Marilyns Last Sessions

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Marilyn's Last Sessions

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Marilyn Monroe - The Last Sessions

However its source is never overtly stated, leaving the audience to assume that these are the private tapes allegedly made for Greenson. A stag film, The Apple-Knockers and the Coke , is included here, but the girl featured is not Monroe.

~ Author of 'The Mmm Girl' and 'Wicked Baby'

As early as , New York cinemas were marketing the clip as starring MM, but her friend, James Haspiel, has established that the actress was, in fact, Arline Hunter: Thorough research would suggest that no blue movie footage attributed to Marilyn has yet been proved genuine, but this does not fit the dramatic agenda of The Last Sessions. It is also stated that in the final months of her life, Monroe had been caught having sex in public by police. The heady eroticism that Marilyn projected in her films and photo shoots was an artful illusion, and in reality she was not nearly as promiscuous as Schneider and Jeudy have implied.

Furthermore, by emphasising her personal problems and tragic experiences so strongly, the film-makers have done Monroe a disservice. Despite a preface emphasising the made-up nature of facts or conversations, many paragraphs read like academic papers.

Marilyn's Last Sessions by Michel Schneider – review | Books | The Guardian

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