way they were before she left.

Something happened while our youngest was away those eight days. Not only did she undergo a transformation--this was her first time away from the family for more than a night or two--we did as well.

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Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. The House Oct 15, Available for download now. Translations of an Incident Dec 08, Most of the stories involved some secret that is being kept from characters. This book was an interesting but slow read, as information is revealed layer by layer in each story.

Some of the stories were difficult to get through because I just got tired of waiting and was not entertained enough during the process. The first story, for instance, seemed long and difficult to get through, but, if you stick through it, then the other stories will make up for it somewhat. Since some of the characters knew each other, it was a little difficult to remember who was who and how they were linked as I moved along in the stories.

I had to look back a couple of times to remember. The time period was different at times, too, so reading this book required a decent amount of concentration and attention. Some of the stories are sad, as well, so do not read this when you are looking for an uplift. Still, this was a worthwhile read, especially if you can get it for free. This review was originally posted on Goodreads. Translations of an Incident. Overall, I enjoyed the book.

The writing was descriptive and added to my appreciation of the book. The characters seemed well developed.

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Some of the "incidents" were compelling for me to become "involved" however some were not. For me, the story stretched far too long and I kept wondering when it would end. Finally, at the end I thought that there was going to be some way that more character lives would be interwoven which did not happen. Keeper of Secrets is a series of 8 shorts stories all tied together by the near stabbing of a patron at a restaurant.

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Each story shows the inner secrets and issues that are resurfaced by this traumatic event. The characters are deep, with past events, that alter their present day lives. The psychotherapists in this book, also have past issue that haunt them as well. This was a good read.

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I enjoyed how the stories connected with one another. I loved each character and wanted to know more. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. I couldn't finish this book.

I only got to page 42 and decided it wasn't worth my while to read it. It just wasn't my type of book. One person found this helpful. Not as good as "The Secret Garden" and "Riverton". Very slow at the beginning, found it took too long to pick up but when I did I thoroughly enjoyed it. She is quickly apprehended by the Keepers and never seen again. In the game, Translator Gamall appears only on day 4, walking around the room and balcony situated above the front atrium of the Keeper Library. Like other females, a mesh error causes her to grow several inches when alerted.

Due to an error in scaling, she does not actually touch the ground, but hovers slightly. She can easily be killed, even by accident, resulting in failure. The Hag only patrols areas near the five artifact receptacles. Any passers by will be attacked on sight, making ready opportunity for diversions.

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Due to her size, she cannot get through most closed passages. Because the designers used the same model properties as for the Tree Beast , she has a very high running speed. Her only in-game weapon is a crimson fireball which she summons with a hand clapping action. This fast moving straight-line projectile is highly damaging, but difficult to aim at other NPCs.

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She also has the power of temporary invisibility, which she uses shortly after sustaining damage. She does not normally attack while invisible, but seems to be more aware of nearby opponents. Although nearly invulnerable, Gamall is still susceptible to injury and slipping on oil.

She does not need to breathe, and so can endure noxious gas and choking moss , as well as survive underwater, but will not be able to get a clear shot if she falls off the pier in the Docks.