Spice Up Your Life: The Flexitarian Way

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He reports that these meals are not typical Indian fare which tend to be heavy on coriander and curry and fairly spicy , but instead offer a more delicate taste, reminiscent of European fare.

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He even decided to test one recipe from this cookbook, Chicken with Spiced Cashew and Almond Sauce, for a large dinner party. The meal was a big hit and drew positive comments from all his guests.

Spice Up Your Life: Thanks for the info on this book, if not for you and this website , I would have never tried these recipes. Thanks for sharing, Marc!

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Subscribe without commenting E-Mail: Bodacious Beach Bod Series: How to Get a Bodacious Beach Bod in Mango Swirl Smoothie lovely and light By the way, if you have an aversion to green chilies or dried red chili peppers or red chili pepper because of sensitivities or health reasons, the author says you can omit them and promises that the finished dish will still be delicious.

March 30th, by Head Health Nutter.

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Spice Up Your Life: The Flexitarian Way

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Death By Medicine — Book Review. Annabelle Randles, who blogs at theflexitarian.

Since becoming a flexitarian, Boyce eats a mostly macrobiotic diet with the occasional fish taco, burger or filet mignon. Thor Christensen is a Dallas writer. Don't miss a story.

The Flexitarian Way

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