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How to perform predictive analysis on your web analytics tool data - 2013 06 19

Notify me of new posts via email. FrameThink Frameworks for Thinking People. November 16, Author: Clickstream — Typical web analytics can give you data on unique viewers, pageviews, session times, browser types, and geolocation. Having clearly defined website goals is necessary and a great starting point, but not sufficient for true user insight. Analysts should recognize that users and companies may have many different reasons for visiting or hosting a website.

All those objective outcomes need to be measured to see if the site is really driving the desired outcomes. Some free tools like Google Website Optimizer actually automate the process of running multivariate tests to help you quickly find the optimal. Voice of the Customer — Even after taking your best stab at Multiple Outcomes Analysis 2, above ask website visitors through surveys: Competitive Analysis — Your site does not exist in a vacuum. An Hour A Day Fan Mail " flickr group that has some incredible pictures from around the world, bringing my audience closer to me.

I would love to do the same again for my " Web Analytics 2. Be as creative as you want to be. Or the best, you. All would be welcome. I will only post the pictures with your permission. Please send them to blog at kaushik dot net. Steve Cunningham invited me to be a part of a little "contest" he is running. Answer this question in comments below: If you were to measure the success of a company's social media efforts how would you do it?

Pick any social media channel, or all. Only a short answer is required. No answer is too small or too simple. You can get four more chances to win, if you want. Simply visit these blogs and answer a different question on each: In approximately three and a half years I have written , words in my blog posts, and the readers of my blog have written , words in comments!

Their engagement means the world to me and motivates me to make each blog post better than the last. It is impossible to thank each person, so on their behalf let me thank three: A very solid case can be made for the fact that neither one of my books would exist without you and your engagement and encouragement.

Or you could Print or PDF it! I've been telling my friends — who know nothing about analytics or search engine optimization or really even the internet — about you and about our lovely industry. They now think I'm important because the most popular and brilliant analyst of our time wrote my name in his book! I am no doubt going to review your book on Amazon.

I'm on chapter 6 right now and I have already been able to apply insights from your first 5 chapters in my organization. I'm also going to make sure I send you a picture because I don't see many South Floridians in your Flickr photostream, so we'll have to change that. I would measure it by The social media word of mouth. If it spreads across media channels on it's own then it's a success!

Show the impact on the Bottom Line or in other words calculate an ROI and prove that you are increasing the bottom line. Although I know there are things that we do that everyone says "that is a branding thing and won't impact the bottom line" I would agree with you and say that is an excuse and a lousy one at that.

So again correlate your efforts to the Bottom Line for the organization. Not just the "Goal" level of the organization as that doesn't prove the value of it. The goals are only steps to improve the bottom line and you should be able to show your impact all the way down the funnel. Hi Avinash, This is an amazing prize! Your book alone would be awesome, but 6 others too?!?! Anyway, I think there are many ways to measure success of social media efforts, and it probably depends on the company and their personal strategy.

For instance, a small business that puts in hours per day on social media would have a different measure of success than a huge company that has a social media team that spends hours per week collectively. However, I think that one global aspect of success in social media is to get others to connect independently of the company's efforts. It's one thing for people to respond and engage with content that the company themselves produces. But I think a true success not the only success but one measure of it is having a community where the people are creating and engaging with each other without any prompting the the company itself.

I have another 70 pages to go in your book. Rest assured I will review it…likely in multiple places…to spread the good word out. Like Joe, I was also thrilled to see my name in the acknowledgement section. I've never been 'acknowledged' before! You've definately raised the bar with this book. You've delivered what was needed. I'll send a picture in. I have a couple of ideas…just haven't had the time for the photo shoot. If my boss won't fire me six months after I start social media campaign, then I would say I successfully measured it.

In other words; it isn't enough to have a large number friends and followers — they have to be engaged to the point of some type of action.

