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It may be inferred that Ponytail has had similar experiences to Cueball, and now actually starts conversation about "Star Wars" in order to avoid that social stigma. It might also be viewed as both of them having lost an opportunity to have a conversation with someone else who hasn't seen "Star Wars", because both are afraid of how they'll be treated.

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The " Expanded Universe " EU was the term used to refer to canonical content outside of original six motion pictures, including novels, comic books, and video games, which existed in a shared continuity. After the Star Wars franchise was acquired by Disney it was announced that the "Expanded Universe" would be discontinued and rebranded as "Legends", so that the new Star Wars movies would not have to adhere to the established EU canon. The title text is a tip for people like Cueball, to help them hide deception when roped into conversations about the films. It argues that since the Jedi Prince series of novels established so many strange concepts that don't mesh with most other canon information, it makes for an excellent scapegoat to blame ill-fitting declarations on, seeing as even the most devoted, well informed fan has agreed to forget the entire series.

Wars I Have Seen

Casually bringing up such a forgotten series might also make the bluffer out to be extremely knowledgeable about the Star Wars franchise as a whole. Cueball has likewise turned away as he walks away and is speaking back over his shoulder]. White Hat's attitude during this exchange can be contrasted with Ten Thousand , where Cueball instead handles a similar knowledge gap as an opportunity rather than something horrifying.

This comic may be inspired by the fact that a new Star Wars movie, Rogue One , was released into American theaters on December 16, , 9 days after the publishing of the strip. The huge pop cultural success of Star Wars means it is genuinely surprising to encounter an individual who has not seen it at least amongst the typical audience of xkcd. Star Wars, pronounced Star Wors, was a very successful sci-fi action adventure movie from the 70s.

Due to the success of the film, a sequel was made and is generally considered better than the first. The two movies are so iconic that someone who has not seen one or both of them would be considered unusual.

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Other sequals have been made, keeping the fanbase of the material constantly hoping for a 3rd movie that is on par with the firat two. Sadly, no such conclusion to the trilogy has arrived. Instead, each attempted sequel more than half a dozen now has been not much more than a 90 minute insult to the good taste and intelligence of the fans. This continued abuse of the star wars fanbase has prompted many former fans of the series to forgo watching recent releases, and to disavow ever seeing the original work in the first place.

It appears that some of the cast of xkcd be doing likewise. My first time providing an explanation and transcript! For once I'm early enough, understand the joke, AND had time! This comment is mine. You mean it is not a reference to the BBC Radio 4 show. I added a few speculations about the number of people who actually have seen the movies or one of them. If someone find a decent reference feel free to edit that.

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I also noticed one word play, not sure if it should be explained or not, but probably. Is there any canonical evidence Vader didn't eat Jedi though? In the prequel films, he only kills Jedi off-screen. Maybe he just went hungry that day. I'm not sure where to add it and kind of rushed now, so I just leave this note to maybe prod someone else I think it's time for a Star Wars remake.

Like start with the first movie ep iv.

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  • As a fan dear god I hope the idea to remake the originals does not catch on. The re-releases were bad enough. He's updated it with the lines added to the first pannel. I used to be like Cueball. And then I grew the hell up and realized that avoiding good movies is the least normal thing of all It's 'cause you're dumb. Explanation [ edit ] White Hat tries to start a conversation with Cueball about the Star Wars space opera film franchise, which Cueball cuts short by stating that he has never seen the movies.

    You know the scene on the Death Star where— Cueball: Nah, I've never seen Star Wars. Uh, it was easy? It was literally the default option.

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    But… How did you— Cueball: Not doing things is my superpower. I'm not doing an infinite number of things as we speak! We have to watch it. Cueball has likewise turned away as he walks away and is speaking back over his shoulder] White Hat: This guy's never seen Star Wars! Listen, I gotta go. Later… [Ponytail is looking down at her phone in her left hand while Cueball is facing her] Ponytail: Wait, there's a new Star Wars? Oh, I've nev— Cueball: What'd you think of the last one?

    His muscular sound cuts through the quiet din created by his colleagues. Without a word, we once again experience the disorientation of war. Without questioning your conclusions at all, Cameron, I thought it was worth mentioning that I learned that part of Goebbels's aesthetic is that he does not like acting. He doesn't want performers to pretend to be someone else.

    He wants the audience to see just the reality of what they see, not a representation of something else besides. Goebbels believes that this approach then invites or even requires that each audience member imagines a meaning, emotion, or conclusion, and Goebbels believes that's where the piece really happens: Thanks, Chuck, for your insights.


    As you're also a composer, I thought they were valuable. I reviewed Stifter's Dinge here , and the composer's dictum that the piece happens in the mind of the reviewer was certainly at the core of that work. I wish I'd had the chance to hear Goebbels speak about his process. Want previews of our latest stories about arts and culture in Philadelphia? Sign up for our newsletter. More in Music Share: Pay our writers for professional content. Keep access free of charge.