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The White Devil - John Webster

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I couldn't finish this one. I've read a lot of Victorian and Edwardian adventure stories, so, I wasn't surprised how the plot developed, nor was I surprised at the direction the story was taking. On the other hand, to say that this tale is predictable is to be too mild, once the story is set in motion, the events unfold in an all too predictable manner.

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In the end, I just gave up as I didn't really seem to care how the story ended up, as I was sure the guy and the gal would live happily ever after. Not that there aren't some interesting turns of events, nor is action necessarily lacking, what is lacking is any hint of believability. Once I got into the heart of this novel, I was never presented with a single plot twist or turn that wasn't wholly predictable. The story starts of moving well enough along with some interesting twists and turns, but, then boy meets girl, and, the story after that just drags on.

Oh things happen, but, there isn't any life to the story once boy meets girl, the plot loses its verve, its intensity. I eventually lost interest and moved on to something more interesting. For free on Kindle. Benwell, of the Chinese Revenue cutter Y-Chang , and Peckle, of the English cruiser Tartaric , stripped nearly to the buff, were laboriously engaged upon a hundred up; while Maloney, of the San Francisco mail-boat, and I, George De Normanville, looked on, and encouraged them with sarcasms and utterly irrational advice.

Between times the subdued jabbering of a group of rickshaw coolies, across the pavement, percolated in to us, and mingled with the click of the billiard balls and the monotonous whining of the punkah rope; then the voice of a man in the verandah upstairs, singing to the accompaniment of a banjo, drifted down, and set us beating time with our heels upon the wooden floor.

The words of the song seemed strangely out of place in that heathen land, so many thousand miles removed from Costerdom. But the wail of the music had quite a different effect. Half a dozen other voices took up the chorus, and sent it rolling away over the litter of sampans alongside the wharf, out to where the red and blue funnel boats lay at anchor half a mile distant.

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  • The two players chalked their cues and stopped to participate. Benwell sent the red whizzing up the table into the top pocket, potted his opponent into the right-hand middle, by way of revenge, and then gave the customary miss in baulk. Watchman, what of the night? Why this indecent haste? The newcomer was a short podgy man, with a clean-shaven red face, white teeth, very prominent eyes, large ears, and almost marmalade-coloured hair. He was in a profuse perspiration, and so much out of breath that for quite two minutes he was unable to answer their salutations.

    Let me introduce you — Mr.

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    She sailed this evening for Shanghai? Surrounded by junks instantly. Skipper despatched third officer in launch full steam for assistance. Gunboat went down post haste, and, like most gunboats, arrived too late to be of any use. Apologies, Peckle, old man!

    The Beautiful White Devil

    Skipper and ten men shot, chief officer dirked, first saloon passengers of importance cleaned of their valuables and locked up in their own berths. The bullion room was then rifled, and every red cent of the money is gone — goodness knows where. All Beautiful White Devil, and every yarn differing from its predecessor by miles. One of the silent-footed China-boys brought me a match for my cigar, and held it until I had obtained a light.

    Then, throwing myself back in the long cane chair, I bade them work their wicked wills. Venderbrun pulled himself together, signed for silence, and, having done so, began theatrically: Where did she first hail from?

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    • What is her name, I mean her real name, not the picturesque Chinese cognomen? As far as can be ascertained she made her first appearance in Eastern waters in Rangoon, July 24, 18 —. Got hold of some native prince blowing the family treasure and blackmailed him out of half a million of dollars. A man would never have come out of the business alive, but she did, and what is more, with the money to boot. Known to be hers. Signals passed between them, and when the money was secured it was straightway carried on board her.

      Then the Sultan of Surabaya chanced to make the acquaintance in Batavia of an extraordinarily beautiful woman. They went about a good deal together, after which she lured him on board a steam yacht in Tanjong Priok, presumably to say good-bye. Having done so, she coaxed him below, sailed off with him there and then, kept him under lock and key until he had paid a ransom of over four hundred thousand guilders, when he was put ashore again.

      Two months later, Vesey — you know Vesey — of Johore Street, probably the richest man in Hong Kong, met a woman staying at this very hotel. She pretended to be just out from home, and no end innocent. Well, Vesey was so awfully smitten that he wanted to marry her — bad as all that. She took him in hand, and one day got him to take her for a cruise in his yacht. Of course he jumped at the chance, and off they sailed. Em added it Feb 09, Tanya marked it as to-read Jul 29, PF Freire marked it as to-read Feb 01, Rika Thompson marked it as to-read Apr 25, Brandon Longstreth marked it as to-read Jul 12, Lezli marked it as to-read Mar 07, Ben Nowman is currently reading it Apr 22, Piotrowski is currently reading it May 10, Ann marked it as to-read Jun 29, Ginny Goldberg marked it as to-read Jul 02, Kristal darcblak marked it as to-read May 29, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

      About Guy Newell Boothby. At six years of age he travelled with his mother to England and was educated at Lord Weymouth's Grammar School, Salisbury and at Christ's Hospital, London between and When his education was over he returned to Australia where he eventually became secretary to the Mayor of Adelaide, Lewis Cohen. He was dissatisfied with his prospects in Adelaide and consequently he moved to Brisbane where he hoped his prospects would be better. In the meantime he wrote a series of comic operas and plays, all of which were relatively unsuccessful.

      He was of a roving disposition and at age 24 he travelled across Australia from north to south and later he travelled extensively in the East. By he had married Rose Alice Bristowe and he and his wife moved to England in that year, which was notable for the publication of his first book, 'On the Wallaby, or, Through the East and Across Australia', an account of his and his brother's travels in Australia.

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      He was given advice and encouragement in his writing by none other than Rudyard Kipling and the year saw the publication of three novels, the most significant of which was 'A Bid for Fortune: This introduced probably his best known character, Dr Nikola, a ruthless, unscrupulous figure, with his ubiquitous large cat, who was to feature in five of his novels over the ensuing years. The book was an instant success and brought him a certain amount of fame.

      Dr Nikola had first appeared in serial form in the Windosr Magazine. Over the next 10 years he was to write another 50 books and a further five were published posthumously, the last of which was 'In the Power of the Sultan' He was so prodigious that the story circulated that he spoke his tales into a phonograph, from which they were later transcribed by secretaries.

      He is perhaps remembered also for introducing one of the early gentlemen crooks of literature when he featured Simon Carne in 'A Prince of Swindlers' in Carne had originally appeared in Pearson's Magazine and as a gentleman crook he pre-dated another of his kind in A J Raffles by two years.

      Boothby's novels were often set in Australia not surprisingly and were classed as 'fast-paced thrillers' although some felt that although exciting in plot they were 'hastily and carelessly written'.