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After that, it's a just matter of asking if the response met your specific objectives. Too often, people and business engage in social media efforts without knowing what they want to accomplish. If you set up a Facebook or Twitter account simply because someone said that you should — then you have probably already met your goal. Technically successful, but highly ineffective. I got your book from Amazon the other week. I absolutely love it! I've been sharing it with one of my non-techie friends to give him a jump into using analytics principals, and he is also enjoying it.

I think it shows how accessible your style is that a non technical individual someone who has no experience whatsoever with websites or programming can really enjoy and get a lot out of Web Analytics 2. Your social media efforts are successful if you have formed a community that can replace much of your company. These are not things you can measure at some instant with a calculator, but they are things you can observe and strive for as your company progresses through its life-cycle.

I will never forget when I emailed you a question I had over a year ago, and you actually answered!

Avinash Kaushik’s Five Levels of “Web Analytics 2.0”

I have been following your work ever since. Congratulations on your new book. One more thing I have to save up for! And one more thing. There was just something different about this request to help spread the word. It didn't seem like a shameless plug, but more of a 'help me help others' You Rock! I've started reading Web Analytics 2. My favorite quote so far: I am an analytics novice but my goal is to become an analytics ninja!

My copy of Web Analytics 1 Hour a Day is supposed to arrive at my doorstep either today or tomorrow so I can't wait to study your wonderful books in tandem. Thank you Avinash for helping me and many other marketing professionals augment and reinvent our marketing capapbilities. Ever since I was a kid playing on my dad's MS-DOS computer, I've been fascinated and intrigued by the power of computers and technology to change the world we live in.

When I started with social media in as a high school student, I was immediately impressed by the potential social networking had to change interpersonal communication and social dynamics. Since that time, I've been constantly working to merge this passion with my other great love- politics. In my junior year at college, I wrote a paper about the use of new media in presidential elections since with a focus on the race- this paper won a Gold Pollie award at the American Association of Political Consultants for best use of social media research.

Ultimately the biggest award to come from that paper was the job I have now- working with new media consulting at a brand-new company in Northern Virginia- RaiseDigital. My current boss found me through that paper, and used LinkedIn to get in touch with me. I was very fortunate to get a job right out of college- I literally finished my last few classes this summer. That's why I feel like I owe a big debt of gratitude for my job, as well as innumerable other opportunities, to social media. While I feel I have a pretty strong understanding of social networking and its background and functionality, I truly feel I have a lot to learn still.

I believe these books will help round out my understanding of the best uses of social media and help me be most effective for my company's clients. Moreover, it will help me shape my understanding of how to merge my understanding of the political world with the benefits a successful online strategy can bring to our clients. Ultimately, the more candidates and organizations leverage this critical medium, the more competition and growth there will be, and the better experience we will all have online.

Success could be viewed against the companies goals of said campaign. But if I am measuring the success of the campaign then I would have to ask myself if I would be satisfied with the end result. It is a perspective thing. In , my biggest commitment is to evolve our corporate and marketing communications beyond traditional PR methods that includes a seamless social media platform that creates a two-way dialogue with the public. My dream is a fully operatioanl social media micro-site where we can engage the public and vice versa via multiple channels, from IR to marketing to environmental to CSR.

And to be clear, while it would invovle various updates on what our company is up to, it would also include relevant and related topics that would serve as resources e. To get there, the first step in this mile journy begins with being well versed and prepared in order to create and deliver a presentation to our leadership that is: Toward that end, I firmly believe success begins with having a corporte objective that drives a strong strategic approach vs.

In the end, this is all still very new to me, but I know enuogh to know there are many things I know, I know I don't know in the way of sound social media. From where I sit, these books would certainly provide a wealth of insights to a newbie, such as myself, on how to correctly approach the dream so that the right strategy is in place.


Niche Influence Quality of Message: Each brand is talking to people in many, many ways. Internet enables the real time feedback. Its all about hearing the quality of the reaction to all that energy mashup media tv Vs youtube, Radio Vs web content. Give it a certain value to every interaction you capture, remember the users are in real control, that changes all, measuring how deep is your online conversation "transaction".

