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German scientific history in its Catholic form passes by this route and generates English scientific history in its liberal form; an important stage in English historical writing; an important side of German intellectual influence on the English; its new standards of scientific history, its new attention to documents and archives, its encouragement of the polymath as well as of the specialist. So the more liberal, anti-Prussian side of South German Catholicism helped to generate, not English Catholic history, not English church history, but a big school of British historians, especially those centred upon Cambridge, which flourished between and It consisted not only of Acton's direct pupils — R.

It reached out more widely, so that a younger historian like Herbert Butterfield needed to spend much of his life wrestling with Acton, his personality, his historical outlook, and his moral commitment. This picture of an influence of German liberal history upon British liberal history by the extraordinary and unlooked-for route of two Catholic minds is only to be countenanced with much hesitation.

Industry came to Acton in the form of many small laundries serving West London.

Why Does Acton Have So Many Stations?

There was no industrial area until this century when factories were set up in Acton Vale and later in North Acton Park Royal. A settlement at Acton is mentioned in the Doomsday book of , and the church of St. Mary's is first recorded in the early 13th Century.

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The original medieval chapel was enlarged by the building of a nave, and much later a tower. The church was the focus of charitable giving - money and property were left in the care of the church for the giving of alms and for the maintenance of a clean water supply. In the 18th century, the building was faced with brick in the style of the time. The present building dates from , when the town outgrew the existing building.

The earliest role of the village of Acton was in providing refreshment for travellers on the busy road from London to Oxford. Although only five miles from London, the state of the roads in early times was such that Acton was at least half a days travel along the road. This led to the opening of many inns and taverns in the vicinity of the church of St.

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  8. Mary's, so that the travellers and their beasts could take refreshment before continuing the long trek up Acton Hill towards Oxford, or to tidy themselves up before going on to London. The earliest recorded inn is in , and the number of inns and taverns is seen to increase over time reflecting the volume of traffic along the road. Acton was situated at a point where the clay of the northern uplands interfaces with the gravel sloping down to the Thames and there were numerous brooks and springs providing clean water.

    The discovery in the 17th century of mineral bearing springs at Acton Wells, created a spa within easy reach of London, which flourished for some time, but declined as Bath and Tunbridge Wells gained favour. The relative closeness to London, yet rural nature of Acton, encouraged a number of wealthy people to build country retreats from the City.

    By the beginning of the 18th century, the roads had improved so that commuting from Acton to the City was possible.

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    However, increased traffic made repairs more necessary. The Turnpike Act of provided for the maintenance of the roads through the payment of tolls. The scene changed little until the s when the village began to expand, but the greatest change began in when the Enclosure Award permitted the re-allocation of the strips in the common fields into blocks, releasing land for building the lower middle class housing required to keep up with the rapid growth of London, made possible by the extension of the suburban railways.

    The population of Acton grew rapidly as the transport links improved, and it became possible to travel some distance to work. The Church Vestry administered the parish until when the growth of the town required the formation of a Local Board, which became an Urban District Council in Acton was granted County Borough Status in The crest of the former Borough of Acton as displayed on information signs portrays the elements of scholarship, industry, the arms of Middlesex and the oak tree for the supposed origin of the name of Acton - "Oak Town".

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    Acton finally lost its independence in when it became part of the much larger London Borough of Ealing. There has been a market in Acton since medieval times, and the facilities for trading and shopping have grown to reflect the growth of the town.

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    The 's and 's were probably the greatest times for shopping in Acton. In Crown Street, there were an open market and a substantial covered market hall built and owned by the Poore family, who operated a large ironmongers business in the High Street. In the latter part of the 19th century, a considerable number of small laundries opened serving the needs of the hotels and the wealthy living in the West End.

    Heavy industry came in the early 's as companies expanded and relocated to the outskirts of London where there was space to develop, but with good transport links to raw materials, customers and for the work force.

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    The two key areas were Acton Vale, and Park Royal. Acton was described in the 's as the "Motor Town" and reported by the Times in as having one of the two largest concentrations of industry south of Birmingham. The industrial areas of Acton Vale became available at the turn of the century, and comprised parts of the common fields which had initially been used for the making of bricks. The area was free of the building restrictions imposed inside the London County Council area, and therefore an attractive and economic site creating a cluster of large developments including Napiers engines and vehicles , Wilkinson Sword swords, razors, vehicles , CAV and Lucas automobile components , Evershed and Vignoles - electrical test equipment , Du Cros Cars and Eastmans Dye.