I have already ordered the book — I am looking forward to reading, reviewing and applying your WA wisdom. Avinash, I just purchased your book today… I am way excited to start reading it. I am working on the new Inbound Marketing Book by the hubspot guys. I am so enjoying that. I attended a Hubspot IMU webinar you did and if your book is anything like you did your webinar… I will not put the book down and let me tell you… I am not a book reader.

Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to listening and reading what you have to say and putting it to action. My book just arrived today from Amazon. Very excited and look forward to reading it over the weekend. I have already digged into couple of chapters, was very interesting to dive into the world of analytics. I haven't read your book yet but based on the excellent content of this blog I'm recommending it to customers in our blog.

Thank you for taking the time to write such a comprehensive book, and for giving the proceeds to worthy charities. I am responding to "Beth's Blog" and posting my plans for using Web2. I plan to help those with developmental and physical disabilities form meaningful connections with their families, as well as their larger communities, through work with non-profit service agencies.

In my experience, individuals with disabilities can benefit from a social media presence by increasing their opportunity to be seen and heard in a social setting, and thereby decreasing their sense of isolation and "differentness". It is a simple idea that is already expanding social horizons for many individuals with disabilities. I hope that people reading this will encourage and assist those they know with disabilities to take a first step, maybe open a facebook page, and work to create community that is inclusive of the disabled and thier families through their own use of social media platforms.

The book "Connected " Christakis and Fowler, has an excellent discussion on the relationship between social relationships and their impact on health within the larger community. I think you would find it very interesting. Again, look forward to reading your book and becoming more informed.

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I also plan to use the following site to broadcast my message:. But seems for Chinese readers, hard to buy one. Only way is mail from abroad. I will get one from my friend of US. Though i am not related to this feild, i had stumbled into your blog one day and have been following it since then and have become more interested in Web Analytics.

Frameworks for Thinking People

Working for an Web-based company has made me relate to your blogs to our company's success or failure points at one point or the other… Thanks again for inducing this interest in me. I am trying to think about a possible solution for the competition question you have asked above. Waiting to go and check for your book at LandMark tomorrow, if the book is available in India. When measuring a social media initiative one should always go back to the objectives set. What was it you wanted to accomplish and what metrics did you tie to these goals? Basically it comes down to this: This contest is so much fun!

I would take a more simple route no tools to measure the ROI of social media. So here is what I would do to measure the ROI of social media. I think social media in effect creates more awareness which indirectly increases you sales. So my answer is simple: Now people who answer survey are not the total number of visitors on my site, so I would extrapolate that answer to extend for all the visitors, which would give me a reasonable estimate as to ow much traffic does social media generate. Then I would segment to find how the traffic engagement is with respect to those social media outlets vs the rest of the site, and the direct impact if my goals which may not be conversion rates, but a certain page view engagement on site etc.

So here I compare how visitors from social media perform with the rest of the site that do not come from social media. The way I think of it is its the way you define ROI and set your goals. Here I have defined it as creating awareness and subsequently site engagement in different forms which is important to me.

For different sites its different. Second, I heart books—especially well-written, interesting ones—and this is such a novel concept that I can't resist participating in your contest. BTW, are you up for adding another pitch for those of us who have already purchased and enjoyed your first book? Follow through on what I teach… since I am a forester… anyone who plants a tree and posts a picture or a thank you afterwards… is a win in my network.

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I have just finished reading web analytics 2. The book itself is clean, easy to understand and is probably the only 'fun and practical' web analytics learning books out there. Avinash's style of writing is unique…every page is like a landing page to me and if i did not understand a page i would have considered it as a bounce i came, i puked, i left and you Avinash will be glad to hear there were no bounces. Well done on writing such a great book. Avinash gives great examples of how you can put data into context and questions which you would need to ask yourself and your business before you dive into the exciting world of web analytics.

K do not appreciate the power of web analytics and the success it can bring, i just hope i am one of many 'training analytics ninjas' out there ready to make an impact in the U. I know i am. I have a very basic way of measuring success and that is when someone high up in the food chain Retweets one of my tweets, there by validating it for everyone in that niche. That process is slow. Each organization is understaffed and funds are tight. No one has the title of Marketing or Media or Communications anything.

Very few are technically adept. For many, social media is that "new thing" everyone talks about. The same is true for a great many of the organizations' clients, so educating the organization is also about helping them understand that clients will use social media without needing to know all that we have to learn about it. And that only speaks to one potential group of "engagers.

To measure these companies' social media success, I would start with: It's difficult to say more without having a goal in mind for our social media efforts. I'd want to poll visitors to get more information about why they come and what they hope d to get from us. I haven't read all these great books yet, so don't know what tools I'd use to get these measurements. Winning these books would not just help me, but the result would be that I'd be better able to help several organizations move forward. Just wondering, is this book for the novice?

Would you recommend having your first book before delving into the second? I have just ordered my copy. I will retweet this and write up a review once read …. Combined with sentiment analysis, and when compared with other entities, it would be a reasonably accurate indicator — both quantitative and qualitative. I think that the number of adepts or followers on Facebook or Twitter are good things to look at to measure the success of a company's social media, but at the end, I think that social medias should participate to the main goals of the company and this is what we should look at.

At the end, I believe that even if there is not an easy and efficient way to measure the success of a company's social media efforts, a company has to be there to exist for the new generation. My answer to your contest question would be: How many users that bought my products or services engaged with my social media profiles.

Social media is long term so no better place to start than the customer base.

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I like to do it like this cause this is also a good KPI for the quality of my products… and it's also fun. I can't resist participating in the contest and perhaps all I'll be winning here is brownie points but hey, the journey of learning is the ultimate reward.

Based on my current study of Web Analytics 2. If all three are achieved that's even better in earning more love and hopefully more budget from senior management:. Thanks a million for the kind words of support for the book, and for your lovely entries. I am struck by how well thought out your contest entries are and how much creativity is out there to solve this complex issues. Measure of a company's social media success: When people keep hearing about something without knowing anything their curiosity is piqued.

Hence why 2 is a big thing in my mind. My measure of success would be somewhat counterintuitve to most "companies" who are working on branding and the like. I work for a science-based nonprofit that is trying to inform the public debate on issues like global warming, genetically engineered foods, etc while yes, also getting new donors and activists.

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  5. I'm excited to finally have the book in hand. You are one of those very few authors whose books I will continue to buy without reservation or review, not just because you're one of the nicest guys in the blogosphere, but because your 1st book is worth its weight in gold. Measure your're social media success the same way you would measure your're relations with friends. Lets say I collected all fans, bloggers, followers and others interacting with a particular brand and illustrated that as a big social media web of a particular brand.

    If the web grew bigger how would that indicate any success for the brand? More customers, a stronger connection between the brand and the consumers… maybe, maybe not. As well as a friendship isn't about the amounth of friends on Facebook but the number and frequency of interpersonal interaction around social objects that creates a tangible or intagible meaning for you. But more importantly, how would measuring the number of Facebook friends help me find insights that could lead to action to improve the success?

    To find that I would like to find out what's making the social networks surrounding a particular brand brand community work well? What's the number of action that people do related to the brand? Also measure the frequency and recency of thoose actions. But you can't only measure actions — you also need to measure social objects. If you only measured actions the girl working in you local corner shop would be your best friend. What's the social glue that makes people connect to eachother through a brand? What I've found with both friend and brands is that the more social objects you share the more important the relationship.

    I was lucky enough to get a copy at your "book hugging" at the DC eMetrics conference. But being from a nonprofit background, where the higher-ups are often skeptical of social media, the real metrics are the words. Those are the things that really get the higher-ups' attention. And that's the social media that I want to measure, because that's what makes a difference to the organization. Im sure this will be a fantastic read once again.

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